Personalised Photos gifts from Printerpix

Personalised Photos gifts from Printerpix

Being a rather prolific photographer I’m always on the look out for ways to save the memories I’ve captured on my camera.  I was looking through the range of personalised Photos gifts from Printerpix recently as I wanted to update a photo canvas of Monkey.  It’s a couple of years old and I wanted a more recent picture of Monkey on my wall.

Printerpix offer a whole host of personalised photo gifts from photobooks and calendars to mugs and cushion covers.  But I’d set my mind on the photo canvas idea and had a particular photo from a trip to Stowe Gardens I wanted to enlarge.

Personalised Photos gifts from Printerpix

I’d taken this photo with my DSLR and it was saved as a 4.88MB Jpeg file.  I haven’t started shooting in RAW as I don’t have Lightroom or Photoshop editing software.  I decided that a 16×20″ canvas would be the best size for the space I have on the wall

The ordering process on Printerpix is easy to follow. You select the shape and size of the canvas you require and upload your photograph selection.  Then you decide on the area selection and if you need your image to be rotated.

At this point the website told me that my image wasn’t a high enough resolution and the image might be pixellated.  A bit of shame, but I downgraded to a 12×16″ size to protect the canvas quality.

There are various extras available – gloss varnishing for £3.99, I prefer matt so didn’t take up this option, thicker and high quality canvas for £4.99 and a hanging set for £1.99.  The standard 12×16″ costs £24.95 plus delivery.  You can find out more about these charges and the other products available on the Printerpix website.

My order arrived well packaged, which was just as well as Yodel had dropped it over my back gate as I wasn’t in when they tried to deliver.

It’s great having a canvas gift already fixed with a hanging set as it means you can just unwrap it and hang it up straight away.

Personalised Photos gifts from Printerpix

The canvas print is a little lighter than the original photo but I still love it and the overall quality of the finish is good.

Personalised Photos gifts from Printerpix

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disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

Not only do I have the 60% off discount code for you above, but I can also offer one lucky reader the chance to win a 12×16″ personalised photo canvas for themselves worth £24.95. Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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12×16″ personalised photo canvas worth £24.95 from Printerpix

202 thoughts on “Personalised Photos gifts from Printerpix

  1. Oh I love a good personalised gift, it really does bring the photos to life – and like you, I have thousands!!

  2. I had a lovely time working on an animal sanctuary in Spain this summer so I’d have one of the photos from my time there to go on my wall.

  3. I’d keep it, we had our first child last year and moved into our family home by the coast this year, i would love to frame a picture of us 3 on the beach from summer this year, a precious memory of a new life x

  4. I would choose a nice recent photo of my son. We have pictures up in the living room but they are professional baby photos. He is older now so would be nice to have a updated photo.

  5. A picture of all my grandchildren on one of the rare occasions they are together. I wouldn’t be able to give it away! 🙂

  6. I’d love to get a canvas print of a landscape photo I took in Croatia this year. It was my first holiday abroad with my partner and I’d give it to him to hold precious memories.

  7. A photo of us all in the lake district this year – so happy and the children are growing up so quickly I want it to stay like this forever!

  8. I’d choose a photo of me, my mum and my gran taken on Mother’s Day this year. I’d gift it to my gran to put on her wall as she wants a new family-themed picture and it would make her smile!

  9. It will be my favourite photo of me and my husband on our wedding day last year, and it will be for me to hang in my living room ♥️

  10. I will choose a picture that I took of my dad and stepmum on holiday and I would gift it to them to always remember the great time we had.

  11. I have only one photo of My mum and I’d love to get it made into something bigger and a bit more special

  12. I have a beautiful photo of my 13 year old daughter in her ballet tutu which I need to put on canvas – actually I need 3 – one for me, one for my mother and one for her ballet teacher!

  13. I would choose one of our family holiday and I would keep it as we don’t have any canvases in our house

  14. I’ve got a lovely picture of my daughter in a summer dress from the summer holidays so I’d get that printed and keep it for myself 🙂

  15. It’s funny but I was just thinking the other day that I had a lovely picture of my son sitting in a tree very, very similar to the one your little lad is pictured on – you don’t think it could be the same one do you? 😉 Anyway it’s one of my faves and I’d love to do something nice with it.

  16. i have a wonderful pixcture of my four nephews and neice taken while they werent looking its such a great picture and id love to gift it to my brother

  17. my youngest has just started school, so I had some photos taken of all three of my kiddies in their uniforms… I’d definitely choose one of those 🙂 and keep it for myself !! I’d love this xx

  18. I think it would be a photo I took of my husband a 3 kiddies chasing the waves on Newark beach x

  19. a photo of my son on the beach from when we went to the seaside in the summer and i would keep it for myself

  20. I’d choose a picture I took at the Grand Canyon and keep it for myself. It was such a stunning scene and I am no photographer (just a little digital point and shoot) yet I took one particular picture that just captured the wonder and awe of the place.

  21. I’d love a picture of one of the gorgeous landscapes we saw on holiday this year. It would get me through the winter.

  22. I have a fantastic photo of my son as an astronaut at the national space centre, would love to add it to our memory wall.

  23. I have a photo with my family and we are in Corfu sitting on a bench overlooking the sea it’s a great photo and one I would have in a canvas

  24. would choose a picture from my granddaughters christening, probably one of all of the family together

  25. I would get a photo of all my kids p together. Only got a few as they never sit still long enough lol x

  26. I have a great picture of my 3 kids with my nieces and newphew, I would love to have it blown up onto a canvas

  27. any picture of my grand daughter, my wholw hall way is full of pictures of my grand daughter and another one will look great on the wall, however if i was to win it and my daughters 21st birthday had not passed id give it her as a gift and she would love it.

  28. A photo of my husband, son, and mother-in-law with a super-imposed photo of my deceased father-in-law as well. I would gift it to my mother-in-law.

  29. A picture of my Grandchildren that my husband took. It is so much better than the ‘professional’ school photos we have just had the proofs for. I would gift it to my son.

  30. A beautiful sunset over the beach in Wales before we moved back to England showing my husband in silhouette

  31. I’ve got a great selfie of the whole family taken on holiday in Kuala Lumpur last year and it would be great to have on a canvas so I can see it every day

  32. I would choose a picture of my son and Granddaughter swimming with dolphins, I would keep it for myself as its one of my favourites x

  33. I think it would be nice to print one of my pictures from when I lived in Japan. It would just add to all the family pictures we currently have around.

  34. A photo of my 2 children that I’ve been meaning to get put on canvas. It’s a natural, unposed photo of them sharing a moment together looking through a doorway which I carry around in my purse.

  35. I think I would pick a photo of my three children taken this summer. Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

  36. i would choose one from our family holiday and I would display in the lounge for the whole family to enjoy

  37. A picture of my little boy, and I’d give it to my mum as she has plenty of pictures of my sister’s little girls but hardly any of my boy.

  38. I’d like to get a photo of my dog and my cat together (might be an impossible ask though). I’ve got hundreds of my kids.

  39. I’d like to get a photo of my dog and my cat together (might be an impossible ask though). I’ve got hundreds of my kids.

  40. We have a great picture of the kids on a neighbour’s sailing boat that would make an excellent canvas

  41. I would pick a photo of all 4 of us from the summer and give it to my mother this Christmas. I always give her a photo of my girls each Christmas as they grow up so fast. It would be lovely to surprise her with a nice canvas rather than a quick printed photo.

  42. I’d choose a photo of all my children together, for myself, as I haven’t got a nice one of them all together.

  43. I would most probably choose a picture of me and my family on my parents 25th wedding anniversary. A lovely day to remember and we are all in the photo!

  44. I have a photo of my son that was taken recently whilst waiting on a bus that I would really like to get on canvas for my living room

  45. I would love this for myself and I would use a picture from my recent holiday to Florida. I’m not sure how I would choose one picture though because I have so many fab ones! x

  46. i would love this for myself with my 3 children on i have a perfect photo from our holiday xx

  47. I’d get a family photograph done – it’s one where we all look really relaxed and everybody has their eyes open!

  48. I would try to get a photo of my three grandchildren together and put it on our wall. They would love to see it when they come round.

  49. A pic of me and my babies. Daniel aged 10 and Lily aged 9. We were at a family party recently, and have some lovely pics were taken that evening.

  50. We have some great family photos from a recent holiday in Italy – so I’d choose one of those to display in the Living Room.

  51. Id have a photo of my daughter and my dad (her granddad) together as we lost him to cancer recently and it would be lovely gift to my daughter to always remember how special he was and how much he loved her.x

  52. I don’t know! It will be for my mother, who is in hospital at the minute, and she’ll choose!

  53. I would choose the picture I have of my sons holding hands walking, they are both so stubborn and independent it was lovely to see!

  54. I’d love a photo of my children and their children all together…. and I’d selfishly keep it for myself!

  55. my hubby is really hard to buy for, so I’d use this to print one of the pics he’s taken of our wee boy. That way he gets something he likes and I get to enjoy it too!

  56. It would be a picture of my daughter with Bamburgh castle in the background. Would have it black & white & keep in living room.

  57. I’d love to get a photo from a gig with me and my Mum. I’d probably give it as a gift for Christmas!

  58. it would proberly either be a pic of my kids or a wildlife/scenery pic , i’d then keep and put up on my lounge wall

  59. I’d like to have a picture of my children put on canvas, would make a great gift for them to give to their daddy 🙂

  60. A picture of my two grandsons. Jayden is 4 and Jacob is 4eeeks old. I have a lovely picture of jayden kissing his little brothers head

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