Science Mad Chemistry Lab

Science Mad Chemistry Lab – AD sent for review and giveaway

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned for the purpose of review and giveaway

What child doesn’t love mixing potions and chemical reactions?  We were recently sent the Science Mad Chemistry Lab set from Trends UK.  It’s aimed at children aged 10 years and over, and as my son will hit double digits in a matter of a couple of weeks, we thought we’d give the set a tryout.

Science Mad Chemistry Lab

The Science Mad Chemistry Lab comes with ten different chemicals, an assortment of laboratory apparatus including a methylated spirit burner, along with full instructions to complete over eighty different experiments.

Science Mad Chemistry Lab

There are other items that you will need to provide to complete some of the experiments such as methylated spirit, distilled malt vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.  These are clearly mentioned at the start of each experiment so you can easily check ahead.  You may also need some empty bottles with lids to store your chemicals for a short time after your experiments.  But I’m not known for holding on to things like this, so we disposed of liquids as we completed different tasks.

Science Mad Chemistry Lab

The instruction manual that comes with the Science Mad Chemistry Lab set is very comprehensive.  It explains the risks associated with each chemical element provided in the sealed pots, how to look after the safety goggles provided as well as how to set up a chemistry laboratory correctly.

Science Mad Chemistry Lab

The experiments themselves are easy for children to read and the instructions are clear.  The various experiments include soluble and insoluble substances, invisible inks, paper chromatography, looking at acids and alkalis to name but a few.

This set isn’t one that will take a few minutes and all the tasks will have been completed. Science Mad Chemistry Lab offers a lot of learning potential and a great number of activities to be completed.  It’s worth pointing out that each of the chemical pots are supplied with a childproof twist and turn lid for safety.

We’ve only looked at a few experiments so far, and my son has been totally engrossed, taking it all very seriously and just enjoying the experience.  Learning along the way.

He’s made a sodium hydrogen sulphate solution which forms the basis for a number of other experiments.

He then looked at how carbonates react with acids and used some of the sodium hydrogen sulphate solution he’d made and added it to some sodium carbonate.  He then watched as the substance started to fizz as carbon dioxide gas was formed.

Science Mad Chemistry Lab

He then went on to look at colour changing chemicals, first by adding litmus blue powder to water to see the water turn blue, and then by adding tartaric acid to that solution, and then to see it change to red.

The Science Mad Chemistry Lab has a £29.99rrp and can be purchased retailers such as SmythsVery and Littlewoods.

I’ve teamed u with Trends UK to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Science Mad Chemistry Lab set worth £29.99 for themselves. Just complete the Gleam form below.  Good luck!

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Science Mad Chemistry Lab set worth £29.99

165 thoughts on “Science Mad Chemistry Lab – AD sent for review and giveaway

    1. My science mad nephew – will Definately save me a few quid ( hes always raiding my store cupboard to see what he can experiment with next ) fun fun and learning

  1. My son who loves experimenting (and not always with the right stuff…) so this would be a great safe activity for him.

  2. My oldest granddaughter would love it – and so would I. We love to conduct experiments together – our most fun one so far has been crystal growing.
    Jane Willis

  3. I think it would have to be my nephew as he is really into science at the moment especially doing fun experiments

  4. My God-Daughter Sophie would be very excited if I gifted her this, only problem is she would want me to help & I am useless at chemistry!

  5. Hello, If I was lucky enough to win this then I would give it to a local charity that helps families in need as I’m sure children there would have fun with it. Thank you.

  6. My little brother would love this his favourite class is science and bringing it home for him would be an awesome surprise

  7. Have a Grandson who has an enquiring mind and i think he would enjoy this and get many hours of fun with it

  8. My neice is really into science and she really loves spending time doing all kinds of experiments.She has a very inquistive mind so these kits bring her hours of facination.

  9. My Godson because he is very curious and loves to learn new things. This would be perfect for him.

  10. My eldest grandson has just started middle school and is doing science properly for the first time so it would be perfect for him

  11. My sons fav subject is science. He would love this, he doesnt think he gets to do enough science at school so at least this will tide him over for a while!

    1. My three nephews. They are always raiding my cupboards to make ‘potions’, so now they can make real ones.

  12. I would love this for my nephew, hes always keen to learn and do things when he comes and stays with me

  13. My nephew – he loves all things Sciency and discovering new things. This would be perfect for him x

  14. Wow!!! This chemistry set looks amazing. I used to use these chemicals in high school for multiple tests during my practicals and they were alot of fun to play with. So much apparatus and chemicals in one pack and easy to understand instructions is great. What’s the minimum age requirement to use this?

  15. My nephew would love this. He’s just started to show an interest in science at school so this would be a wonderful gift for him

  16. My son would love this! he is obsessed with the world, science and technology and he is so clever. He actually taught himself to read at the age of 2!! he will go far in life x

  17. My daughter would love this, she enjoys science and is always doing her own little experiments, such as soaking an egg in vinegar, to see if it changed colour, i cannot remember if it did, but i do remember it stinking my fridge out

  18. My son would love this because he enjoys ‘performing experiments’, normally at the expense of our bubblebath etc!

  19. My Goddaughter would love this! She is interested and curious about science and the way things work so this would be fab!

  20. a tie actually between my hubby and neophew they are sciene mad and love doing experiemnts togetehr so they would have l;ots of fun with this!

  21. My youngest daughter would love it. She’s always making potions in garden so real potions would be even better

    1. My grandson would love this. His dad is a chemical engineer so he is being brought up with a keen interest in science.

  22. My goddaughter would love this. She has asked for one for Christmas before, but the one she got was not very good.

  23. My niece Lauren would love this , she likes all science and exploring how things work and recently got her own microscope

  24. My friends little boy would love this as he loves to play and experiment he especially likes to make things

  25. My 9yo son would love this set, he loves practical science just not so much the writing up they have to do at school!

  26. My kids they would have great fun mixing and experimenting. It might even keep them quiet for an afternoon! Thank you.

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