Princess Stay Awake

Princess Stay Awake – a book review

Monkey was recently sent Princess Stay Awake by Giles Paley-Phillips.  I was interested to see how he would react to a ‘princess’ book, had those gender stereotypes kicked in at Nursery School yet?

Princess Stay AwakeWell, his first comment was, Mummy, the Princess has the same scooter as me!  That was it, we were on to a winner before I’d even opened the first page.

Princess Stay Awake is a 26 page picture book published last month by Maverick Arts Publishing.

Princess Layla doesn’t like to go to bed, she doesn’t like to sleep.  It’s not a problem we have in this house, but I know friends who will relate to this issue straight away.  The King and Queen try every trick in the book to try and get this young madam to go to sleep.

Princess Stay AwakeBut, whatever they try fails, she is still wide awake while her parents doze off with exhaustion.  What do you do in this tricky situation?  You call in back up – Grandma always knows best.

The rhyming text throughout this book had Monkey giggling as did the illustrations by Adriana J Puglisi.  This is our first experience of a Giles Paley-Phillips book, it won’t be our last.  Monkey has thoroughly enjoyed it.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book for the purpose of review – our comments however, remain our own honest opinions.

10 thoughts on “Princess Stay Awake – a book review

  1. What a great book – I love that your Son was sent a princess book too AND he wasn’t bothered by it and enjoyed it. Lovely review x

  2. Giles Paley-Philips is really great. I’m glad that gender stereotyping hasn’t kicked in with you yet, I’m frustrated by Bud’s ‘that is for girls’ and ‘that is for boys’ which has kicked in with the influence of his nursery peers.

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