Personalised books from Petlandia

Personalised books from Petlandia

You all know that I’m a total sucker when it comes to a personalised book and my son has quite a collection.  But imagine how much I chuckled when I came across the personalised books from Petlandia which feature your cat or dog too! So not only does my son get mentioned but actually Brewster becomes the central character of the story. Clearly I was going to be all over that as quick as a flash.

Personalised books from Petlandia

It’s really easy to create your personalised books from Petlandia if you have a cat, dog or rabbit as a pet.  You add their name, select the closest looking colour fur combination to your own pet, add a collar if relevant, and select their eye colour.  That’s it, your pet is ready to enjoy an adventure in Petlandia.

You then add the sex of your pet, where you live and who owns your pet (you can have two names mentioned if needed). Preview your book and then place your order.  It’s all very simple and for £19.99 including postage (for soft covered version), your personalised book from Petlandia will be on its way.

Brewster joined our family when my son was two and half years old, so they’ve really grown up together.  The love isn’t always a mutual thing, but my son is totally besotted with our fluff ball of a moggy.

Personalised books from Petlandia

Personalised books from Petlandia offer something a little different from the norm in that your child’s pet is the hero of the story and your child is a bit player.  That’s not to say that Brewster’s Adventures in Petlandia hasn’t been a big hit though.  Far from it.  My son loves the idea of our cat being in his book.

Personalised books from Petlandia

We followed Brewster, our fluffy cat as he follows his dreams to become a star.  He decides to leave home and travel to Hollywoof in search of fame and fortune.

There’s lots of personalisation with the personalised books from Petlandia, with both Brewster and my son’s name popping up throughout the story. I don’t want to ruin the actual story of our book for you, but it would appear our cat is something of a social media guru, with his own YouChew and Instapaw channels! My son even finds our musical cat on Petflix.  But will fame and fortune be everything Brewster thinks it is?

Personalised books from Petlandia

Priced, including postage, at £19.99 for a soft covered book and £27.99 for a hardback version, personalised books from Petlandia, offer a slightly different take on the standard personalised book format.  The story is lovely, and has a nice message behind it too.  It’s certainly been a hit here.

For full information on the personalised books available from Petlandia website.

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  1. Hi I orderd a book back in November , and havnt received it yet , very dissapionted as it was a Christmas present , the money left my account back in November also

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