Safari Building Blocks

Safari Building Blocks – a review #PlayPatrol

Safari Building Blocks

Any regular reader of this blog will know how much I love wooden toys, they are just so tactile.  If you’ve been looking at my Twitter and Facebook feed recently then you will know that we’ve made it to the final 21 hopefuls who would like to become #PlayPatrol agents for Bigjigs Toys Ltd this year.  We have been sent a secret mission involving some Safari Building Blocks.

Safari Building Blocks

Our mission – to review the Safari Building Blocks and put fun to the test!  Each #PlayPatrol hopeful family has been sent the same set, irrespective of ages, so it will be interesting to compare our thoughts!

Now as you can see this set is aimed at children over the age of 12 months.  The set comprises 32, mainly coloured wooden blocks and a cloth storage bag (a very useful addition in my experience).

Safari Building Blocks

No need to worry about any nasties with little ones – all the paints, stains and lacquers are child friendly. Building blocks are great fun for all children, they help with manual dexterity, hand eye coordination and the blocks could also be used for colour recognition. The Safari Building Blocks are colourful but not garish, younger children will be drawn to them, and it would make a great set for boys and girls alike.

I have to be totally honest, I wasn’t sure how Monkey would react to the Safari Building Blocks.  He loves construction, and as you all know, he has a big thing for rubble, everything becomes rubble at some stage of his play!  Would he be bothered about the animal aspect of this set?  I’d got the blocks out in the kitchen to have a look at them myself.  I thought Monkey was engrossed in something in the living room.  But he appeared by my side.  What are they Mummy?  They look good!  Oh great, would you like to have a play now then?  Yes please.  So, you see, I clearly know nothing!

He was off, making Lions, Tigers and Giraffes.  Seeing what animals were in his new Safari. We love going to the Zoo and Safari Parks, so this set has been great for reminiscing on visits from last year.  I love the round blocks in this set, great for balancing and not something he has in his other sets.

The animal heads are double-sided, so great for a game of hide and seek …..

Safari Building Blocks

…….. or peek-a-boo!  I love the expressions on the animals faces, they really are cheeky little beasts, especially the winking tiger.  We talked about what the animals might be thinking, what they might be doing.

Safari Building Blocks Safari Building Blocks

Monkey had fun with this element of the Safari Building Blocks and actually I think younger children would adore this aspect.  I’d love to share some video with you, but unfortunately Monkey is at the ‘do not film me Mummy!’ stage at the moment.  So I’d rather he enjoyed his play, but I think you can get a good feel for this set with our photographs.

What other fun things could we do with our new play set?  Monkey has a favourite song, one we sing all the time – Down In the Jungle.  We just changed the words and he made the animals to go with it ….

Safari Building Blocks

Down in the Jungle where nobody goes 
There’s a big Lion washing his clothes. 
With a rub-a-dub here, and a rub-a-dub there, 
That’s the way he washes his clothes. 

Roar rub-a-dub-dub, 
Roar rub-a-dub-dub, 
Roar rub-a-dub-dub …… and so on …..

Then it was time for another of our favourite activities; we’ve been on bear hunts and snail hunts, now it was time for a wild animal hunt in our own safari park!

Safari Building Blocks

Now the plan was for this Safari Hunt to be in the back garden, but since Friday we’ve had nothing but rain (and I was at BlogCamp on Saturday), so not ideal conditions for wooden Safari Building Blocks.  But not to be deterred, we, like Bigjigs Toys are, British after all! We moved venue, and held our Safari Hunt indoors.  We will postpone the outdoor element for better weather!

Sarafi wooden blocks collage

We had great fun with our Safari Hunt, first I hid the animals and Monkey had to find them, he used the storage bag as his ‘Bounty bag’ as he found and caught all of the wild animals – roar!!  Then it was his turn to hide them.  This kept us both amused for some time.

Our next plan is to integrate our Safari Wooden Blocks with our wooden railway.  Monkey Railways will be operating day tickets to and from the Monkey Safari Park.  Would you like a family ticket?  Which animal would you like to see? Feeding time at our Safari Park will be 12.15 daily, don’t miss it!

There are so many things that a 4 year old has found to do with his Safari Building Blocks. I think this set would be an ideal first wooden building block set for a child, which would be enjoyed for many years to come.  Priced at £11.99 I really think these are great value for money and will provide hours of entertainment.

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We hope that you think we put fun to the test and are keeping everything crossed that we might be lucky enough to become #PlayPatrol agents.

disclaimer:  we were sent this set in exchange for an honest review

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51 thoughts on “Safari Building Blocks – a review #PlayPatrol

  1. Good luck. Looks like there were lots of play idea, and all enjoyed by Monkey!

    The price is brilliant. Bargain for wooden toys.

  2. What a great review! All the very best with the competition, I think you’d make great play patrol agents!

  3. These look really good, and I know both of my kids would enjoy playing with these. Very reasonable priced, too. Looks like Monkey is enjoying them, and I think it’s a fab idea to integrate them with the train set, too. Great review.
    Best of luck! x

  4. Congratulations on being chosen, I look forward to seeing all of your ‘missions’!

    These look like lovely blocks that I am sure Little Miss A would love (as would her big brother!). It looks like Monkey has been having a lot of fun with them and it is really interesting to see the fun you can have with a toy like this with an older child.

  5. I’m so glad monkey loves the blocks – I think most children would! My review will be up soon, good luck! x

  6. These look fantastic, I love the animal aspect of them, like you’ve shown it gives you so many more options to extend the play. Great review, I think these would be a great addition to our building block collection!

  7. Love these, they look so much nicer than the usual blocks, with some interesting shapes and pictures. Monkey certainly had lots of fun with so many different ways of using the blocks. Fab post!

  8. These look great, and I can see you have had lots of fun and different games with tehm. A game of hide and seek looks perfect. Fingers crossed for you with the Bigjigs competition. 🙂

  9. My girls love building blocks and these look like they’d be a fab addition to their collection #TriedTested

  10. Great review, I love the animal theme and the variety of ways these can be used. Looked like you had great fun with them and they look very robust for all ages of children.
    Can’t believe the price I think that is fab for a wooden toy! Good luck x

  11. Ooh I’m feeling quite inspired! I love your play ideas and think the safari hunt would go down especially well here. My boys love wooden blocks but the animal heads and trees are something I’ve never seen before. Might buy the set for nephew’s birthday actually, thanks! 🙂

  12. What a brilliant review! I would never have been able to come up with those ideas of how to use the safari set by myself. My little man loves animals and zoos so I’m definitely going to get these. Perfect price for birthday gifts for his baby group friends!

  13. My son, aged 2, would love these! The safari animal theme offers so much opportunity for play ideas. Wouldn’t necessarily have considered them if I had seen them in a shop, but would now having read this great review.

  14. Mary, great review. Looks like something’s that I could use for no 1 and no 2 given they are 1 and 4. Love the colours and really good price.

  15. These look fun. I didn’t make it through the selection for bigjigs. Maybe next year. #TriedTested

  16. These look amazing!! We have some building blocks already which Luca, my son, who is now aged 10 just loved. Sofia, my baby is now 17 months and I think I may have “building block envy”!! These look great. I know she would love these. I like the bright colours and happy faces on the animals. The variety of different things that can be done with these blocks is really good. I can see that she would really enjoy lots of the activities you suggest – finding the blocks and using the bag, animal hide and seek, peepo, building animals. Not too bad price wise but may have to wait to catch out an unsuspecting grandparent! Thanks for the info x

  17. Great review! Sounds like you had a lot fun. I think these would be great for my two, as with the animal theme and colours they are not gender specific. Perfect for my girl and boy twins as not biased for one or the other and they love wooden toys.

  18. Great practical review thanks. Very imaginative games that I will give try with my kids. Like the product and the price!

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