Ravensburger Big Ben at Night

Ravensburger Big Ben at Night

I’ve always loved visited London since I was a child.  I’m fascinated by history and architecture so it’s somewhere I’ll never tire of exploring.  But it’s not often that I’ve seen London at night, it’s a city I normally explore during the day and I’ve only really hurried home after a show or concert in late evenings.  But the Ravensburger Big Ben at Night jigsaw puzzle has brought back memories of a trip to London on New Years Eve 2008.

Ravensburger Big Ben at Night

Daddy P and I had just got engaged and we’d driven down to London to see the fireworks.  We stood along from Big Ben with a great view over the Thames towards the London Eye.  My abiding memory of that night is colour – lots of colour and light, with Big Ben being the catalyst.

The Ravensburger Big Ben at Night is a great 3D puzzle with an added twist.  You will need 3 x AAA batteries to experience the light show feature. The battery back has two settings – if you just switch on, you get white light from 2 LED’s, but if you select the little black button, the central LED lights up in a coloured light sequence.  The effect of this becomes clear once you’ve built your structure.

This puzzle has 216 pieces and stands 44cms tall once completed.  3D puzzles have come on such a long way over the years and these really are easy to put together. The puzzle pieces are made of plastic, are all numbered and include hinged sections for corners.

Big Ben is a 3 part build, so I sorted the pieces into each section and could then quickly put the structure together.

The puzzle base has space for the battery pack and has a road scene that clips into place. There are 4 mounting clips that hold Big Ben in place, you then use plastic mounting squares to place the clock section in place, and there is a plastic topper to finish the Ravensburger Big Ben at Night off.

Ravensburger Big Ben at Night

I think it looks rather impressive as it is, but the magic begins when you turn the lights off, shut the curtains and turn the battery pack on.

My son was mesmerised by the display, and he’s already asked if we can put Big Ben in our window at Christmas.

Priced at £24.99 I’ve included by Amazon affiliate link below as it’s currently on special offer at £19.99.  A bargain for any puzzle fan.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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