Pacca Alpaca Australia

Pacca Alpaca Australia – App review

Pacca Alpaca

Monkey enjoys watching the Lingo Show on CBeebies and I’m really keen for him to learn about the world we live in.  I want him to be far better at speaking foreign languages than I am, and I wish it was given far more emphasis in school. Monkey’s godmum was born in Australia and his Uncle and Auntie visited this vast continent with their family last year. When we were asked if we’d like to have a look at the new Pacca Alpaca Australia app, we obviously said yes please.

Pacca Alpaca Australia

In the Pacca Alpaca Australia app we get to meet this colourful Alpaca in his homeland high in the Andes.  But being an adventurous little animal he has a magical carousel which will take him all over the world.  The trip to Australia is the first release, of what will hopefully be a global adventure in time to come.

When Monkey arrived with Pacca Alpaca in Australia he could complete a number of different challenges as he toured the country.

Pacca Alpaca Australia

From working on colour recognition on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and shape sorting in the harbour itself,

Pacca Alpaca Australia

to colouring in Aboriginal drawings in the Outback.

Pacca Alpaca Australia

Pacca Alpaca Australia is aimed at children aged between 2-6 years and a 5 year old Monkey.  The app was released at the beginning of this week and is available through iTunes for £2.99 and Google Play priced at £2.49.  There are no in app purchases need (yippee!) and the app is fully supported by the Pacca Alpaca website which aims to offer downloadable activities and support as Pacca Alpaca explores the world.

As you complete each task you gain rewards which are added to Pacca Alpaca’s carousel – more learning potential as the rewards are all country specific.  Something else that Monkey really likes is the fact he can take his time on each task, there’s no time constraints which can often lead to an unhappy Monkey.  He likes to complete tasks at his own pace!

Pacca Alpaca Australia

The app has been great for showing Monkey the different wildlife that lives in Australia and we’ve talked about the climate and habitat for each animal as we’ve met them on our journey.  I’ve been really impressed with this app and think it’s really educational in a fun way that will engage younger children.  It’s certainly been a big hit here and we look forward to seeing where Pacca Alpaca takes us next.

The multilingual app encourages children to learn new languages throughout the tasks – English, French, Mandarin, Arabic and something that I’m really eager for Monkey to master – Spanish.  You can change the language in the Settings Cog, click on the phone icon and reset, then select the language of your choice.  Being a techno dinosaur this has had me scratching my head for the last week.  But I now know how to change it and Monkey’s Spanish lessons have begun.

The Pacca Alpaca Australia app gets a big thumbs up here and we can thoroughly recommend.

disclaimer:  we were given free access to this app in exchange for an honest review

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