Preparing for Easter with Guylian

Preparing for Easter with Guylian – review and giveaway

Easter is always a special time in this household.  I was born on Good Friday 50 years ago – eek!  and as a child I loved it when my birthday fell over the the holidays.  This year Easter comes earlier, but there will be lots of fun to be had over the holidays.  My son is already asking when we’ll be having our traditional Easter Egg hunt in the garden.  I’ll be preparing for Easter with Guylian this year with their range of Belgian chocolate delights.

Preparing for Easter with Guylian

I recently posted about Guylian and their famous Belgian chocolate sea shells. At Easter time these are always popular, but Guylian have also launched three new products for Easter 2018 whilst adding gold and green packaging to their existing range.

The Temptations Easter Egg box  and Temptations Easter Bunny contains a selection of six different flavoured Temptations chocolates whilst the Temptations Easter Egg, has the added delight of a creamy chocolate egg to enjoy along with a gift box full of Temptations chocolates.

We have enjoyed Easter Egg Hunts with the Guylian Mini Eggs before and they’re a great idea for all the family to enjoy with a mix of milk chocolate truffle, milk chocolate praline and dark chocolate praline eggs to enjoy.

Preparing for Easter with Guylian

Other ways of preparing for Easter with Guylian this year include their Flame Egg which comes with rather impressive packaging and their Sea Shell Easter Egg Gift Box which I’m hoping my son might actually but for his Mummy!

One thing’s for sure, that as I start preparing for Easter with Guylian, I’m not going to get left out either.  Whilst my son and his Dad can enjoy sharing the Guylian Medium Sea Shell Easter Egg we’ve received, I’m going to indulge with the 125g box of praline sea shells that comes with it.  Don’t tell!

Preparing for Easter with Guylian

How will you be preparing for Easter with the family this year?  Guylian’s Easter range is available at all major supermarkets, selected independent stores nationwide and online via

disclosure:  we were sent the item shown in exchange for this post.

I can offer one lucky ready the change to enjoy Easter with the Guylian Medium Sea Shell Easter Egg worth £8.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck.

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Guylian Medium Sea Shell Easter Egg worth £8

369 thoughts on “Preparing for Easter with Guylian – review and giveaway

  1. We don’t have any Easter traditions, it’s not really a holiday we celebrate apart from giving the younger children a chocolate egg.
    Jane Willis

  2. our tradition is to have a egg hunt around the house and garden!! my little girl loves it! cant wait for my little man to join in this year too!!

  3. Since having kids we always do an Easter egg hunt in the garden. I think I like it more than them though 😀

  4. Church have an Easter morning service :- We meet at top of a local hill, welcome the Dawn. Short service. Children roll their painted boiled eggs. Thereafter we gather at church hall and have Breakfast together. Nice, and also very sociable and inclusive :- Variety of generations, etc attend.

  5. My family and I always bake a lemon drizzle cake on Easter morning then we go out in our garden for an easter egg hunt 🙂

  6. I’m Portuguese. We have lunch together. We have flowers, a special cake for the day (pao de lo) and we go to the church

  7. I don’t have any traditions really. My Mum taught us not to eat meat on Good Friday. But as I’ve been veggie for 23 years that doesn’t apply to me anyway.

  8. We usually make easter hampers for eachother which would include easter eggs, little chocolate treats and some arts and crafts activities.

  9. No major traditions other than nice warm hot cross buns with a splash of butter. Bliss. Oh, and it would be rude not to mention the joys of sweet, nutty, chocolate eggs and pralines. Guylian have Easter down to an art. Lovely!

  10. We usually have our neices and nephews come round to have an easter egg hunt with our kids but my brother hosted it last year to give us a year off, a big lamb leg joint for dinner is always on the menu

  11. We don’t really have any-yet- but our son is now 3 so I’m hoping to start an egg-hunt tradition with him this year!

  12. I don’t buy my kids chocolate eggs as they get that from grandma and their auntie’s. I like to get them something to mark the start of being able to play outside again. Something like swings, slides or bouncy castles for the garden.

  13. we always get together for a turkey roast dinner and have an Easter Egg hunt with the kids in the garden

  14. We don’t really have any traditions for Easter. It’s just a nice break together. We slob a bit, eat nice food, enjoy some extra chocolate and watch some great telly.

  15. Must admit we do not have any particular Easter tradition in our household, but we do love our Easter eggs 😉

  16. We always did an egg hunt when then children were small. We also put forsythia branches in a big vase and hang painted eggs from them. Forsythia has yellow flowers at Easter time. When we were little we didn’t have a forsythia bush but my mum always disappeared after dark and came back with some!! It was the same with the holly at Christmas…

  17. We have an Easter Egg hunt in the morning and then paint the hard boiled eggs to go out and roll them with a picnic in the afternoon

  18. We always get together Easter Sunday and have lunch, then exchange Easter Eggs. A little Easter egg hunt for the kids when they were small. now for our grand daughters.

  19. We do a treasure hunt with the kids. The clues lead them around the house and there are toy or egg rewards every few clues!

  20. I love to organsise an Easter egg hunt and we always have a roast in Easter Sunday but apart from that we always do different things

  21. We don’t have any traditions, never had kids, but my husband has always bought me Easter eggs, even though he eats most of them

  22. We’re athiest so don’t celebrate Easter. I love Spring flowers though and always have plenty through the house around that time of year.

  23. We don’t have any traditions other than eating a big roast lamb dinner and eating lots of chocolate

  24. No special food other than Easter Eggs. We have started doing an egg hunt in our back garden for my Grandchildren though. First one was last year & they really enjoyed it, so will be doing another this year.

  25. we always buy Easter eggs and watch films as a family. I also like to have hot cross buns for dinner, but I am the only one who likes them

  26. We always have a ini Easter egg hunt around the house with the kids and then sit down together for a roast dinner that we all help to cook!

  27. we don’t have any but when l was a child we always went to Chester Zoo on Good Friday . . .. no idea why though

  28. We go down to Surrey to visit my Nannie, we’ve gone for 27 years years so it’s tradition! All the family get together & exchange Easter eggs & we have a big meal!

  29. we use to easter egg hunts every year with maps and clues but kids are not that interested now, they just want the chocolate

  30. The ‘Easter Bunny’ leaves chocolate eggs around the house for my daughter to hunt for. He also leaves a basket by the front door for her to collect them in. We then have a family roast dinner with chocolate eggs for pudding.

  31. Now i’m older we have absolutely no family traditions at easter bar from eat as much chocolate as humanly possible.

  32. We always have an Easter picnic, whatever the weather. We’ve had it in the car while the snow batters down outside in the past. I think that may happen again this year!

  33. We don’t really have any easter traditions. We just enjoy having some rare time off together as a family. It feels so few and far between thee days.

  34. We always have a egg and other chocolates hunt all over the house. I usually remember really late at night and frantically hide them all. The kids are in their teens now and still love to egg hunt

  35. We have an easter egg hunt……there have been years that we have had to do the easter egg hunt indoors, due to the bad weather!

  36. When I was younger we always used to have an easter tree – we would put little painted eggs and chicks on it and then have little bunnies round the bottom

  37. We give out easter eggs and pretend the easter bunny has visited the children. We also have an egg hunt!

  38. We don’t have any yet as it will be my daughter’s first Easter this year. I would like to start a crafting tradition next year when she is a little older, though.

  39. On Easter Sunday we along with other church members go early to an old church fi4 a shirt service to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead and then we share in a bacon roll breakfast.

  40. I’ve just found some decent dairy free eggs, so we’re going to try an Easter Egg hunt this year!

  41. My husband usually gives up chocolate for Lent so our tradition is that he eats his Easter Egg before he gets up!

  42. A long walk along the sea front, with a stop for hot donuts, followed by an easter egg hunt in the garden

  43. Easter Egg hunt in garden for children then they get there own back on me as they know every Sunday daddy has boiled eggs for brekkie so what they do is leave me in front Room and with help of mummy carefully wrap three normal eggs in bacofoil them they hide them, last year it took me ages and I was not too pleased as children happy with chocolate eggs but I was hungry and wanted my hard boiled eggs! So can’t wait for APRIL FOOLS DAY (EASTER SUNDAY)

  44. We have a big family get-together on Easter Sunday. My aunts and uncles, 8 cousins, and their 4 children go to my granny’s for an Easter egg hunt and buffet tea! I always make desserts – usually a meringue roulade and carrot cake or brownies for the little ones!

  45. We host a easter egg hunt and craft activities for my daughter and her friends every year.

  46. We always go to Mum and Dad’s for a lovely 3 course dinner and we swap eggs/presents there as well.

  47. When I was a child our tradition was going to mass before any chocolate. Now that I’m an adult, the only tradition we have is eating chocolate

  48. Colouring Easter Eggs and having way too much chocolate and Easter dinner with the family

  49. Easter Bunny comes and hides eggs round the corner. We also try to find some organised Easter Egg hunts too, and go to grandparents for dinner.

  50. It started one year on a rainy Easter day, when I hid the Easter eggs round the house instead of outside. Now I still hide one each in the washing machine, even though they know exactly where to look!

  51. We always have a roast dinner and an Easter cake decorated with small chocolate eggs and prezzies for all the family – eggs for the choccie lovers and small gifts for everybody else, usually with a spring/garden theme x

  52. On Easter Monday we always go down to the coast where we’ll have fish and chips for lunch and we’ll play in the amusements etc. as we stroll along the seafront.

  53. My husband’s family always do an Easter Egg hunt! Love doing this with them. When we went away with my parents in law for a weekend, we did an easter egg hunt for them to pay them back for all the fun over the years.

  54. We always have an easter egg hunt at my sister in laws house.All the children in the family come and we all spend the day together having lots of fun searching for the eggs.

  55. We always have toasted hot cross buns on Good Friday then on Easter Sunday, we give out our Easter eggs and then I cook a huge leg of lamb roast dinner with all of the trimmings.

  56. We have an Easter egg hunt (with me usually trying to stop at least one of my children crying). We then eat loads of chocolate eggs.

  57. We have a big family roast dinner on Easter Sunday and try to not indulge in too much chocolate afterwards, though we usually fail at that part!

  58. We always paint hard boiled eggs then join the egg rolling competition in the local park.

  59. We usually take my great-niece to the Easter Egg hunt in the village. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  60. I love easter. Growing up my mum did lots of arts and crafts with us around this time, I was born on Easter Sunday so similarly excited about the holiday and looked forward to making things and going places. Mum always did an Easter egg hunt and we made Easter cards and I remember doing Easter bonnetts for school with those tiny yellow chicks. As I got older we still enjoyed Easter and always have a family meal and now I have a little girl of my own I’m starting all our art and crafts traditions again with mum helping me 🙂

  61. We have an easter egg hunt in grandma and grandpa’s garden, the bigger ones have to solve clues and then they help the younger ones follow bunny paw prints. We always make Easter nest crispy cakes and have a big roast dinner with family.

  62. We always go somewhere new in the Easter holiday this Easter we are doing everything in Blackpool tower

  63. We always have an Easter movie and board game day. We play lots of games and then snuggle up on the sea and eat our Easter eggs with a movie xx

  64. my eldest daughter always hides eggs all around the house, and they have to find their own, if they find one of the others they are not allowed to tell

  65. We always go to church then spend the day together ruining the hard work we’d put into lent. That was until I joined the army and left home. I’m not sure what’s going to happen this year…

  66. I hide the eggs Then I leave clues. My children have to solve the first clue to get to the next one and so on. They love it. Better than just handing over the eggs

  67. We always have a Easter egg hunt in the park, its just outside our house. We get the local kids and then my boys cousins come round and they all love it! Can’t wait to do it this year 🙂

  68. The eggs are labelled and hidden around the house. When you find one you have to put it back if it’s not yours.

  69. An Easter egg hunt lots of fun Easter games and painting and then lunch with all the family

  70. It’s all about chocolate in our house! Easter egg hunt and I make an easter maltesers chocolate cake with little chocolate bunnies

  71. We go pace egging on Easter Monday. This is where you boil up eggs with red onion skins and then throw them down a hill. The one who gets furthest wins, we also have a winner for most intact egg at the end.

  72. An easter egg hunt for paper or plastic eggs with prizes for everyone. This stops a few of the older children getting nearly all the eggs!

  73. Every year we have all the family around and I cook a lamb roast with all the trimmings and my mum bakes lots of cakes! #YumYum
    I also organise a Easter Egg hunt for the children and have other fun activities planned.

  74. Since my kids were old enough iv3 always brought them a kinder egg even though my eldest is 18 really soon I still buy him one and they have to make the toys . This would be amazing to win as it’s my eldest favourite egg thank you

  75. We always try to have a really nice family lunch which usually ends in much laughter and merriment.

  76. We are aetheist so don’t have any traditions for Easter, but will eat chocolate all year round

  77. I go to my mums for a roast lamb dinner then we exchange Easter eggs and have a Easter egg hunt around the house and garden with clues.

  78. Easter eggs for breakfast, followed buy a lamb roast. Me & my daughters also like to bake gingerbread bunny biscuits

  79. We have an easter egg hunt in the morning followed by a big fat roast dinner in the afternoon

  80. I’m an atheist so we celebrate it as the start of Spring with Easter Egg hunts & games & feeding baby animals at our local farm/garden centre!

  81. we dont really have any but we like to have a nice dinner with some daffodils on table and easter egg each 🙂

  82. We always decorate eggs on good friday and on easter sunday we go to my mums for lunch

  83. We have an egg hunt in the garden and sometimes take a trip on the Chichester Canal to meet the Easter Bunny

  84. we boil eggs the day before and paint them together then they get hidden for the hunt on sunday then we have a lovely lunch using the eggs 🙂

  85. We have an easter egg hunt in the garden, and hanks to my husband chocolate after every meal. A very inhealthy day

  86. Some of our family go to church in the morning, then we all get together for lunch and do an Easter egg hunt for the children. If the weather is bad, we just hide them indoors instead!

  87. No chocolate is allowed before lunchtime, but it is full acceptable to just have chocolate for lunch!

  88. Last year our granddaughter was not quite 2 years old, so we did a very simple Easter egg hunt indoors in the sitting room. We placed the eggs in what we thought were very easy places for a small person to find, but she had not quite grasped the concept of looking anywhere except at her eye-level, so needed lots of help. This year we’ll do it again and may even try outdoors depending on the weather.

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