Preparing for Year One with Stamptastic

Preparing for Year One with Stamptastic

Preparing for Year One with Stamptastic

You may have noticed a new badge on my blog recently, it’s something I’m rather excited about.  We will be preparing for Year One with Stamptastic and their range of name stamps and fabric pens.  I’m really happy that we’ll be working with the team at Stamptastic as a brand ambassador and a few months ago I received some stamps to put to the test.

Preparing for Year One with Stamptastic

This time last year I looked at name labels for the first time.  I can remember my Mum spending hours sewing in labels for my brother and I, and although I like sewing, the whole idea wasn’t filling me with joy.  So I went for iron labels, quicker to adhere but I soon realised that they just didn’t stay on too well.  So I’d resort to a biro, and of course the ink would wash out after a few washes and I’d be back to square one again.

I’d heard a few people mention Stamptastic and I was genuinely thrilled to become part of their team.  Their website is easy to work your way round, I ordered two name stamps, one with an extra motif, and there a number of font options.  In hindsight I should have ordered Monkey’s name stamp with his name split over two lines.  As it is, some labels are a bit of a squeeze. So something to think about when placing an order.  The name stamps cost £10 each and come in acrylic, so you can easily see the name when placing on clothing etc.  Great idea.  I also ordered an ink pad, these are available with black ink and are priced at £12.  Postage and packing within the UK is included too.

The stamps arrived promptly and I used them straight away.  Quick and easy.

Now of course the ultimate test came after washing.  Monkey is an absolute muck magnet. Some days he comes out of school looking like he’s been through an army assault course. He’s having fun and that’s great, but his poor uniform really does suffer, meaning lots of washing.  Would the Stamptastic name stamp ink live up to the job, and last? Well, I labelled everything in May, and two months and a lot of washes later, the name labels are as clear as ever, and I’m really impressed.  Stamptastic ink pads use a special ink and it really does last.

You may have spotted some of my photos on Instagram from our recent Stamptastic Ambassador day at Kew Gardens.  We had a great day with the team and I’ll be writing about our adventures separately soon.  Monkey received a lovely goody bag including a Small Blue Colour ink pad and a new name stamp.  This is specifically to use on paper items so we’ve been happily stamping his name in his books!

Preparing for Year One with Stamptastic

There was also something for me, and actually something that solved another problem.  I no longer have to worry about labelling shoes, plimsolls and wellies for school!  I received the White Fabric Pen which is just what I needed.

Preparing for Year One with Stamptastic

So in a few days Monkey will have finished his year in Reception and I can relax this summer as we’ve already been preparing for Year One with Stamptastic.  I won’t be spending ages sewing or ironing this summer, will you?

disclaimer:  we were given the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review, my comments, as always, remain my own honest opinions




5 thoughts on “Preparing for Year One with Stamptastic

  1. We’ve been using Stamptastic for almost two years now – it lasts so well! I’ve been really impressed with them (and am now a Stamptastic Ambassador too)!

  2. These are great and I’ve used them for Mademoiselle’s uniform and they really do work. I am very interested in the white pen as I think I will need to label Little Mister’s shoes as he always takes them off at any opportunity!!
    Congrats on becoming a Stamptastic ambassador xx

  3. I’ve used Stampstatic for two years now for B’s school uniform. It didn’t occur to me to put her name on two lines and haven’t noticed an issue with it being too long yet, but I’m sure the moment will come.

    I need to get another one for M as I should really start labelling the items he takes to preschool and will definitely add a white pen to the order.

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