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Pebli Town Starter Pack – review and giveaway

Mookie Toys contacted me recently and asked if Monkey would like to try out their Pebli Town Starter Pack which works with the Pebli Town app. We spotted that one of the characters was a Fireman so Monkey was keen to say yes!

Pebli Town

Pebli Town is aimed at children aged 3 years and over and encourages their imaginative play as well as working on hand eye coordination.  You receive a play board with 4 characters that work in conjunction with the Pebli Town app which is free to download on iTunes and Google Play.

This set is meant to be used with tablets, but do check out the compatibility table. I’d presumed that the set would work with my iPad mini 2 that I’ve only recently purchased, and it doesn’t – the app would load, but then nothing happened.  Thankfully it works with my iPhone 5, but the experience isn’t quite the same for Monkey.

You will need 2 x AA batteries to power the play board itself, and once the app has been downloaded Pebli Town works through the Bluetooth function on your phone/tablet.

Play revolves around the four characters – Fireman Freddy, Chef Charlie, Doctor Daisy and Painter Poppy.

Pebli Town

As we follow their adventures in the various parts of Pebli Town – the Park, School, Shop and Town Hall.

Pebli Town

We’ve struggled at times with the Bluetooth connection from my phone to the play board, and the app has taken a while to reload each time we’ve played.  But others using tablets have had no problems, so I guess we have just been unlucky.

Once connected there is an introduction that can be bypassed in future play sessions.  The the children are free to try 4 different game modes – Story Teller, Games, Story Creator and Video Room.

The board uses hot spot technology, which means that any actions on the board are translated to the tablet. 99% of all game play is done on the board with the physical characters, so children don’t have to directly interact with the tablet.

Monkey hasn’t been too keen to listen to the Story Mode as yet, but I’m sure younger children would love this idea.  The child picks a character and then decides where the character goes.  There are 4 stories with 22 different endings, which gives this quite some play longevity.

The Game Mode has been a bigger hit, again there are 4 different games to be played, but each has 25 levels.  Each level takes some time to complete too.  We’ve played this together and really quite enjoyed the challenges.  It’s great for hand eye coordination and problem solving skills.

Create mode has been another hit, you pick a character and then you can add your own voices, giving instructions and leading the story.  You can then watch the videos back in the Pebli cinema – it’s all very clever.

The Video mode has been a favourite with Monkey but would work much better on a tablet.  You select your character and then various ‘pre-approved child friendly educational and entertaining videos’ are streamed, which relate to that particular character – such as cookery programmes for Chef Charlie, health programmes for Doctor Daisy, arts and crafts for Painter Poppy and the biggest hit – programmes including Fireman Sam for Fireman Freddy.

Despite our connection issues I can see that Pebli Town could be really good to help children develop their fine motor skills and I’m always a fan of anything that boosts imaginary play potential.  It’s not a cheap toy, priced at £ 59.99 but I’m sure Pebli Town with be found in plenty of stockings come Christmas time.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review


I thought you might like to try Pebli Town out for yourselves and I have one set available to win (you need to supply your own tablet though!).  Please complete the Gleam form below for your chance to own the Pebli Town starter set.


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The giveaway will close on 14th September 2015 at midnight.

Pebli Town Starter Pack worth £59.99

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