Photo memories with Cheerz

Photo memories with Cheerz

I’ve loved photography since I was a child, a camera has never been far from my side.  The one downside to digital photography for me, is it’s all too easy to not print photos out. Monkey loves looking through photo albums and when I was recently asked if I’d like to create some Photo memories with Cheerz I jumped at the chance.

Photo memories with Cheerz

I’d not heard of Cheerz before, but they have an app and website where you can upload your photos and turn them into all sorts of things, including photo albums, posters, boxed photos and magnets.  You have the option to upload from sites like Facebook and Instagram as well as taking photos from your phone, computer or Dropbox.  It’s very easy to use, even this techno dinosaur managed it.  Although I did overstep my budget, once a happy snapper, always a happy snapper!

I went for the Cheerz Boz which offers a box filled with Polaroid style prints.  You can select the colour of the photo borders and add text too.  I’d failed miserably at printing any photos from Monkey’s 6th birthday, his birthday treats and Christmas, so thought the Cheerz Box would be a great idea.

I added a personalised message for Monkey and we also received a lovely heart-shaped photo showcasing the photos I’d chosen. I was really pleased with the quality of the prints and Monkey spent ages, looking through them again and again, reliving photo memories with Cheerz. Looks like I still need to train him not to put his fingers all over prints though!

The Cheerz box with 30 photos costs £15.

I’ve been meaning to create a photobook of our Cornish holiday last year so took the opportunity to create one with Cheerz.  The 20x25cms photobook comes with a storage box and has a hard cover.  You can add a title to go along the spine, pick the colour and template for the front cover, add a photo and title to the cover box.

Once you’ve selected your photos, you can auto fill or control the display yourself and add text as required.  I couldn’t work out how many pages you got for £35 started and overspent at £37.50 but I love the results.  The paper is thicker than other photobooks we’ve got and I’m really pleased with the quality. I also love the inside black and white covers.

Overall I’ve been really impressed sorting out photo memories with Cheerz, you do pay extra for carriage, my order would cost £5.83.  Delivery was prompt but the items did arrive separately.  I’ve got a discount code to share with you all – when you place your order with Cheerz, use code MARPR7D and you’ll get £4.00 off your first order (you need to spend over £8.00).

disclosure:  we were sent the items sent in exchange for an honest review.  I also receive a credit for each referral from this post.


1 thought on “Photo memories with Cheerz

  1. I love the boxed photo idea; we often don’t print out our images in photos any more but I think for some of the big activities and projects we do the children would love it – I think I make take up your kind discount offer and print off the photos from my time away with Mademoiselle.
    It’ll be lovely for the children to have a photographic record of their summer holidays. I hadn’t heard of Cheerz but I’ll certainly check them out.
    Good review x

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