Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space

Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space – AD sent for review and giveaway

The solar system and the world above the clouds has fascinated my son for some time and they often touch on the subject at school.  I thought he’d enjoy looking through Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space which is released this week through Carlton Books.

Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space

You may recall that I recently reviewed the Paperscapes: The Amazing World of Animals book.  This is in the same series, and is a 64 page hardback book aimed at children aged 7 years and over.

This series of books is a little different from other factual books we have.  Afterall, it’s not the norm to rip pieces of a book out, is it!  But with Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space that’s exactly what you do do.  Well, maybe not rip, but you carefully pull apart the die-cut pages to really bring the book to life.

Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space

Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space

Each page has pull out die-cast pieces, which totally transforms the reading experience.  Everything is covered in this book, from the planets of the solar system to the telescopes that help us view them from Earth.

Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space

Each double-sided page is full of information and interesting facts, written in a way for children to easily understand.

Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space

I remember the Space Shuttle expeditions and watching in awe at the take off’s and landings as well as the space missions.  My son has seen some space related objects at the Science Museum, so the Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space has helped to enhance his learning in a fun way.

Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space

Not only has he learned about planets and space vehicles and communication equipment that are used now, he’s also learned about the equipment of the future.  He’s been learning about the Mars 2020 Rover that’s due to launch next year, but which won’t arrive on Mars until 2021.  We were both fascinated to read that this rover unit will be accompanied by a helicopter. The helicopter will need 10 times more power than normal to work due to the thin atmosphere on Mars – fascinating.

We’ve both been impressed with Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space and can recommend this, and the range in general.

You can find out more about this and other Carlton Books on their website, as well as ordering a copy of this book too.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space worth £12.99

123 thoughts on “Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey into Space – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. I would pick Mars as it seems to be the most likely planet for a human to visit, but not until I know I could get back and not a one way journey!

  2. Saturn because it’s pretty although I’m pretty sure the gases on it would kill me instantly lol

  3. Pluto, because it was a planet when I was growing up and learning and it just feels wrong that it’s had that taken away from it so I’d like to go to Pluto and prove it really is a planet

  4. I would love to visit Saturn. It’s got the lot: interesting moons and then of course the famous rings. It would be amazing to see the rings up close. They are made up of billions of pieces of rock.

  5. KOI-7923.01 it’s a newly discovered planet with a potential to be livable..Likely to have a tundra surface and able to contain liquid water.

  6. I hate flying so I’m not sure I’d like to go to any of them but if I had to it would definitely be the closest one for obvious reasons!

  7. Mars because I want to find out what happened to the British built Beagle rover… it’s bugging me that it could be sitting in the shafe under a small rock just waiting for a little sun to power up 😉

  8. If you could go into space which planet would you like to visit and why? . . . .to Pluto to see why it has been downgraded from being a planet

  9. I’d love to go to the moon because I see it most nights from a far distance so I’d love to see it up close for a change

  10. I would love to go to mars, just because NASA have been trying for years to learn as much as possible about the planet, but haven’t been able to put anyone there yet

  11. Love to go to Moon – still remember the iconic moon landing on TV and I look up at the moon most nights and would love to see it close up then land on it and bounce around collecting rock samples 🙂

  12. It’s not a planet as such but the moon! It would be fab to see the world from the moon seen as we can see the moon from the earth!!!

  13. Uranus because at almost 30 I still have an incredibly immature sense of humour sometimes and a planet with such a funny name is sure to provide a good time and some giggles.

  14. pluto cos its the farthest away 🙂 although im not sure its still classed as a planet anymore

  15. I’d love to Mars, because Red is my favourite colour, passionate or Anger, and that intrigues me to see what Mars can throw at us!

  16. I’d visit Neptune I think – because I love the name and would love to explore.

  17. I would go to the moon because I want to know did the astronauts see something strange when the live feed was cut? It was all a bit strange apparently so I would go to the moon and have a good look around and like others said it’s not too far away so I could be home pretty quick

  18. I would love to visit Mars, with the new information out that they have found proof that their was at one point water on the planet, to have a proper look around for any fossilized materials.

  19. Not a planet I want to go on the space station so that I can look at all the stunning views of earth

  20. Mars – I always thought it was made of Mars Bars when I was little – would like to go there to check!

  21. My daughter tells me she would like to visit Jupiter to see the big red spot because red is her favourite colour!

  22. I’d love to go to mars it’s the planet most likely to be habitable by humans in the future

  23. It would have to be the moon as my 5 year old grandson says that is where his late granddad and his baby sister are so they can watch over us

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