ROXI Electric Jukebox

ROXI Electric Jukebox – review and giveaway #ShareTheJoy

You all know that I am not Queen of Tech, but I do love listening to music, as does my nearly 8 year old son.  Whilst I can’t persuade him to strut his stuff at the school disco, he does love having a bop around the living room at home.  We were recently introduced to the ROXI Electric Jukebox and it looked like something I could set up easily, and that we could both enjoy.

ROXI Electric Jukebox

The ROXI Electric Jukebox is a home music entertainment system offering five different products in one compact little box.  You can try music streaming, karaoke, listen to radio from across the world, play music games and there’s even a therapeutic sound machine for those of you who enjoy yoga and meditation. The system comes with a one year premium music pass which you renew for your second year at £52.00.

ROXI Electric Jukebox

I’m rubbish when it comes to anything technical, but the ROXI Electric Jukebox was made with me in mind.  it’s so simple to install, I think my son could actually have done it without my help.  The set comes with a ROXI controller, ROXI TV hub, controller charger cable, power adapter, and a HDMI cable.  It’s literally a case of charging the controller, fitting the HDMI cable to the hub and the relevant port on your TV, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your wifi router.  It takes a couple of minutes and then you are ready for some music fun.

ROXI Electric Jukebox

So far we’ve really concentrated on the music streaming and karaoke elements of the ROXI Electric Jukebox and my son has claimed ownership of the controller.  But that’s fine with me, when he’s at school I’ll be searching through the worldwide radio options for some background music to work to.

My son and I have both found the ROXI Electric Jukebox really easy to use and navigate through the various options.  You can search through the millions of song on offer by artist, album, song and genre.  There really is something to please everyone.  Although now my son has found Taylor Swift features, I’m unlikely to get to hear anyone else for some time to come! Talk into the controller and the ROXI Electric Jukebox will find your request.

ROXI Electric Jukebox

There are suggested playlists available but you can easily create your own by selecting the heart symbol that shows by each song.  You literally just point the controller at it and click.  My son grasped this concept very quickly and we’ve already started to collating a playlist of some of our favourite tunes.  I’ve also got to introduce him to some of my favourite 80’s electro synth sounds.  I can see this being a great educational tool in his music appreciation lessons.

The streaming is updated every week and features both major and independent labels, offering a wide range of options to choose from.

ROXI Electric Jukebox

Who knew I had a karaoke star in the house?  My son loves this option on our ROXI Electric Jukebox and hes’ had so much fun with it.  He’s a notoriously reluctant reader, so I might have been extra happy to, not only see him having fun, but seeing him actually reading lyrics. Anything that encourages him to read is a winner in my books.

The controller is motion sensitive and comes with a built-in microphone for voice control and karaoke.  The unit also features Family Protect, which switches off access to all explicit music on ROXI at the touch of a button. Phew!

ROXI Electric Jukebox

As my son’s music knowledge improves I’m going to introduce the music games that are available with the ROXI Electric Jukebox.  I’ve got quite a broad taste for music but I’m rubbish for remembering music titles so I’m sure he’ll be beating me at Name that Tune before I know it.

I’ve tried and failed with meditation before but there is a Sound Machine option on the ROXI Electric Jukebox which plays a range of relaxing melodies for those who are more inclined than I am.  There is an option that families with babies might appreciate too though.  I have friends with kids who are terrible sleepers, and need white noise to get them to sleep.  Well the ROXI Electric Jukebox helps with that too, as the sound machine also includes rain and white noise sounds to help get baby to sleep.

Now if that’s not enough, you can also add photos from your Facebook account and create a visualiser which plays on-screen whilst you are listening to music.  It’s all very clever.

If like us, your TV only has two HDMI ports and both are used, then do what I’ve done (yes a friend helped me!) buy a HDMI mini switcher.  My Sky box goes to one port and I use the switcher for our DVD and ROXI Electric Jukebox, which makes life easy for everyone.

If you’ve got time with family and friends planned for the festive season, then I can see the ROXI Electric Jukebox being very useful to keep everyone entertained.  We’re certainly pleased with our unit.  It’s available in Red, Blue and Charcoal for £199 from

disclosure:  we received the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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ROXI Electric Jukebox worth £199

225 thoughts on “ROXI Electric Jukebox – review and giveaway #ShareTheJoy

  1. I like the meditation aspect, great for when I need 10 minutes out form the noise ans hubbub of daily life

  2. I love that the streaming is updated weekly so there will always be new songs to try out (kill if I sing) my children would absolutely love it, especially my five year old daughter who is always singing and dancing xxx

  3. I like the therapeutic sound machine feature but it’s all soooo good! Really impressed with the easy installation and the remote control sounds very easy to use. All in all a great product and thanks for introducing us to it! I’d never heard of it before

  4. I love the karaoke feature because my girls love singing and it wokld keep them entertained for a while

  5. I would love to have a sing along to the karaoke,I like to sing but i’m terrible and would never do it outside of my home.

  6. I like the idea of the karaoke feature. (although I’m wondering how long I’ll appreciate it once my kids find it! Eeek! 😀 )

  7. I love that it has a built in microphone, perfect for karaoke great fun especially with family and friends 🙂

  8. I love how you can add your Facebook photos whilst playing music! It would be so good to share memories 🙂

  9. My favourite feature is the meditation and relaxation feature because having it on the tv would make it more accessible for me to use.

  10. The karaoke function … I mean who doesn’t like a bit of karaoke… maybe my neighbours haha. I love how crisp it looks as well not to busy unlike some karaoke devices.

  11. I love the controller the fact you can just point to the song and click then try not to shatter the windows by singing lol may have to leave it to the kids.

  12. My daughter would LOVE the karaoke. My son, games and limitless scrolling with the controller! My husband could focus on the rock genre and I’d like the streaming and family controls. Something for everyone. What a great piece of kit!

  13. I know I ought to say the meditation music, but I have a sneaky feeling I’d love the karaoke option, especially when the grandkids are around

  14. Looks so easy to use, even a technophobe such as myself might manage it – it not, I’m sure the boys will instruct me!

  15. I love the white noise feature , Not just great for the kids but I’ve been listening to white noise on YouTube to get myself off I sleep so it’s perfect even for me!

  16. The feature Family Protect, which switches off access to all explicit music on ROXI at the touch of a button because you never know when little ears will come round for a visit!

  17. I like the idea of music stations from across the world. I love looking for new artists to listen to

  18. I love the family preotect function, my daughter is getting better at using the internet and I do worry about what she is looking at

  19. I love the fact that it plays rain & white noise. I haven’t got a baby to get to sleep but it might help me!

  20. I like that you can create playlists and it sounds like it’s got some great songs for all the family

  21. The Slick Design and the Karaoke feature! It also looks very easy and accessible for children & people with disabilities. Great Job!

  22. I love the huge choice of music available but especially the option to have white noise to help babies sleep, would be so useful

  23. I love the idea that it can be interactive with the music trivia games as i feel this transforms what is essentially just a music player / karaoke machine into a much more versatile games machine that can appeal to members of the family who prefer a good quiz to glass shattering amateur singing.

  24. Loving the streaming as it’s updated weekly, so you can never get bored of singing the same songs!

  25. I love the fact you can listen to radio from across the world because I love listening to the radio, and it would be fab to explore other countries stations!

  26. The karaoke feature sounds like lots of fun and would bring the whole family together! (well some may run away!)

  27. I will have to have my nine year old daughter help me with the techy bits lol I like the music games.

  28. Karaoke lyrics! My girls love singing along to YouTube videos – it would be great to be able to do it together via a big screen

  29. I just love the whole dam thing. A must have to play my music. I love music. The unlimited music streaming.

  30. I love the fact that you can control what children can access unlike youtube where some of the seemingly child freindly videos are not all the title makes them out to be, which is great for mine now they’re a bit older and like to search for music independantly.

  31. Thanks for this, I love the idea of being able to play, the range of relaxing melodies, making it perfect for when I mediate.

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