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Pumpaloons Monkey was very excited when a parcel arrived from Drumond Park recently.  Mummy it’s Pumpaloons!  How do you know what it is Monkey?  I’ve seen them on TV. Oh wow, the power of advertising on my son has begun. PumpaloonsPumpaloons is a fun game for 2 players aged 4 years and over, it can be played indoors or, is a perfect garden game in the summer. PumpaloonsIn the box you receive 2 deflated Pumpaloons, along with 2 pumps and pump tubes and an instruction leaflet. PumpaloonsCome on Mummy, I want to play now!

It was a lovely sunny day so we took everything outside to have some fun.  The idea of the game is to be the first to pump up your Pumpaloon.  But Monkey wasn’t bothered about racing me to win, he just wanted to pump up his own Pumpaloon.  I want the Stripey Pumpaloon Mummy!

To start with you need to shake each Pumpaloon to ensure the sand in the base is properly distributed, attach the nozzle to the front of the tube and insert firmly into the Pumpaloon, place the other end of the tube into the Blue pump valve and you are ready to have some fun!

You can use any part of your body to pump the Pumpaloon up – they reach a height of 3 foot and inflate fairly easily.  So if you were playing the game properly, it would be an all action, sprint to be the winner.  I can really see this game being a big hit this summer.

I was eventually allowed to join in but could only play with the Spotty Pumpaloon.  We did have lots of fun.

I’m sure Monkey’s friends will get to try these Pumpaloons out, over the summer holidays.  You could either play a two player game, or have teams working on a relay basis. Pumpaloons When you want to deflate the Pumpaloons you just pull the tube front out of the tube nozzle (but leave the nozzle in the Pumpaloon valve), scrunch the head up and squash it down, fold the arms over the top of the head and scrunch the Pumpaloon down.  It’s really easy to do.  Once deflated you can either reattached the tube to begin playing again, or remove the nozzle to pack away.  I confirm that once deflated, everything fits back neatly into the storage box.

Priced at £19.99 I think this game represents great value for money, it can just as easily be played indoors, it doesn’t take up a great deal of floor space, so we could play Pumpaloons in our small living room without issue.  There has been rumour that Stripey Pumpaloon might be moving into Monkey’s bedroom very soon, although I’m not sure how Brewster the cat will deal with that!

For more information about Pumpaloons and stockists please visit the Drumond Park website.

disclaimer: we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review.


Now I have some great news – how would you like to win Pumpaloons for yourself?  I have one game to giveaway thanks to Drumond Park – just complete the form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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The giveaway will close on 28th July 2014 at midnight.


104 thoughts on “Pumpaloons – review and giveaway

  1. I’d create a unicorn using shades of pink and silver! I loved them as a child and now I can re-live the fun with my two girls, who also share my love of princesses, unicorns and pink!

  2. I would use bright colours and have Mr Tumbles and Dr Ranj from Cbeebies as my son loves their characters

  3. I would make a large Peppa pig as my granddaughter would definately scream with delight

  4. I think I’d go for a gothic looking one, with blacks and purples, with webs, bats and the like…….it’d be ideal for Halloween, and my friend the rest of the year!

  5. I would use pink and blue pastel colours and I would make it in the shape of a cute bear.

  6. I would use purples and pink s as they are nice and girly and use triangles to make them look funky x

  7. I’d make them black and white like giant chess pieces but with odd shapes and faces like they’d come off a Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland set! Why…they’d look fab!

  8. I think I would create a giraffe, by the time the kids had pumped that up they would be in bed nice and early!!!!

  9. they would have to be dinosaurs, either natural greens and browns or something bright like red and yellow

  10. i would make dinosaur as my daughter is crazy about them and have pink and yellow

  11. They would be bold colours like red and navy with lots of stars on them. I love stars 😀 x

  12. one would have to be batman shaped, and the other spiderman, as my grandaughter is superhero mad!

  13. Purple and red, my fave colours and Minnie Mouse shaped as my daughter is besotted with her!!

  14. pink with purple hearts and orange with green stars – these are my two childrens favourite colours and shapes

  15. A gold star! Because both my daughters love the nursery rhyme twinkle twinkle and also we always say “love you all the stars” to each other x

  16. Lots of bright coloured spots to help the little ones learn colours by running and touching them when the colour is called out.

  17. I would do a cat and mouse shaped ones just because i’d find it funny that the one pumping up the cat was trying to catch the one pumping up the mouse! (im still very much a child at heart :D)

  18. If I could choose a shape it would be dinosaurs. If it was just colour and patterns it would have to be all different colours in individual triangles.

  19. I would make a yellow star shape character – it would be so fun for my son to play with

  20. I would choose mickey mouse ears because I love Disney and in blue and green because they’re my favourite colours 🙂

  21. I would have a yellow one with spiky hair so that it looked like Bart or Lisa Simpson!

  22. My little girl adores fairies and princesses so I would love Pumpaloons that looked like fairies and princesses in pinks and lilacs x

  23. Shaped like a giraffe as my children love giraffes although would change the colours to pink and blue

  24. They would be great in the shape of Macca Pacca and Iggle Piggle from In The Night Garden

  25. I would design them as one direction characters because my 7 year old daughter loves them !

  26. A nautical themed boat that we could jump into and play afterwards… although that would be a lot of pumping. That’s what imagination is for though 🙂

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