seasonal crafting with Baker Ross

Seasonal crafting with Baker Ross – Halloween and Christmas

Seasonal crafting with Baker Ross

We love it when a package arrives from Baker Ross, we always know that crafting fun is hidden inside.  We recently received a whole host of goodies so we could do some Seasonal crafting with Baker Ross.

Seasonal crafting with Baker Ross

We’ve been busy over the last few weeks making some things in preparation for Christmas, but also some that would work just as well for Halloween.  Monkey loved making the Butterfly Stained Glass Effect decorations we made in the Summer, so I knew the Owl versions would go down well.  I also think they’d work quite well for Halloween?

Seasonal crafting with Baker Ross

All you need to get going with the Owl Stained Glass Effect Decorations is a pair of scissors and some glue.  Pop out the cut-through sections, cut the various stained glass effect paper and glue.

Seasonal crafting with Baker Ross

It was really interesting to watch this difference with how Monkey tackled this task.  Back in the summer it was a case of stick any colour as quickly as possible, don’t think about shapes, just stick it!  This time around, he really thought about colours and where to put them.  I helped him to cut the cellophane squares to the right size, but he was in control of the rest of the making.  It was great to watch.  We’ll be hanging our owls up for a bit of a hooting Halloween.

Next up and we were back to a Christmas themed craft idea making some character boxes.

Seasonal crafting with Baker Ross

Monkey loves these craft boxes – you may remember he made some for Easter too.  He knew exactly what he needed to do and set to the task with glee.

He managed most of the work on these craft boxes by himself, although we both struggled to get the noses to stick.  Lots of glue and a bit of Mummy thumb pressure required.  He’s really pleased with the results.

I decided that it was time for me to have some craft time, we’d received some Ceramic House Tea Light Holders and some LED Tealights.  It was my time to have some fun and the first time I’d used Porcelain and Glass Pens.

Seasonal crafting with Baker Ross

The pens are really easy to use and I was pleased with my first attempt.  It’s going to look fab at Christmas with the LED tea light too.  This gave me another flash of inspiration, you  may remember I reviewed some new desserts recently – I had saved the glass containers.

A little something for Halloween with a LED tealight.

Seasonal crafting with Baker Ross

Next up was time for some sticking – Self Adhesive Pom Poms and Bow Glitter Foam Stickers.  The original idea was to decorate our Stocking Cards, but Monkey decided that he wanted to save those for another day.  Time to get out some foam shaped bugs and dinosaurs instead.

Seasonal crafting with Baker Ross

The Self Adhesive Pom Poms come in lots of colours.  Stick the self adhesive disc to your required surface – card, foam etc and then stick the pom-pom to it.  You do need to be quite firm when pressing the pom-pom down onto the disc to get it to stick, but they do look great and add a different dimension to crafts.  We’ll be making good use of them.  The Bow Glitter Foam Stickers are self adhesive.  We’ll be using them to decorate Christmas wrapping paper, as well as our Stocking Cards soon.  Monkey loved this ‘Count Bugular’, and we even used the cut out bits to make evil eyes!

Watch out on Instagram for what we do with these soon …..

Seasonal crafting with Baker Ross

For lots of Seasonal crafting ideas why not pop over to the Baker Ross website – they have some wonderful ideas to keep the kids entertained, especially with Half Term and Halloween coming up.

disclaimer:  we were sent these items in exchange for an honest review

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  1. What great sets! I love the owl sun catchers and the Christmas boxes would be something great for the Little A’s to make for their grandparents.

  2. Oh my goodness, these all look amazing, I want to buy them all! I especially love the owls and those little boxes x

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