Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection – review and giveaway #DisneyBookWeek

Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection – review and giveaway #DisneyBookWeek

I can still remember the first movie I ever saw at the cinema in Farnham.  It was the Disney classic, Snow White.  I sat spellbound throughout and it’s a memory that’s stayed with me for well over 40 years.  To celebrate this and so many other classics we’ve been looking through some of the wonderful Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection of hardback books.

Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection

The Jungle Book is one of the first Disney films that Monkey watched when he was really small and it’s been a favourite ever since. He loves the story of Mowgli, the little baby who appears lost in the jungle.  A boy who grows up raised in a family of wolves, but is the prey of the evil tiger Shere Khan.  The Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection book The Jungle Book, follows Mowgli and his journey through the jungle.  With beautiful illustrations taken from the film we watch as Bagheera the black panther tries to protect him from the likes of Shere Khan and Kaa the cobra.  It’s a beautiful book, and a great accompaniment to the film.

If you like your Princess style movies then I’m sure you’ll have watched Cinderella and Tangled.  I loved Cinderella as a child, and always wanted to wear the ball gowns that she got to wear to the ball.  Oh, to be 6 again!  Tangled is actually a new one for me.  I know the story of Rapunzel but hadn’t heard of her continuing adventures with Flynn Rider.  Will her dreams come true?

The Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection The Lion King, is another beautiful book.  We both love this story and the film.  It’s something I definitely want to see in the West End too.  The book is a lovely precis of the film which tells the story of Simba, the cub destined to become King.  It’s going to be treasured here I’m sure.

The Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection really are lovely books, the sort of books that would make special presents and are great for bedtime reading.  I’m going to be a Great Auntie in September and I think my great-niece will love the Cinderella book in the years ahead.

These books are priced at £9.99 each and are available from Asda, Smyths Toys and Amazon. To celebrate Disney Book Week, Parragon Books have a giveaway running on their Facebook page to win 8 books from the collection and the DVD’s to go with them! You can also enter on their Instagram and Twitter pages, the giveaway ends on 11th June 2017.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I thought I would join in with these celebrations and offer one lucky reader the chance to win the Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection Tangled book for themselves.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win. Good luck.

Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection Tangled book

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Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection Tangled book

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138 thoughts on “Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection – review and giveaway #DisneyBookWeek

  1. I love Beauty and the Beast. I just used to watch it a lot when I was younger and I love the songs in it.

  2. The Lion King – the characters are all brilliant, fab voice cast too. The music and songs – classic. The storyline is compelling (and heartbreaking). I love it! Don’t get me wrong, I love most Disney movies but The Lion King has the top place in my heart 🙂

  3. I think it is probably The Sword in the Stone. Mostly because we had it on VHS when I was a child, so I watched it 1000 times.

  4. I love Beauty & the beast. It is my all time favourite film. I love the love story between Belle and the beast

  5. I love Mulan as it’s not your typical Damsel in distress film plus Mushu is hillarious. Although to be fair Disney are trying a bit harder these days not to stereotype characters

  6. The Jungle Book has always been my favourite. I love the songs and it was the first Disney movie I saw at the cinema with my Grandad so is very memorable. x

  7. The Lion King because it’s themes are deeper, more epic and more explicit than many of the other Disney classics. Mulan and Hercules are great too in that respect, but the Lion King has the upper hand because it also features animals as main characters and the African wilderness for the setting, something Disney had never done before and is likely to never do again. It was one the most original tales both aesthetically and story-wise.

  8. Me and my son love watching The Little Mermaid together. He is obsessed with mermaids and the sea and really enjoys this story

  9. I love Beauty and the Beast as the story is just timeless, classic romance (also, Belle is a bookworm, like me!). My six year old loves Moana though, for the songs and the adventure 🙂

  10. The Original Jungle Book for me, it has a wonderful story, and i find it very entertaining with the characters and the songs, it gets you moving and shaking

  11. I think it has to be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, it’s just a great movie that anyone can enjoy.

  12. Beauty and the Beast! Always loved the songs and the message of not to Judge someone by their Looks!

  13. The Lion King. I know it’s sad in parts but it was the first Disney film I really truly enjoyed, and it’s amazing in theatre.

  14. cinderella because her step sisters treat her not very nice and in the end its cinderella who gets the last laugh x

  15. The little mermaid as Ariel reminds me of myself so strong willed and it always works out in the end

  16. We do love The Lion King in our house. It’s always been my favourite and two of the classes I have taught have performed it as their end of year production so it has great memories attached.

  17. My favourite is Snow White! It’s the first one I ever watches on vhs when I was 3!

  18. I have 2 I love to watch beauty and the beast with my girls and Hercules with my son

  19. My favourite Disney movie has to be the Lion king as i love the story to it and it was one of the first Disney films i watched all of as a child.

  20. Lion King! I love the music and the fact at 21 years old I still laugh and cry at it every time!

  21. I love Aladdin, my daughter is called Jasmine and she is named after Princess Jasmine

  22. Love Toy Story. To see all a childs toys come to life & the adventures they have, I haven’t looked at my sons toys the same since.

  23. I love “The Lion King” … its such an emotional story, It’s always been my favourite. (Followed very closely by “Beauty and The Beast”)

  24. I personally like Beauty and the Beast because all the songs are so great. But Moana is definitely in contention to be my new favorite due to songs, plot, characters, and stunning visuals. My daughter loves Tangled, so this book would be great for her.

  25. Hercules. I love the musicality and how funny danny de vito is voicing philoctetes. Its a fantastic film that is always forgotten about

  26. I’ve always liked Beauty and the Beast because I loved that Belle had the same colour hair as me and love her opening song x

  27. Beauty and the Beast. I love that Belle is a bit of a book nerd and gets to know/falls in love with the person that the Beast is. I like how he discovers that it’s not all about looks either.

  28. Aladdin as I always wanted to be (and believed I was!) Jasmine so it’s very nostalgic for me!

  29. Lady and the tRamp because it used to be my eldest daughters favourite when she was younger and i used to like cosying up on the sofa with her and just watch it. nice memories.

  30. my fave has always been Robin Hood, i remember it was the only video i had as a child lol so it was on constantly 🙂

  31. I love Toy Story I watch it with my 5 year old it our favorite film to watch together and it was one of the first 🙂

  32. My favourite has always been Lady and the Tramp, I’ve loved it ever since I was a child

  33. The little mermaid is my favourite. I loved it when i was younger and watched it all the time.

  34. Has to be Cinderella for me love the magical moments in it and just love the mice and lucifer

  35. I love Moana as she is such a strong character (although she’s not technically not a princess!

  36. The Lion King, I must have watched it 20 times with my dad, just one of many happy memories. X

  37. Beauty and the Beast for me – I had Belle’s love of books from an early age and have since fantasised about a house with a library like the Beast!

  38. I love Monsters Inc. as Boo reminds me of a mini- me and i love the connection and friendship between Sulley and Boo and Sulley and Mike! The story line is genius! It will always be my favourite as it holds precious memories! 🙂

  39. difficult choice probably the lion king because it has an amazing sound track and superb story line and humour (sorry I hit enter before finishing my comment doh)

  40. Toy Story. It was the main release when i went to Disneyland Paris as a school trip. All the parades were Toy Story and the song was on repeat. Brings back great memories. Funny film too.

  41. I love the princess and the frog because the main charachter works extremly hard to get her dream. Ok there’s a prince in the story and it ends well but I think her work ethics are excellent for little ones to follow rather than aspiring to be a princess, get married and live hapilly ever after. The fact she has to endure so much first and inspires the spoiled prince along the way I couldn’t think of a better film for my girls.

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