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Rio, A Taste of Brazil – cooking sauce review – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent these sauces for the purpose of review

I love food – had you guessed??  I’m the one who will always look for something different on the menu to try. When I’m in Spain I’m known for going for the ‘no idea what that is’ option.  I like trying new things and want Monkey to be confident to try new taste experiences.  So when I was offered the chance to try Rio, a Taste of Brazil – I was there like a shot!

Drawing on Portuguese, African and Indian influences, Rio brings a unique and exotic combination of flavours, fused with quality ingredients, allowing you to easily create some of Brazil’s most famous dishes from the comfort of your home.

With spices varying from mild to wild, and with sauces and marinades designed to suit both meat, fish and vegetable dishes, the range is designed to introduce Brazilian cuisine to the whole family.

I have never tried any Brazilian cuisine so I was very excited when a lovely package arrived recently.

Rio, A Taste of Brazil.Brazilian cuisine

I couldn’t wait to open it up and see what was inside …..

Rio, A Taste of Brazil Bife de Panela, Amendoim and Moqueca and sauces

So, now I just needed to know a bit about each sauce ……

Bife de Panela – a mild, flavoursome sauce used with beef and pork, contains a hint of cumin and vinegar

Amendoim – a medium creamy sauce with coconut milk, peanuts and a hint of ginger mainly used with chicken

Moqueca – a medium sauce used with fish, chicken and vegetables with coconut milk, lime and coriander.

Uum, what to try first?  All the Rio, A Taste of Brazil sauces sounded lovely.  I decided to try the Moqueca sauce first, with chicken.

I cooked some red onion with garlic paste until the onion was soft, added the chicken and cooked until browned, added the sauce and cooked through until the chicken was completely cooked.  I served the Chicken Moqueca with brown rice.

I was a bit apprehensive in case my son didn’t like the Chicken Moqueca at all, especially as I hadn’t tried it before either.  But I needn’t have worried, he woofed it down with gusto!  The sauce was lovely and creamy, there was a coconut base but it didn’t overpower the dish and there was a hint of chilli pepper that gave it a little zing – enough for me and not too much for a nearly 4-year boy.

We really enjoyed our first taste of Brazilian cuisine with the Moqueca sauce from Rio, A taste of Brazil, and I’m sure we’ll be trying the other two sauces very soon.

If you visit the Rio, Taste of Brazil website you can order these sauces online and get some inspiration from their recipe ideas.  If you like in London, Swansea and Cambridge you may be able to purchase locally too.


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  1. I just love Rio-A Taste of Brazil Cooking Sauces so much. It’s really easy to make and tastes delicious!!!

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