Reasons My Kid is Crying

Reasons My Kid is Crying – review and giveaway

We’ve all experienced toddler tantrums haven’t we?  I know we’ve certainly had our fair share with Monkey.  I know that Monkey crying because he’s having a tantrum is a totally different scenario than Monkey crying because he’s hurt himself, is in pain or really upset.  I’m just getting to grips with Tumblr (you do remember that I’m a techno dinosaur don’t you).  Anyway, Reasons My Son is Crying has been a huge sensation on Tumblr.  You can imagine what it was all about from the title!

Greg Pembroke started a worldwide sensation when he posted pictures of his three-year old son, having a tantrum, whilst explaining why his son was actually crying – he had broken his bit of cheese in half.  Sound familiar?  It obviously has to millions of parents around the globe – he has over 5 million hits in a month on his blog.

Parents started sending him photo’s of their own children, crying, mid tantrum, and so Reasons My Kid is Crying a new book, published by Boxtree (a division of PanMacmillan) on 10th October arrived priced at £9.99.

Reasons My Kis is CryingThis hardback book contains 158 pages with photo’s of children mid tantrum, explaining why each child is crying.  I have to state that none of the children are in pain.  I actually think if you’ve been having ‘one of those’ days with your own little monster child, this book will give you some light relief.  You are not alone, your child is no different from all the rest.  They get upset by the weirdest, non-sensical things.

Reasons My Kid is CryingThe book collects together the photos sent to Greg from parents across the globe, documenting the many, completely illogical reasons why small children cry. (‘I let him play on the grass’ . . . ‘We told him the pig says “oink”’ . . . ‘The neighbour’s dog isn’t outside’). But it is also a poignant reminder, for burned-out parents (and grandparents!) everywhere, that they’re not alone, and that not all toddler tantrums are tragedies – that it is, in fact, OK to laugh at the universal, baffling logic of toddlers!

I have never actually caught Monkey on camera mid-outburst. I have found so many scenarios described in this book very familiar.  It has made me and Daddy P chuckle.  We’ve had the meltdown because it’s raining, because it’s stopped raining, because a toy car is red, blue etc etc etc.

I think this would make a funny stocking filler for any parent who’s lived through the ‘toddler years’!

disclaimer:  we were sent this book for the purpose of review, our comments however, still remain our own.


If you would like to own a copy of  Reasons My Kid is Crying – you could be in luck!  PanMacmillan are offering 2 copies to my readers!  Entry is via the rafflecopter below – good luck!


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74 thoughts on “Reasons My Kid is Crying – review and giveaway

  1. My step-daughter laughs herself silly sometimes at the strangest of things, and it’s contagious, before long we’re all in fits of laughter!

  2. My kids just come out with the funniest of comments or suggestions – at the most random times. They make me giggle all the time!

  3. My cousins (no kids of my own… yet!) make me laugh constantly by saying adult phrases/expressions. So funny to hear out of a 7 year old’s mouth!

  4. My baby niece makes me laugh when she laughs, as she has only just started giggling and laughing so it’s a wonderful sound.

  5. When watching a film or DVD of dinosaurs, whenever they have a fight and one is left lying on the ground, I say oh dear, poor thing or something similar, and my grandson always says ” are you crying Granny? ” which makes me laugh..every time!

  6. Oh when he laughs , a proper belly laugh it cracks me up, i can’t stop laughing when he does that, hope you know what i mean , thanks for the chance to win this xx

  7. My bilingual son makes up his own words combining the two languages. He also often tries to walk in my shoes. He is 2 and half years old.

  8. Whenever myself and my partner laugh at something, our son (he’s 14 months) does a fake laugh too. It’s so funny!

  9. My 8 month old daughter makes this really funny exorcist-like growling noise – has us in fits of laughter!

  10. Something different every day – it used to be funny comments or mispronounced words, but now they are older they are so genuinely funny and we can share jokes – they are my best friends x

  11. My little boy makes me laugh every single day, his mannerisms, the way he tries to copy things we do, the way he dances and gives me big sloppy kisses

  12. my son tells me that he doesn’t want to be disturb on a sat morning as this is his lie in day hes been up all week for school

  13. my kids constantly make me laugh but today i laughed when youngest was telling the teacher to got on ebay and get the presents from there!! x

  14. My daughter is only 6 months. So hasn’t learnt how to make funny or cheeky comments… Yet 😛
    However, she is absolutely hilarious already. Everyone that meets her says how funny she is.
    She makes me laugh when she blows raspberries with food in her mouth. When she copies my facial expressions. She’s recently learnt how to pout, scrunch up her nose & sniff.
    She makes me laugh when shes hyper, rolling around on the floor, kicking her legs & making ‘meowww’ noises.
    She really is a funny character filled with lots of personality already.
    Many more years of it to come! 🙂
    Fab giveaway. Tiny fingers & toes crossed 😀

  15. My kids make me laugh everyday – the things they say and do. not so long ago during my sons swimming lesson the teacher was getting them to hold a float out in front of them correctly and she said put your thumbs on top (meaning to grasp the float) and my son just balanced his thumbs on top

  16. My son likes to give Mummy and Daddy kisses but when he does it he pushes his face into yours and wiggles his bum. Cant help but giggle.

  17. She is really funny around my friends partner she will just stare at him and try and come close and put out her finger but not quite touch him. She does it with phones as well, gets really close whilst watching you intently but never quite touches it.

  18. My daughter and I have our special times when we just say the silliest things we can think of and end up laughing together

  19. My almost 3 year old little girl makes me laugh all the time. When I was out shopping and said ‘oh dear’, she asked with a serious expression ‘what’s wrong mummy?’ When I told her I had just spent too much money, she replied ‘Don’t worry mummy, it was an accident’. She’s super cute 🙂

  20. my daughter could be sitting very quiet colouring in or playing with something then a song comes on that she loves shes up straight away and boogieing lol
    some of her moves makes me laugh but its so cute

  21. My son makes me laugh when he throws my gorgeous shoes in the bath as I’m filling up the tub ready for his bath! Cheeky monkey 🙂

  22. My son makes me laugh a lot he’s very cheeky 3 year old.But today he made me laugh becuse he threw his dads mobile phone and broke something on it so i said to him why did you throw your dads phone he said i didn’t so i said to him the phone says you did (pointing out the broken bit) to which he replied what the phone can talk

  23. My little girl just comes out with random sayings and sentences that even she can?’t help but laugh at herself

  24. Well mine are now in their 20’s but can remember the youngest getting so irate as every time he went into the sea to wash the sand off his feet then got them covered again as he walked out, wish I’d had a video camera near then!

  25. When my 2-year-old does a funny face at her brothers and is the first one to laugh herself (SHE thinks she’s very funny!), you can’t help but join in!

  26. Shes almost 3 and not a day goes by she doesn’t say something tat makes me chuckle.
    I asked her the other day if she was ok, her reply course i am you silly old bird. No idea where that came from.

  27. When my daughter puts on an extremely polite voice, bows to me and says “Why Thank you My Lady”

  28. the 3 older ones seem to come out with some very funny things, my youngest is 10months and has just learned to screw her face up and stick her bottom teeth out which everyone finds funny 🙂

  29. Just the things they say and do, my girls probably make me laugh (without trying) more times in a day than anyone else ever could

  30. when they say things and sound like little old men like I dont want a girlfriend theyre nothing but trouble hahaha been listening to their dad to much, or look at them mam they should be at home and in bed shouldnt they? erm yeah speaking of which… lol

  31. My little girl is obsessed with dancing at the moment and some of her moves are so funny, they have us in absolute creases!

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