Princes help to liven up breakfast

Princes help to liven up breakfast

I have to say that I’ve always eaten breakfast.  As children it was never optional and I don’t think I could start the day without it now. I’ve made sure Monkey knows no different either.  It’s a mealtime that sets us up for the day.  Apparently 47% of us don’t have breakfast on a daily basis so Princes help to liven up breakfast, and hope to encourage more people to make the change.

I am a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast – cereal, toast and a cup of tea. So the team at Princes thought they try to liven up my breakfast with a few variations.

Princes help to liven up breakfast

Personally I don’t like citrus fruit in any guise so Daddy P was very pleased to add some Grapefruit and Mandarin segments to his bowl of cereal.  He works very strange hours, and breakfast for him is never normally 6-7am, but whenever he wakes up that’s breakfast time, without fail.  He really liked the idea of adding a bit of fruit to his cereal, for an added boost.

Now for me, I have always loved tinned peaches, big fan!  I had flu recently and totally lost my appetite for a week.  When I started to recover I really needed a bit of a lift and decided to mix my traditional breakfast up a bit.  So I left my normal cereal in the cupboard and had peaches and natural yogurt instead.  Really refreshing and a great alternative.

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I’ve got some Granola in the cupboard and I’m going to try another suggestion from Princes in the week – adding Princes Californian Pitted Prunes to my granola with a bit of natural yogurt too.  I don’t really use prunes, and I probably should.  When Monkey was younger I used to make him porridge with prunes all the time, so time to bring them back into the cupboards.

Other ideas include making a fruit smoothie using Princes Pure Orange or Apple & Raspberry Juice with Princes Peach Slices.

You can find Princes products in your local supermarket from as little as 99p for a 415g tin of Peach Slices.

Do you and your family have breakfast regularly?  If you do, what is the norm for you?

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review





4 thoughts on “Princes help to liven up breakfast

  1. I should probably add fruit to my cereal but I tend to stick to Weetabix or granola and natural yoghurt. Having the tinned fruit is probably a good idea so you’ve always got some in the cupboard.

  2. I must admit I’m not a breakfast fan. I wouldn’t think of having tinned fruit for breakfast either but I am sure the kids would love a bit with their cereal.

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