Pamper time with Ermana – review and giveaway

Pamper time with Ermana – review and giveaway

When I was invited to the pre-opening press launch for the new John Lewis store in Oxford recently, I was made aware that they would be featuring a number of locally based businesses within their merchandising.  I, like a lot of parents, spend so much time making sure everyone else is catered for, I rarely get time to focus on myself.  But lately I’ve enjoyed some pamper time with Ermana, and their organic skincare range.

Pamper time with Ermana

Pamper time with Ermana and their range of hand blended products has been just what this mummy needed.  I’m hurtling towards 50 at a rather alarming rate.  I’m tired and lost a bit of (ok, a lot of) my va va voom and quite frankly, I probably haven’t looked after my skin quite as well as I should have done.  But I’m determined to rectify that before the big day finally arrives in a few months time!

Ermana produce all their products in small batches to ensure that when they reach their customers, they are still really fresh.  Nothing in tested on animals, and everything is made from the high quality, organic materials.  i have to say that their balms smell delicious too.

My pamper time with Ermana has included the 15ml Comfort Balm, 15ml Cleanse Balm and a 5ml Revive Face Oil.

Pamper time with Ermana

The Comfort Balm is made using essential oils from lavender, geranium and ylang ylang, and as soon as you open the jar, the aroma feels so refreshing and relaxing.  That’s without even applying it.  I’m waiting for my new varifocal glasses to be made up at the moment, and I have to be honesty, I can only read the application directions on the jar with a magnifying glass (sobs) but that’s an age thing and also I would imagine the labelling on the larger jars would also be bigger.  But that aside, the product itself is really lovely.

This particular balm can be used for dry skin patches, chapped lips (really useful at this time of year) as well as elbows and knees.  I’ve been rubbing it into my hands and cuticles and can really feel a difference.  Rubbing a little amount of the balm between your fingertips helps it to melt and then you just rub it into the areas in need of some tender loving care.  It leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed, and I’ve become a big fan of this product.

Pamper time with Ermana

The Cleanse Balm uses essential oils from grapefruit and galbanum mixed with coca, Shea and coconut butters, as is the Comfort Balm.  This product is used to restore and tone the skin and I’ve noticed the difference with my face already. My skin feels so much smoother and the product is just as easy to apply as the Comfort Balm. in this instance, you apply to your skin and massage in, and then remove with a hot muslin cloth to provide a deep cleanse.  It’s left my skin feeling fresher and again I’ve been really impressed.  There isn’t an overpowering citrus scent either, which ticks the boxes here.

With both products I’ve found that a little goes a long way and are easy to apply.

Pamper time with Ermana

The Revive Face Oil blends the essential oils of frankincense and lavender with vitamin E, omega oils and natural minerals to really help keep skin hydrated and looking younger.  Clearly nothing is going to take 20 years off me, but pamper time with Ermana has left my skin feeling supple and definitely rejuvenated and I’ve been applying a few drops to my face and then massaging in, morning and night.  The lavender isn’t overpowering and there’s a really relaxing aroma to this face oil.

I’ve been rather impressed with my pamper time with Ermana and I’ve got to keep up the good work now I’ve started.  Ermana also produce a range for both men and mums to be, as well as some lovely gift sets.  You can purchase direct online, or through a range of stockists, including John Lewis Oxford.  Full details are over on the Ermana website.  I’ve also got a voucher code to share with you all – use voucher code mum10 to receive a 10%  discount which is valid until the end of November 2017.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

As well as the reader discount I’ve mentioned above I’m thrilled to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Revive Gift Set worth £49.  This gift set includes the Ermana 30ml Revive face oil, 60ml Cleanse balm and a cotton muslin cloth.  For your chance to win this lovely set, complete the Gleam form below.  Good luck

Includes: 30ml Revive face oil 60ml Cleanse balm and a cotton muslin cloth

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This giveaway is for UK residents only.

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The giveaway will close on 6th December 2017 at midnight.

Don’t forget to visit my Giveaways page for more great prizes on offer!

Ermana Revive Gift Set worth £49.00

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229 thoughts on “Pamper time with Ermana – review and giveaway

  1. I would treat my daughter who has an outside job so her face and hands really need a lot of pampering. I could also ‘borrow’ the face oil to see how it works on aging skin.

  2. I would like to win this for my sister as she is about to have her first baby and this would be a wonderful treat for her.

  3. Id keep it to myself, I think we can’t forget about ourselves, we deserve a little pamper from time to time.

  4. I would be giving this to my daughter as she has sensitive skin and tries to just use natural products

  5. I’d love to treat my Mum! she deserves a surprise as she is always working hard for everyone else first

  6. My sister, we both love things like this and she is a bit run down at the moment and keeps catching colds so it would be a nice pick me up.

  7. I am making a pamper hamper for my best friend Emily, who is expecting her first baby. I would gift this to her.

  8. I would gift this to myself as my skin really needs some attention as things have been difficult at home and my skin and overall health has suffered. Though my daughter keeps reminding me everyday that ‘mummy you are beautiful ‘ bless!

  9. I would treat myself and about time too! Forgot to say why. I never really look after myself and need pampering.

  10. I would give it to my sister, she has just bought a house and things are a bit tough for her at the moment

  11. I’d gift this to my mum. She’s on the mend after some ill health this year so time for her to relax and pamper herself.

  12. I read online that Ermana gets its name from the Spanish word for sister, so I would have to treat my lovely sister with this gift set 🙂

  13. My wonderful Mum, who is 60 in December, and loves bespoke skincare, this is right up her street, thanks for the chance

  14. I would treat myself because I have worked so hard to get my husband and sons presents that they would like and I suspect that they will forget that I would like something special too, so if I won this, I would address it to me (from Santa) and put it under the Christmas Tree so I could have something nice to open.

  15. My sister as she takes the majority of the chores looking after Mum & I’d like to show my appreciation.

  16. I’ve already bought my mom loads of beauty products for Christmas, so I might just keep it for myself… 😀

  17. This would be for my best Friend Eliza whose birthday is the day after boxing day, she a police officer and works very hard so this little treat would be perfect for her.

  18. I think I would have to treat myself with this one. My skin really needs some TLC with my cycle to work everyday!

  19. i would give it to my sister to let her relax and take her mind of her final year at uni for a short time!!

  20. My daughter in law as she works full time, is bringing up 3 wonderful children and gives up any spare time to raise funds for the homeless. She deserves a treat

  21. So probably myself … will undoubtedly be my only present this year as kids come first (as they should) xx

  22. I think I’d keep this for myself because by the time Father Christmas has done the kids he usually forgets about me

  23. I would be treating my friend as she has looked after me for a few weeks after i had a lengthy operation and couldnt walk

  24. I would keep this for myself. I have made some huge life changes over the last 3 months and my skin is in need of as much help as it can get. This looks/sounds amazing!

  25. I would give it to my mum as she deserves some pampering after looking after us all this year and every year

  26. My mum deserves a nice treat for all her help over the year but shes very difficult to buy for as her skin reacts to so many products, I would have to get her to read the ingredients first.

  27. I would keep it. Like you I am heading towards 50, and my skin looks tired. I don’t look after it like I should and it needs a good pick me up. As well as sounding like these would do the job they sound like they smell heavenly and relaxing, so a nice pick me up for the soul too 🙂

  28. Me – I’m hurtling towards 50 too and their are days when my skin resembles an old apple with that horrible loose, wrinkly look.

  29. I’d love to treat my mum as she’s looking after me and deserves a lovely treat so thanks for the chance x

  30. If be selfish and keep for myself lol. I’m always running around after everyone else and could do with a pamper session!

  31. Id like to treat my mum. Shes recuperating from an operation and its taking longer than she expected. Id like to give her a pick me up

  32. I’d treat my sister because she’s 44 and doesn’t have a skincare routine hopefully giving her this lovely set would help her see the benefits.

  33. I’d give this to my daughter who has been working very hard and surviving on less than 6 hours sleep each night to get the products she manages ready for Christmas.

  34. I’d be giving this to my best friend, she’s pregnant and due over christmas so could do with a treat!

  35. I’d gift this lovely set to my mum! She works so hard caring for others, it’s about time she took some time out to pamper herself!

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