Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals

Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals – sent for review and giveaway

I’ve got a lovely book from Carlton Books to share with you today.  As you all know well, I love books and anything that looks a little bit different that might spark the reading bug with my son is a winner for me.  Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals is just that sort of book.  It’s a real beauty and is published on 7th February.  So here’s a sneak preview for you all.

Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals

This 64 page hardback book is unlike any other that we own, and is part of the Paperscapes series that Carlton Books are introducing.  So what makes this book a little different?

Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals

Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals is full of beautifully illustrated pages introducing us to animals from around the world, their habitats, size and lifespans.  The book also features die-cut pages, this has to be the only time in my life that I’ve willing watched a book being pulled apart!  But when you remove the waste paper, it truly brings this book and the animals within it to life.

Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals

Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals

The book is aimed at those aged 7 years and over, and the die cut pages pull apart quite easily, to really showcase the various animal.  My son really loved watching the book transform as he pulled the pages and started to look at the facts about the various animals.

Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals

Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals

From penguins to the tentacled octopus and the meerkats that everyone adores, the book is full of some of our favourite animals, as well as a few that my son hasn’t encountered before.

Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals

He’s a big fan of The Secret Life of the Zoo, so knows all sorts of facts about seahorses already, but he loved seeing the pages dedicated to these marvellous little sea creatures.

Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals

As I mentioned earlier, Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals is part of a series of books and I’ll be sharing another in the series soon, a must have for any space fans out there.

You can find out more about this and other Carlton Books on their website, as well as pre-ordering a copy of this book too.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’ve teamed up with Carlton Books to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals worth £12.99 for themselves.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals worth £12.99

135 thoughts on “Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals – sent for review and giveaway

  1. I love Giraffes, their eyes are spectacular, the length of their eyelashes is something I wish I had

  2. Cats. They are independent yet so loving and funny and come to you in their own time which I find rewarding as you earn their respect xx

  3. Cats make the most wonderful companions so they are always my favourite but I also love British turtle doves and worry about their future.

  4. I love giraffes, I fell in love with them when I got to feed them, so gentle, yet strong, with the most amazing eyelashes!

  5. I love Capybara. Apart from being amazingly cute, they just seem to have a very knowing personality and I feel like I can relate to them. Weird, I know!

  6. so hard to pick just one I love them all. I do have a soft spot for elephants and donkeys, both such gentle on loyal animals that put up with a lot from humans

  7. Panther – because one of my two cats walks and looks just like one – sleek, black and very demanding, our calypso xx

  8. used to be a Sloth – as I appreciated there very laid back attitude to life, but then I found out that this extended to their personal grooming where they crawled down to the forest floor just so they could pick up a tonne of moths to hitchhike on their back…so they could use them to clean their fur….urrrggghh! 😉

  9. I absolutely love cats because they are great company but not too tying! I love their own little unique personalities, I have two cats one who can be overly friendly on her terms! And one who is very grumpy but does like to be petted now and again.

  10. Ring tailed lemurs – they have great faces and you could watch them leaping around for hours. I wish I had their energy.

  11. Cats are my favourite because they have such spilt personalities. You never know what mood they could be in!

  12. I love all animals – but dogs and elephants are my faves if I have to choose! Very difficult!

  13. Tiger. Is a fearsome predator and an all round gorgeous animal… in fcat at present im in the process of painting a family of tigers with cubs 😀

  14. My favourite animal is the grasshopper mouse as it is made to survive in one of the harshest settings on earth (they have developed immunity to venom and pain). Besides I just love their wolf mouse howling at the moon.

  15. Seals because we have a beach in Norfolk where they come to have their young ones and I love to see them.

  16. My favourite animals are rabbits, they are so misunderstood and the UKs most neglected animal, they are really interesting and have complex dietary needs.

  17. I love dolphins. I’ve been on a couple of dolphin spotting trips and when I spotted one I felt so calm and peaceful, even though I was extremely excited

  18. Guinea pigs – have always had them since I was young and they all have different personalities and are very cute and cuddly and intelligent

  19. I don’t have a particular favourite as I love all types of animals. I love cats, both big and small for their attitude, dogs for their personalities, butterflies for their colours. Oh, all sorts and reasons.

  20. My son and I both love pigs. I was born in the year of the pig and they’re his favourite because they’re pink and pink is his favourite colour

  21. Definitely cats – they’re so comforting and calming, even though they often only think about themselves!

  22. I love parrots, they come in different sizes, shapes and wonderful colours. I love them because they talk and do funny things

  23. Orangutan they’re beautiful animals and very gentle and emotional and the babies are so cute I could burst

  24. I love white Bengal tigers, they are stunning to look at and would love a cuddle if they weren’t so fierce x

  25. Polar bear, I just think they are so gentle some times and the way they look after there young and hunt for them, we need to look after them

  26. I love dogs, they are the best friends you can have and end up being one of my children aswell LOL. Thanks for the chance

  27. Cats, they’re clever and independent and unlike dogs only show love to someone very special to them so you are extremely lucky if a cat chooses you to be their person.

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