Ratchet & Clank DVD

Ratchet & Clank DVD

On a rather damp day last week Monkey and I curled up on the sofa together to watch the new Rachet & Clank DVD which is being released on 29th August (digital download from 19th).  As soon as Monkey released that one of the main characters was a cat, I knew we were onto a winner.

Ratchet & Clank DVD

Being a home of ‘non-gamers’ we hadn’t come across Rachet & Clank and the games, so had no idea of what the story would be.  Rachet is a Lombax (cat) who works as a space mechanic on a planet called Veldin, and dreams of being a Galactic Ranger.  When he hears that Captain Qwark, the leader of the Rangers, is on a tour to recruit a new member, Rachet races to apply.  But his past misdemeanors count against him and his application is laughed at.

Meanwhile we are introduced to the villain of the film, Chairman Drek, on planet Quartu. A robot factory is churning out machines to destroy the Galactic Rangers, but one is rejected as a dud, a little robot, we got to know as Clank.

Without ruining the whole plot, Rachet & Clank become firm friends and we watch as they save the Rangers from the seemingly invincible robots and become part of the team.  Can the duo stop Chairman Drek and his plans to take over the galaxy and destroy planets in his wake?

Monkey can sometimes struggle with films, but the Rachet & Clank DVD had him transfixed.  I have to say, I really rather enjoyed it myself too.  With a running time of 90 minutes it will be selling for £15.99, I can definitely recommend it.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below in case you’d like to pre-order!

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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