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Professor Scrubbingtons – review and giveaway

I have a muck magnet for a son!  Some days when Monkey comes home from school I take one look at him and now he needs marching straight up to the bathroom. Mud, food, pens, paint, you name it and it will be shown somewhere on Monkey’s body and clothes.  I know that it means he is having fun, but wow, what a mess one little boy can make. Professor Scrubbingtons recently sent us a lovely set of products to help Monkey get clean easily!

Profressor Scrubbingtons

Professor Scrubbingtons offer a range of products aimed specifically with children in mind.  We received the Hair & Body Wash, Shampoo, Condition, Hand & Face Wash (all in 150ml bottles) and a 50ml Roll On Deodorant.  The products contain at least 95% natural ingredients and are paraben and SLS free, for those with more sensitive skins.

The Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair & Body Wash are designed with lids so that children can easily dispense products themselves.  I’m aware that a 5 year old Monkey needs to start taking care of himself a little more. One of the downsides to having an only child, I do tend to do everything for him, I have the time.  But he is starting to get more independent and especially with swimming lessons, it’s much easier if he can wash himself in the showers.

You pull the lip of the cap down, squeeze the bottle and a small amount of product is released.  The products are meant to foam in the hand, but we found they came out rather runny, and the liquid would run through Monkey’s hands before he had a chance to use it. But I’ve been able to wash his hair (and I’ve tried them on mine too) with them and they lather well and leave the hair feeling soft and lightly fragranced.

Professor Scrubbingtons

The Hand & Face Wash has been a big hit, with the larger pump dispenser, it comes out as foam and Monkey has found it really easy to use.

As Monkey is only 5 he doesn’t need Deodorant yet, but I like the idea that Professor Scrubbingtons has designed one with children in mind – free of alcohol and with an easy to use bottle.

Each item shown is available from the Professor Scrubbingtons website for £5.00 per product, and they have deals available too.

disclaimer:  we were sent these items in exchange for an honest review


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Professor Scrubbingtons kids toiletries set worth £25

161 thoughts on “Professor Scrubbingtons – review and giveaway

  1. Hair and body as can use all over. Handy for swimming to wash all the chlorine off too

  2. Hair & Body Wash – just noticed the comment above and was thinking the exact same – perfect for my son at the swimming pool since its 2 in 1 🙂

  3. The hand and face wash looks good, my boys would like it with it coming out as a foam x

  4. Hand and face wash, it stays on the hands long enough to wash them , better than some that wash straight off without really cleaning

  5. I think I out the comment int he other box, sorry, but the hair and body wash makes me feel more cleaner and refreshed than any other product ive used.

  6. The hand and face wash, my son is very lazy in the morning when it comes to getting ready so anything that would encourage him would be great

  7. Hand and Face Wash would be great as it sounds like the foamy stuff they have at the local animal farm for cleaning your hands after petting the animals. The kids always seem to like using it.

  8. The hand and face wash as it would encourage them to wash their hands more and foam would be a lot easier for little hands

  9. The hands and face wash sounds great – will save time and room on the bathroom shelf!

  10. I haven’t heard of the range but quite fancy giving it a go as the foaming sounds like a good way to excite my kidlings!! Think I would say the shampoo excites me most as hair washing is where most of our toddler traumas come from!! 🙂

  11. My favourite’s the hair and body wash it would be great to pack for holiday when you’re short of space.

  12. Hair & Body, it means when they are playing in the bath it doesn’t matter if they tip the bottle on each others head!

  13. I have never used Professor Scrubbingtons before but like the idea of the shampoo and conditioner as Lydia’s hair gets tangly and also the hand and face wash which they could use through the day the muckypups!

  14. I havent tried them before but by the look of it the hand and body wash is getting the thumbs up !

  15. The hand and face wash. Easier to get them to wash when they own their own product

  16. the hand and face wash in the pump bottle. not going to accidentally squeeze too much out

  17. Hand and face wash sounds good, important to learn to use them as well as shampoo etc.

  18. The hand and face wash sounds great, I love foaming products as I think they go much further. The name of this range is fab!

  19. I would like to try the shampoo, my sons hair never feels really soft after washing x

  20. Hand and face wash sounds good – ideal for those evening we don’t quite have time to fit in a whole bath or shower!

  21. I haven’t tried any of this range before, but the hair and body sounds good and easy, just 1 bottle to take away with you.

  22. hair and body wash as we can kill 2 birds with one stone with a little boy who is going thru a phase of trying to get in and out of the bath as fast as is humanly possible

  23. The hair and body wash is fab for when we go swimming or when we go to the caravan 🙂

  24. I haven’t tried these but I think the Face and Hand wash would be an absolute hit with my 7 year old.

  25. The conditioner, I’m always on the lookout for a decent conditioner to sort my hair out!

  26. The Hand and Face Wash, looks so useful and easier for little ones to use, which i think is a really good idea and very convenient x

  27. Love the look of the smoothing conditioner – I have a 2yo with ridiculously dry and static hair!

  28. The hair and body wash, be good for grandson who doesn’t want me in the bathroom with him, he can use it himself

  29. THe conditioner would be great for my daughters hair, it always goes really fuzzy at the back

  30. I think the hand wash looks great.It’s lovely to see a range such as this for children.It’s never too early to encourage personal hygiene and it will also make them feel more grown up x

  31. I’ve never tried any of their products but it would be great to try the foam wash for kids.

  32. The hand and face wash, love the dispenser will encourage children to be more independent.

  33. I like the look of the Hand and face wash and it looks colourful enough to encourage my son to wash his face and hands.

  34. I like the Hand & Face Wash as it looks very children friendly. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  35. The Hand & Face Wash because having one product takes up less room in my bathroom

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