Shock Doctor – a review

Shock Doctor – a review

Shock Doctor

When I was in my mid twenties I was diagnosed with having hyper mobile joints.  I’d been suffering with really painful knees and hips for ages, and when I finally saw a specialist, he took one look at me and knew the problem instantly.  Basically, when I think I’m standing straight, I’m not, my knee-joint is over extending forcing my knee cap backwards.  Trust me, that hurts.  I have the same issue with my arms, it also causes issues with my neck. After some physio I learnt to stand in a different position, the relief to my hips and knees was immense.  It’s apparently quite common and not something that can be cured.  I do exercises from time to time if I feel issues with my neck etc and it’s just something I’m aware of.

Even knowing all of that I still struggle with me knees from time to time.  You may remember that we spent at day at Wendover Woods recently.  I spent a lot of time on my knees and I really suffered for a couple of weeks afterwards.  When I was offered the opportunity to test the Shock Doctor Knee Compression Sleeve I literally jumped at the chance.

Shock DoctorShock Doctor offer a range of support products and accessories with a sports therapy background.

I’m quite slim, but I do have quite chunky legs (much to my dismay), so when I looked at the range of knee supports, and measured my leg for the sizing, I wasn’t totally surprised to discover I needed a Large.  My husband, found this hilarious.

Anyway, the Shock Doctor knee compression sleeve arrived and of course, law of sod prevailed and my knees felt fine (although, obviously that’s a good thing).  So I’ve been waiting to try this product out for a while.

After some time spent gardening, my knee was feeling the strain, and so I’ve been using the Shock Doctor knee compression sleeve for a couple of days.  It has finger tabs at the top of each side of the sleeve making it easier to pull on over the knee-joint.  The sleeve is shaped, and the breathable mesh window at the back of the knee makes it comfortable to bend when walking, kneeling etc.

I’ve been really impressed with the fact that the sleeve stays in place, I haven’t been really too aware of it, and it hasn’t needed to be adjusted.  It’s been easy to wear and I’ve not felt itching or uncomfortable even in the warm weather.

N-Tex air flow vented neoprene, provides moisture wicking compression for therapeutic warmth and healing

These compression sleeves are ideal for light sprains and strains and I’ve found the Shock Doctor product really helpful.

You can find more information on the range of products from Shock Doctor on their website.



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  1. I reckon my OH could do with one of these. He’s got dodgy knees anyway, but he’s always getting kicked in the leg and knee by the cattle, so at the moment is wearing a really old fabric knee support

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