Pampering my feet

Pampering my feet #NationalFeetWeek – AD gifted items

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for highlighting National Feet Week

As I’m getting older I’ve realised just how important it is to look after my body and not take it for granted.  It’s served me well over the last fifty years and I really want it to continue to do so for the next! As you all know, I do love a good walk and in a couple of months time, I’ll be taking my love of walking up a gear as I spend a long weekend with my best friend hiking in the Peak District.  I know I need to spend some time pampering my feet both before and after my adventure, so what better way to start than by taking part in National Feet Week.

Pampering my feet

Not heard of National Feet Week before?  Well, that’s because this is the first time there’s been a specific week, focussing on prioritising foot health, whether you are ten (my son), fifty-two (nearly) or in your late seventies (like my parents).  We all use our feet every day, but I wonder how many of us spend time looking after them in the same way we do with our teeth and even our eyes.  I know I’m guilty of taking mine for granted.  I’ll paint my toenails as soon as it’s sandals weather, will give them the occasional pedicure but other than that, I tend to overlook them.

So spending time pampering my feet this week will refocus me on my sorely neglected feet.  I’ve received some wonderful products including Foot Care Cream from CCS Swedish Formula, Mavala Hydro-Repairing Foot Care and Refreshing Foot Gel, Nailner Brush 2 in 1, Footner Exfoliating Socks, Dr Anders Intensive Rescue Balm, Palmers Coconut Oil Foot Oil and Formthotics custom medical orthotics.

The Palmers Coconut Oil Foot Oil is divine and has left me and my feet dreaming of hot summer days spent in the sunshine. It’s mixed with Eucalyptus and Lavender and aims to both hydrate and soothe tired feet.  I’ve found that it absorbs really well and has left my feet feeling smoother already.

Pampering my feet

After a long day on my feet, I’ve found the Mavala Refreshing Foot Gel is perfect for cooling my feet down.  The gel rubs in easily and a quick foot massage it a great way to unwind.

Pampering my feet

Dr Anders Intensive Rescue Balm is designed to hydrate and absorb quickly whilst nourishing hardened skin.  Whilst I’m lucky that I don’t tend to suffer from dry skin, this balm has kept my feet feeling wonderfully supple since I’ve been trying it out.

Pampering my feet

Did you even know that there are six different way to tie your laces, that help with different feet issues you might have?  I had no idea.  This graphic from National Feet Week shows you which way of lacing, helps which ailment.

Pampering my feet
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I shall be making my Mum aware of the lacing idea for people suffering from swollen feet as she can be prone to gout issues as well as having rather nasty bunions to deal with.

You can even take part in the #LaceRace to see who can tie their laces the quickest.  We are still going through the pain of trying to get my son tying his own laces so I think we’ll leave the lace racing to the rest of you right now.  Do let me know who wins in your house though!

Pampering my feet

Also when you’re oldest friend is a Podiatrist I really should know that I should not take my feet for granted.  She, like others in her profession, is highly trained in the care of the foot and lower limb, and podiatrists are the only medical professionals who specialise in treating the foot and ankle.  Podiatrists treat and offer advice on athlete’s foot, bunions and corns, heel pain and gout, as well as ingrown toenails and verrucae.  If in doubt, seek advice!

For those who are most vulnerable in society, there is a charity called Forgotten Feet who provide a regular, free podiatry service who are least able to access the service through normal channels.

To find out more about National Feet Week, join us over on Twitter between 6-7pm tonight, 9th March 2020 using  #nationalfeetweek #letstalkaboutfeet


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  1. What great sounding products. I’ve tried the Footner Exfoliating Socks and they are amazing.
    We really do need to look after our feet. I know I take mine for granted.
    That was interesting to read about how to tie our laces. xx

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