Pampering time with The Sponge Supermarket

Pampering time with The Sponge Market – review, reader discount and giveaway!

Do you remember the days when you could spend hours in the bathroom, taking life easy, no cares in the world?  Oh yes, the days before motherhood!  I can distantly remember taking time over my nails, soaking in the bath for as long as I liked, face mask on, candles lit.  I do still prefer a bath over a shower, you know me and my water issues!  I’ve always loved natural sponges over the synthetic foam ones so I’ve really enjoyed some pampering time with The Sponge Market lately.

Pampering time with The Sponge Market

The Sponge Market supply 4 different types of natural sponges – yellow, grass, honeycomb and silk.  I recently received a Honeycomb sponge, available in a range of sizes, mine is 6-6.5 inches and it’s fab!

The sponge is so soft, making it ideal for all skin types and even babies too.

Pampering time with The Sponge Market

They are very popular for use washing babies and sensitive skin in general.  They really are so much nicer than foam.  I can confirm that they are 100% natural (I did find a tiny bit of coral in mine (so worth checking over before first use) and they are totally sustainably harvested.

Pampering time with The Sponge Market gives me a sponge that will last for ages and a big bonus in my eyes  – they don’t smell and bacteria doesn’t hide on these sponges.

The Honeycomb range comes in sizes from 4.5-9 inches, prices from £11-£69.  My sponge costs £24.00.

Yes, they are more expensive, but you don’t need to change them every five minutes, you know they are safe for all the family to use and they leave your skin feeling lovely and soft after use.  It’s a little luxury that goes a long way.

I don’t have hours to spend on myself these days but I do deserve a bit of pampering time with The Sponge Market and I think you do too!

I have a 15% reader discount for you all – use FORTY at the checkout, and I can offer one lucky reader a Honeycomb 6-6.5 inch natural sponge worth £24.00 for themselves.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.


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Honeycomb 6-6.5 inch natural sponge worth £24.00

144 thoughts on “Pampering time with The Sponge Market – review, reader discount and giveaway!

  1. My slippers – I adore my slippers and as soon as I enter our home it is shoes off and slippers on for me!

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  3. The internet. I’ve become so tied in to using it over the last 20 years that going back to getting news from bits of paper and actually having to go outside to shop would seem really weird.

  4. would have to be my mum, shes my nanny, book keeper, bank manager, house cleaner, taxi etc etc, she is all my luxurys in life i need and i love her so much for what she does x

  5. Would have to be my mobile phone. If I ever forget to take it out with me I feel lost without it and worry in case I need to use it!

  6. My computer because I can do so much on to friends,watch movies,play games,read the news,the only thing I’ve not got it to do yet is make the dinner.

  7. Such a hard one but think will go with Dishwasher as it was my job to wash up and my brother to dry up everyday growing up and now it is so easy having a dishwasher

  8. My night fan winter summer every season just need it on but I think maybe its the noise I am most relaxed too

  9. My phone – it’s the only thing that keeps me sane somedays, having that connection to the outside world – plus it has lots of photos of my gorgeous children!

  10. Clinique Anti-Redness facial cleanser – the only product I can consistently use without a reaction

  11. I can’t live without my laptop! May not be classed as a luxury to some but it is to me as it means I can work from home

  12. a kettle. Not exactly a luxury item, but on the rare occasions that is has broken it has been a very dark day

  13. macbook it’s my connection to the outter world (especially back in the States where I grew up), use for school, fun, and shopping.

  14. My phone I use for literally everything – alarm, timer, camera, camcorder, calculator, TV, newspaper…….

  15. Hmm, I’ve been neglecting myself a bit, but one luxury good that I couldn’t live without is a proper lipstick!

  16. It would have to be my kindle because it is light to carry around and I love reading inany spare time I have.

  17. It would be my sponge. I bought it in Tarpon Springs about five years ago and it is now getting a bit ragged. Fingers crossed to win a new one!

  18. My ipad – for stay abreast of current affairs, plus checking out intriguing facts and trivia, it’s invaluable. And with one click to youtube, an uplifting song beckons. A real win win situation 🙂

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