Ravensburger Puzzle Club, Tree Fu Tom

Tree Fu Tom puzzle – a review AD

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned for the purpose of review for the Ravensburger Puzzle Club.

My Mum and I love jigsaw puzzles, always have, and as soon as my son was old enough I started him on simple peg board puzzles and have slowly moved him to more complex jigsaw puzzles.  We are so thrilled to now be a part of the Ravensburger Puzzle Club.

Ravensburger as a brand – to me, means quality, a well made puzzle with pieces that will last.  I have a lot of my own Ravensburger puzzles that I’ve made over and over again, and my sony has some of his own – they have definitely withstood his abuse use!

When our first delivery arrived I just knew he was going to love it – he’s just over 3 and half years now – so this is perfect for him.  He loves watching Tree Fu Tom on Cbeebies, and can regularly be seen showing off his Tree Fu Moves to me 🙂

Tree Fu Tom puzzles

We already have puzzles with a similar format – 1 box containing 4 puzzles, each with a different number and size of pieces – 12 being the largest pieces, 16, 20 and 24.  You can see the size differences below.

Ravensburger Puzzle Club, Tree Fu Tom

My son got straight to it!  We sorted all the pieces into the relevant sizes so we could make one puzzle at a time.

Ravensburger Puzzle Club, Tree Fu Tom, jigsaw puzzle

Once the pieces were in the right piles he was happy to make the puzzles up himself, he struggles with the smaller piece puzzles at the moment, hasn’t quite grasped the concept of putting the edges together first.

Ravensburger Puzzle Club, Tree Fu Tom

But that’s what I like with this kind of set – he can manage the 12 piece puzzle quite easily now, so it gives him the confidence to try each smaller piece puzzle in turn – he doesn’t give up, but there is still plenty of learning still to be done.

All of the hero’s from Tree Fu Tom are covered in these puzzles – Tom, Ariela, Zigzoo, Squirmtum and my personal favourite – Twigs.

Ravensburger Puzzle Club, Tree Fu Tom

This Tree Fu Tom puzzle is available from all good retailers and we can certainly recommend it.





5 thoughts on “Tree Fu Tom puzzle – a review AD

  1. Looks good! I have had my eye on this to buy for my lot as they like puzzles and tree fu tom so I am sure we will get this at some point 😀

  2. Xavier has and loves these puzzles too. He also has the Thomas and the Octonauts ones from the same range! Glad Monkey is enjoying them too 🙂

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