Preparing for sunnier days with Tilley

Preparing for sunnier days with Tilley

The clocks have gone forward and I’m truly hoping that the snow is finally behind us, but the weather forecast isn’t looking to hopeful is it!  We may not be able to pack our thermals away for the year just yet.  But I’m determined to look forward to blue skies and Spring and Summer coming our way in the not too distant future.  With that in mind my son and I will be preparing for sunnier days with Tilley and their range of hats.

Preparing for sunnier days with Tilley

I’ve always ensured that my son wears a sunhat in the summer months and I’m realising that I really should practice what I preach to ensure he keeps wearing his hat!  We’ve recently been introduced to the Tilley range of hats, which are made in Canada.  They offer UPF 50+ sun protection, so will be perfect for our upcoming trip to Portugal in May.

Preparing for sunnier days with Tilley with children is really easy, as they offer a My First Tilley hat in a choice of six bright colours.  My son has received the blue version, and yes it’s in my favourite shade of blue too.

Preparing for sunnier days with TilleyThe My First Tilley hat features grommets which aid circulation and will hopefully stop my son from complaining he’s getting too hot.  A complaint he’s had with other hats in the past.  These hats have really been designed with adventures in mind, and they even feature a hidden pocket for secret treasure or perhaps a little snack.

Preparing for sunnier days with TilleyThere’s also a name label inside which will be handy for when my son wears his hat to school, or out on trips with friends.  The cinch strap also means the hat is adjustable and can be kept in place easily, handy on a breezy day. The Tilley range of hats also float, although I might just keep that fact to myself, before I see his hat floating off on the Atlantic tide in a couple of months!

Preparing for sunnier days with Tilley

The broad rim on these hat offer protection for face, ears and the back of my son’s neck.  He loves the adventurer feel of his My First Tilley hat and that he feels rather grown up wearing it.

Preparing for sunnier days with Tilley

We’ll both be preparing for sunnier days with Tilley, and I’ll be getting out of the sun with the blue Snap Up Brim hat from Tilley.  More of a navy blue than a peacock-blue, but just as nice.

Preparing for sunnier days with Tilley

This hat also features the hidden pocket and name label as well as a drawstring cord which will be useful when we visit the Monchique mountains in gusty winds.  I don’t need to worry about losing my hat this time around!

As with my son’s hat, this one features grommets for ventilation and also poppers on either side so you can wear the hat in three different ways, full brim, one side up or both sides up.

Preparing for sunnier days with Tilley Preparing for sunnier days with Tilley

Now we just need to convince my OH with his thinning hair, that a hat really is the way forward, for full sun protection!

The great thing about preparing for sunnier days with Tilley is that the hats can be machine or hand washed, you just re-shape by hand and air dry, ready for your next adventure.  They are easy to pack and lightweight and I just know we will be wearing them a lot on our sunny adventures.

The Tilley hats also come with a lifetime guarantee against natural wear and tear and have a water-repellent finish to keep the rain off, very handy in this country!

Tilley have a whole assortment of different hats to offer for all the family, and have recently launched some new designs for their popular Airflo range.  This particular range offers a unique polyester mesh which is built into the crown of the hat allowing hot air to escape and cool air to flow through it.

To view the full range, pricing and delivery information please visit the Tilley website

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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