Rattle Me Bones

Rattle Me Bones – Review and Giveaway

Monkey loves pirates and the whole idea of buried treasure so I knew the latest release from Drumond Park would be well received.  Rattle Me Bones is aimed at children aged 5 years and over and can be played with 2-4 players.

Rattle Me Bones

Rattle Me Bones needs 3 x AA batteries to operate Captain Boney, the game consists of the Captain Boney Skeleton, treasure pile base, a staff, 12 coloured accessories as well as a golden pirate hat, 6 treasure coins , spinner and instructions.

Rattle Me Bones

Fit Captain Boney to the treasure pile base, put the coins in the chest and place each accessory on the skeleton as identified in the instructions.  We found it best for me to set the game up, Monkey was too easily frustrated trying to get everything in exactly the right place.

The idea of the game is to collect three items of treasure (the accessories being worn by Captain Boney, along with his golden pirate hat.  Turn the game on (switch on side of treasure pile) and the youngest player spins first.

Rattle Me Bones

Whatever colour the spinner lands on indicates the colour of treasure you need to try to remove from Captain Boney, if none of that colour is left, then you try to remove a gold coin from the treasure chest.

Can you claim your booty without waking the pirate up?  That’s the hard part of Rattle Me Bones. This really is a game of precise hand eye coordination.  If you wake him up, he will certainly start to rattle his bones.

Rattle Me Bones

Should you wake the Captain up, turn him off, reposition him, replace any accessories which have been shaken off as well as the piece that the player was trying to remove.  Turn him on, and the game commences with play moving to the next player.

Once a player has collected 3 pieces of treasure (accessories of any colour – blue, red or yellow, or you can use two gold coins to count as one piece of treasure – Monkey found this a bit confusing) on your next go you can try to remove the Captain’s golden hat! If they remove the hat successfully they are the winner.

Should they fail though, they need to reset the game, replace the hat and one piece of treasure, play then moves to the next player.

We’ve changed the rules slightly as Monkey was getting confused and frustrated with the number of coins he needed,. but otherwise, we’ve enjoyed playing Rattle Me Bones and it’s the sort of game that will be popular for some years to come.  It’s also good to know that the game can be stored away easily in the box once play has finished.

Rattle Me Bones is priced at £22.99 and will certainly keep the kids entertained.

For more information on this game and many others pop over to the Drumond Park website, where you will also find stockist information.

disclaimer: we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review.


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Rattle Me Bones game from Drumond Park worth £22.99



172 thoughts on “Rattle Me Bones – Review and Giveaway

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  11. Rhonda the wanderer and I’d hide my treasure under the bed, there’s so much junk under there no one would ever kind it lol.

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  13. Ooh ah me hearties.
    I be Captain kidd-me-Nott
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    I would hide my treasure in my knicker drawer! A place no man dare go!!

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