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Place Sandals – a review

Place Sandals

Summer is here!  Schools finished and it’s time to get my walking feet on as Monkey and I enjoy the holidays together.  I have to be honest, I find summer can be a nightmare for me and footwear.  I have my trusty flip-flops, but sandals, sandals that I can walk anywhere in?  I struggle.  The situation is not helped by the fact that I am a half-size really.  Sometimes I can get away with a size 5, most of the time I need a size 6 to be on the safe side.  But whichever way I go, I’m waiting for blisters to arrive!  So, when I was asked to review Place Sandals recently, I was interested to see if summer might be easier this year.

Place Sandals

Place Sandals are new on the market and have been designed with hidden orthotic technology – I had to look that up, but basically it helps to naturally realign your feet and improve posture.  I recently wrote a post mentioning my hyper mobile joints, so I was interested to let me feet do the talking.

Place Sandals

Studies performed by the Birmingham Gait Lab in the UK (one of Europe’s leading gait facilities) have indicated that the unique biomechanical footbed technology BFTTM in these sandals can help to control and reduce excessive pronation, help to naturally re-align your feet, reduce knee pain, reduce foot pain, minimise back stress and reduce muscle pre-activation, which in turn can reduce muscle fatigue. Every Place Sandal has been expertly designed and incorporates all of the biomechanical knowledge and experience gained through 34 years in the foot health care industry. Our feet play a vital role in supporting the rest of the body and holding them in their optimum position with place sandals can help keep you pain-free.

I ordered the Capri sandals in Red, size 6.  I liked the look of the sandals and loved the colour.  The Capri sandals are available in sizes 3-9 for £55.00.

The Place Sandals uppers are great and the base of my feet feel really comfortable and supported.  The only issue I’ve had with my new sandals is with the red leather part of the sandal which feel quite tight on my top of my feet.  There is a slight elasticated vent on the inner side of each sandal, but for me personally, this could do with being a tad bigger.  I find that this restriction makes it hard to wear my Place Sandals for long periods; especially in the weather at the moment, which is a real pity.

I don’t have particularly dainty feet, so this issue is probably more to do with my feet, than the general design of the Place Sandals.  I’m hoping that over time the material will ‘give’ a little, as I really love the look and colour of my new sandals, and the idea behind them is fantastic.

To see for the full range of Place Sandals you can visit their website.  You can order direct from them or buy in-store at high street shoe shops such as Clinkards and Shoon.

disclaimer: we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.


6 thoughts on “Place Sandals – a review

  1. Ah, now I’m a Birkenstock fan, alongside scruffing around in Havianas on the farm. These look great with your red trousers. And I know what you mean about 5-6. I’m the same. My birkos are a 5 as are flip flops, but other shoes I now need 6s.

    But I struggle with smarter sandals with straps. I used to have some great wedges, but since my DVT I’ve always had one ankle swell up, and even without that, I find most straps won’t go round my ankle/over my foot. They’re not even massive and I don’t have a particularly high instep, but there’s not many straps that are long enough. I yearn for the day when I find a comfortable pair of strappy sandals (flats or a tiny block heel) that I can wear all day when I want to be smarter, that will go round my ankles.

  2. These look great on – it’s a shame about the size issue. I always struggle getting comfy shoes too. I’m not a big fan of the toe post sandals but these actually look really comfy. Love the colour, a nice change from blue!

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