Paper Planes DVD

Paper Planes DVD – review and giveaway

The Paper Planes DVD is released today by Lionsgate and is also available as a digital download.  This is a lovely family film which runs for nearly 100 minutes and tells the story of a young Australian boy, his love of flight and his dreams to enter the World Plane Championships in Japan.

Paper Planes DVD

Young Dylan, has recently lost his mother and has a love of all things aviation.  Monkey could immediately relate to his love of planes, as it’s a passion he shares.  Throughout the film there is an underlying message of persevering and self belief, as well as friendship.

We’ve been trying to instill in Monkey that just because you don’t allows succeed initially, you should keep trying, because one day you will overcome and reach your target.  The Paper Planes DVD is great and enforcing this belief too.

We’ve really enjoyed watching the film after school together, it’s humorous and engaging. I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your information, the DVD will retail for £9.99.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review


To celebrate the release of Paper Planes today on DVD, I have one copy of the Paper Planes DVD as a prize for one of my readers. Enter via the Gleam form below – good luck!


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Paper Planes DVD

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  1. I love travelling by train, love watching the ever changing view out of the window and upgrading to 1st class for some delicious food is always a bonus!

  2. For convenience, it’s got to be the luxury of having a car……..but, I won a holiday and flew business class and that was the best ever!

  3. Aeroplane! I love the excitement building up in the airport and looking forward the holiday ahead!

  4. I love trains – travelling by train is something I think about everytime I hear them from my doorstep xx

  5. A train, I just love travelling by train. It’s one of the few places I feel comfortable reading and it’s always been stress free for me as well!

  6. The Car! I like to be able to choose decent music and not surrounded by people so my anxiety is not to bad.

  7. I prefer to let the plane take the strain. It’s cheaper to fly from London to Manchester via Milan than it is to book a train ticket…how bad is that?

  8. It hasn’t been invented yet, but when it is then Molecular Teleportation will be AWESOME. Step into the machine and BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY!Molecular teleportation. Well, it would be if it had been invented yet. Just imagine standing in a teleporter and, before you can say BEAM ME UP SCOTTY, teleporting anywhere!

  9. Love travelling by train … sit back relax and no stress. The only thing I don’t like about it is the ticket price.

  10. I love to travel by car because i can listen to my own music and decide which way i want to go! Plus in my own space!

  11. I’ve always loved trains! I think it comes from living by a railway line as a child- I found the sound of them very soothing, especially at night! I love watching the countryside go by from a train window.

  12. car for me as some days i cant walk far and car can take me form door to door when needed less walking

  13. i like to go by foot or cycle when i can as you get to see more or the world around you and appreciate it and its good to get some fresh air in the lungs……..however if im not able to walk a ridiculous distance i do prefer to drive myself as i can stop if i want to

  14. I love walking! It keeps me fit and I get to appreciate the beauty on the way, but granted it is not the quickest 🙂

  15. I love cycling. Here in Brighton parking is very expensive and often hard to find. Going by bike means I can park up for free and as near to my destination as I want to be.

  16. Flying wins hands down. As soon as I get to the airport and hear the jet engines turning and the smell of aviation fuel I start getting excited about my trip.

  17. A horse and cart! Best way to travel, lovely pony trotting in front of you, great way to see the countryside!

  18. I absolutely love trains! I think they’re so romantic. I even drove a 65 ton steam train once! I’m a five foot female so they were quite surprised when I turned up!

  19. I don’t own a car and travel to most places by train.Love the sound of the train and the views from the window and always try to get a table seat to spread my newspaper out with a cup of tea

  20. I like to travel by train (when they turn up on time, that is!). I won’t fly, and I get a bit car-sick….

  21. I love flying. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so I love the taking off and landing part. There’s something great about watching movies in the air as well 🙂

  22. I like trains (only when you get a comfortable seat and it’s not too busy), I don’t go on them very often so it’s nice when I do for a change from buses

  23. I love to travel by train , plane , or automobile and even bike ,trike and the like
    My favourite is by foot when practical of course

  24. train – love to look out of the window, or bike locally – environmentally friendly, keeps you fit and it’s a pleasure to enjoy the ride

  25. I don’t drive so although it’s not a form of transport I love to walk places! I don’t have a great sense of direction though so it’s always a bit of an adventure with the kids in tow!!

  26. Mine is the train 🙂 I’m not sure why, it always has been. Maybe because you go so fast on a fixed track and it’s just you and the train on the track, and it gives you a perspective on scenery you don’t get with any other mode of transport

  27. I hate flying, not just the flight but all the checking in and queuing and boarding. I always have panic attacks and end up a big blubbering mess – but it’s still the quickest and easiest option sometimes!

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