Revell 00800 Junior Kit Racing Car

Revell 00800 Junior Kit Racing Car

Being a family of motorsport enthusiasts I’m always looking for ideas that combine this love with Monkey’s keenness for construction.  I recently found the perfect match with the Revell 00800 Junior Kit Racing Car.  It’s even in red!

Revell 00800 Junior Kit Racing Car

As a child I was used to watching my Dad spending hours making up his model kits for Formula One cars and Sports Cars.  Monkey’s got some way to go before he could tackle those complex kits, but the Revell 00800 Junior Kit Racing Car is perfect for beginners. It’s aimed at children aged 4 years and over, and comes complete with 21 parts, a screwdriver and 26 connectors.  There’s also a sticker sheet and comprehensive instructions.

Revell 00800 Junior Kit Racing Car

A great thing about this set is that no painting is involved, it really is a fab introduction to model kits for youngsters.  It also became apparent very quickly that I was totally surplus to requirements as my nearly 7-year-old completed his build.

The Revell 00800 Junior Kit Racing Car is great for helping with hand eye coordination, manual dexterity, problem solving and observation skills.  Each step of the build shows children the parts that are required, and how to assemble.

The build is a mix of snap fit and screw in assembly, and all parts can be taken apart again if so required.

The steering wheel moves, the doors and hood can also be opened and the sticker detailing really brings the racing car to life.

It’s fair to say that Monkey really enjoyed putting the Revell 00800 Junior Kit Racing Car together. He did it all by himself, but needed a bit of help to clip the doors in.  His concentration was lovely to watch.

Once the car is built it’s ready for some race action.  We have found that in high-speed racing conditions that the wheels do to tend to unthread.  This hasn’t upset my little speed star, he carries the screwdriver around with him and deals with pit stops as and when required.


For under £16.00 I think this set is a great introduction to kit building and perfect for younger children.  They can build something and have a vehicle to play with at the end of it.  The parts are robust, so they won’t be an issue with breakages.  It’s also shown me that Monkey is ready to progress to the next level of kit building.  You can see the wide ranges of kits available for different ages and abilities on the Revell website.  I’ve also included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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