Schleich European Forest Dwellers set

Schleich European Forest Dwellers set

It’s great when you can relive adventures using toys, and we’ve been doing just that with the Schleich European Forest Dwellers set recently. During the Easter holidays we spent a day at Stonor Park, exploring the house and grounds.  We’d spotted a herd of deer as we drove into the grounds and my 7 year old Monkey son was eager to go on a deer stalking adventure.  I was mightily impressed that he could actually keep quiet as we approached them in the woodland, and we stood and watched them for ages.  Monkey even decided that sticks made good antlers.

Imagine our delight when a few days later we received the Schleich European Forest Dwellers set which includes a Wild Boar, Red Deer and Fox.

Schleich European Forest Dwellers set

Aimed at children aged between 3-6 years, the Schleich European Forest Dwellers set is priced at £13.99 and has gone down a storm with my 7 year old.

He’s loved having a Red Deer in his animal collection to relive our Stonor Park adventures.  Apparently the antlers are very impressive.  He looks like the ones they put on walls Mummy!

We’ve seen Wild Boar on numerous visits to Whipsnade Zoo, so he knew what that was straight away.

These days there are more and more urban foxes, Monkey was gutted when we’d missed seeing one walk through our front garden a couple of months ago.

These animal figures are a great way for children to learn about the wildlife and see them close up.  The details with the hand painted Schleich animals is always second to none as is the quality.

Schleich European Forest Dwellers set

They inspire imaginative play and in this household that invariably going to mean a tractor being involved somewhere along the line!

Schleich European Forest Dwellers set

Or old ‘friends’ getting reacquainted.

Schleich European Forest Dwellers set

The Schleich European Forest Dwellers set is a great addition to the range and has gone down well here.

What I really like about these kind of toys is that they’re timeless.  The animals aren’t going to look different in twenty years time. With the quality of the Schleich animals these are the sort of thing that can be kept for future generations to enjoy too.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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