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As you may remember I was sponsored to attend BritMums Live this year by Orchard Toys.  I’ve been working with the lovely UK children’s game and puzzle brand for a couple of years now and you might have spotted my shiny new badge appear on the home page recently.  Orchard Toys have recently launched a new game for children aged 3 years and over to enjoy, called Robot Run.  We’ve been having lots of fun with it since it arrived, it even went to York on our break last weekend.

Robot Run

Robot Run can be played with 2-4 players and is great for working on colour recognition as well as object matching.  The game comes with 40 brightly coloured Robot picture cards and 1 ‘rainbow paintbrush’ card, all are made from sturdy board.

Robot Run

The idea of the game is to match Robots either by colour or same styling.  The first player to use all of their cards is the winner.

Start by dealing each player 5 cards which are placed in front of them, facing upwards.

Robot Run

Place the rest of the cards in a central pile facing down and turn the first card over to begin play. The youngest player starts – can they match this card by colour or design?  If yes, they place their playing card on top of this card.  If not, then they pick a card from the face down pile and add it to their robot selection.

Robot Run

If you turn over the ‘rainbow paintbrush’ card then you can say which colour you want to be played.

Robot Run

If the central pile of cards runs out before someone has let all their Robots Run, then you give the pile a shuffle and start again.

The cards are an ideal size for younger players and it’s a great game to pop in a suitcase or overnight bag for trips away from home.  Game play doesn’t take too long, so it’s great for those with a short attention span and Monkey and I have had lots of fun playing Robot Run over the last couple of weeks.

We’ve also used some of the cards for story telling, Monkey gives them names and we we’ve worked out a few space themed adventures for them and this is something I plan to expand with him over the next few months.  It’s not part of the set game, but we do always like to do thing differently here!

I’ve seen Christmas cards already in the shops, eek! So if you are super organised and are looking for stocking fillers, then Robot Run is a great idea, priced at £7.50, you can find this and lots of other ideas on the Orchard Toys website.

disclaimer:  we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review


I want to share the fun that Robot Run has to offer with you all, and Orchard Toys have offered one lucky reader the chance to win the game for themselves.  Complete the Gleam form for your chance to win – good luck!


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The giveaway will close on 5th October 2015 at midnight.

Robot Run from Orchard Toys

222 thoughts on “Robot Run – review and giveaway

  1. i would choose my son’s fav colour – red & it could finish putting my kitchen back together (a lot quicker than the builders!!)

  2. I would build a purple robot that would empty the rubbish, do the ironing and clean the oven daily!

  3. My robot will be rainbow coloured and would be my multi functional shopper cleaner cooker and entertainer for the kids to keep them busy too 🙂

  4. My robot would be all the colours of the rainbow. And her main job would be making everyone smile and be happy. She would also do a bit of ironing and floor washing at the weekends

  5. My robot would be Gold and she would make my boys their favorite pancakes every morning. I say she because i am the only female in my household and could do with some female chit chat too!!

  6. Robots should be white. Or metalic.

    As for what they should do… well, obviously all the boring stuff like cleaning and gardening and all the stuff I don’t like doing.

  7. Mine would be pink and I would use it to do the washing up, the laundry and the vacuuming and mopping.

  8. My robot would be cream and pale blue, that way he would blend in nicely in the kitchen when he’s cooking the meals and keeping the kitchen tidy

  9. It would be hi vis yellow and it would be able to follow and track wandering kids and keep them out of trouble

  10. My robot would have black and white stripes. It would get up early on a weekend, see that little one is up, dressed and had breakfast. Then take him to swimming.

  11. I would build a robot that was duck egg blue to match the accessories in my living room, and it would do all my cleaning 🙂

  12. Yellow, as it makes me happy, and it would do all of the housework and make a perfect cup of tea.. because that also makes me happy!

  13. I would have a yellow robot and I would use it to do the washing of the clothes, drying,ironing and putting away!

  14. Purple as its my favourite colour and would use it to do the bits of house work I hate doing washing the pots ,ironing and putting the washing out 🙂

  15. orange and it would answer the phone / door to cold callers and confuse them so much that they never call again

  16. A silver glittery robot named Monty and he would make breakfast for us all everyday so we could spend an extra few minutes in bed! 🙂

  17. I would have a bright red one that would be able to clean up chewing gum from streets.It’s vile and unsightly but there just aren’t funds for council workers to clean it x

  18. I would have a multi coloured robot, who could cook tea each night and then load the dishwasher after we have eaten.

  19. It would be gold in colour & it would be used to boot the kids up the bottom when they are misbehaving lol 🙂

  20. My robot would be purple & turquoise & it would tidy up, wash the pots & do the laundry (including putting it away because far too often in this house that bit fails to happen) x

  21. Living with boys I would love a pink robot who checks the floors for those remaining bits of Lego that get trodden on!

  22. I would build a bright red robot and I would program it to help tidy up my sons room, but only as long as my son helps otherwise he will never learn to be tidy and independent.

  23. A pink and purple robot after all I live in a house full of four sons and hubby and need help clearing up after them lol x

  24. My robot would be green and I wiuld use it for ironing so I would get more time to play with my daughter!

  25. Green, and I would use him as an assistance robot to pick up things I drop, pull the curtains..etc!

  26. My robot would be black and white with a skunk pattern and it would do all the stinky jobs – cleaning the cat litter trays, scooping up Jac’s poop when we are out on a walk, cleaning off the muddy boots and cleaning the toilet

  27. I’d have a pink robot that could load & unload the washing machine as well as hang out and sort the tumble dryer for me.

  28. It would be rainbow coloured with lots of sparkle and glittered would do all the housework so I could spend all my time playing andnhving fun with my children

  29. I would have a shiny silver robot that has 3 tasks:
    matching odd socks
    cleaning the oven

  30. It would metallic pink and would do the school run (and buy the school uniform and shoes AND label them. Oh and iron them.)

  31. My robot would be gold like the one off of Star Wars and would drive me to work and back every day while I sleep in the passenger seat. Mmmmmmm….. sleeeeep…..

  32. It would be green, my favourite colour, & it would be in charge of keeping our kitchen immaculate!

  33. I would build a robot in my favourite colour – purple – and I would use it to do all my cleaning!

  34. My robot would be red, and she would do all of the household chores, and cook dinner and manicure my nails! Xo

  35. He would be purple and he would pick toys up and put them away and pick playdoh out of my carpet!

  36. I would build a pink robot (so my daughter gets involved) that cleans the house and cooks the dinner etc

  37. It would be very sparkly in a silver glitter finish and would wash my windows inside and out and clean my oven inside and out.

  38. Id love a Purple robot and i’d call it Violet. She’d do all the cleaning and i may even take her on a shopping trip or two to carry my bags

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