Play Fun - Chrono Bomb!

Play Fun – Chrono Bomb!

With the wet weather we’ve had this August Monkey and I have reverted to lots of indoor games to keep boredom at bay.  We’ve got to try out the iMC Toys game, Play Fun – Chrono Bomb! recently and it’s a little different from anything else we’ve got here.

Play Fun - Chrono Bomb!

The game is aimed at children aged 6 years and over and you will need 3 x AAA batteries to operate the dynamite bundle.  Can you deactivate the bomb without touching one of the trip wires?

Play Fun – Chrono Bomb! comes with a Bomb and Sensor Clamp, 4 x single clamps, reel clamp, 8 object cards and 2 special cards, as well as an instructions booklet.

Play Fun - Chrono Bomb!

The clamps are made of robust plastic and I think they will withstand a lot of play.  The instruction booklet gives you a couple of examples of how to set the trip wires up.  You will need to be able to clamp onto objects that don’t move.  We looked at setting the Play Fun – Chrono Bomb! up in our living room but without totally rearranging the room it wouldn’t work for us.  So we’ve been playing it in the kitchen.  We’ve also played in my son’s bedroom.

The instructions are fairly easy to navigate and it hasn’t taken us long to set up our challenges.

There are two ways of playing Play Fun – Chrono Bomb!.  The first, single mode allows trainee spies to get used to the game without being up against the clock as they work their way through the course of trip wires to defuse the bomb.  You can also use this mode to set up the game in your bedroom to alert you of unexpected intruders.

With the Countdown mode that we’ve been using you need to get through the course without tripping the wires and defuse the bomb without detonating it.

You can set the timer for between 30 seconds and 10 minutes, making Play Fun – Chrono Bomb! a good game for children of different ages.  As you become more agile you can reduce the time you have to defuse the bomb.  If you accidentally touch a trip wire the alarm will go off and 20 seconds will be deducted from the timer.  Be careful!

Play Fun - Chrono Bomb!

To complete your mission you should collect the object cards that are placed around the course.

Play Fun - Chrono Bomb!

If you don’t defuse the bomb in the given time, it will blow up and the game is lost.

For added interest you can enjoy some augmented reality fun with the free Chrono Bomb! app which is available for Apple and Android users.  Use the app with the Special cards (2 available with the game) and hold your tablet over the card as you navigate the course for added missions.

Priced at £29.99 I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below as Play Fun – Chrono Bomb! is currently on offer there for £14.99.  Go grab a bargain.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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