Shopping List has been updated

Shopping List has been updated – review and giveaway

If you read my post about Orchard Toys becoming my sponsor for this years BritMums Live, then you will know that our love of the brand stems back to the Shopping List game. When I first bought the game we didn’t play by the rules at all.  Monkey’s speech was delayed and I would put the various item cards in a bag and we’d pull one out after another and see if we could say what it was together.   I would also take one of the shopping list cards with us when we went to the supermarket.  Again to encourage Monkey to tell me what he could see.  Familiar, every day objects, encouraging speech with a game.  As time has gone on and Monkey is now talking for the Commonweath, let alone England, we’ve moved to traditional play.  It’s a firm favourite with us, but also with the nation, as Shopping List remains Orchard Toys top-selling game.  Did you know that Shopping List has been updated?  Well we’ve been having a look at the new version and having fun with our shopping.

Shopping List has been updated

Shopping List has been a best selling game for over 10 years and Orchard Toys decided to give it a bit of a make over, the play remains the same. But now you choose whether you want to fill a basket or trolley.  The lists themselves are brighter and some of the playing cards have been updated – for example pasta sauce has been replaced by curry sauce and a rather cute monster toy has appeared.

Shopping List has been updated

The game is designed for children aged 3-7 years and can be played with 2-4 players (although Monkey has been known to play this game by himself).  The idea is to be the first player to find all of the items on their shopping list and therefore fill their shopping basket or trolley.

Shopping List has been updated

Give each player a trolley or basket and a shopping list.  Turn all the item cards facing down between the players and then take turns trying to find the items on your shopping list.  Shopping List is a great game for working on memory skills as observation and concentration is key to completing your shopping trip.

As the objects you are trying to find are typical foods and drinks, it’s a great game to promote discussion.  We’ve often talked about when we eat the objects in your shopping trolleys.  What’s a favourite food, where does Mummy keep that item in our kitchen, what does something taste like as so on.

You’ll often find Shopping List in pre-schools and schools (it’s been a game Monkey has known in a ‘school’ environment since he was 2 and half) as it closely links to the KS1 EYFS curriculum.  I really rate this game, it’s certainly been my first suggestion to new Mum’s with toddlers since before I started the blog.  We love it, and it’s new updated look.

Having had the old style game for over 3 years, I can confirm from experience that the playing pieces last.  They are made from thick, durable board.  The graphics are bright and engaging.  It’s a game kids love.

Shopping List is available for £7.50, which is a great price for the play potential.  We’ve also got one of the Booster sets – Fruit & Veg (had to with a greengrocer in the family), and there is a Clothes version too.  Both are priced at £4.50, and come with a basket, trolley, 2 shopping lists and item cards.  You can extend play to up to 6 players, or do what we do, mix them all together and have a couple of lists and trolley/baskets to complete in a game.

disclaimer:  we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review


As we love Shopping List so much it only seems fair that we give you the chance to win the updated version of Shopping List for yourselves.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win – good luck!


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Shopping List from Orchard Toys – updated version

191 thoughts on “Shopping List has been updated – review and giveaway

  1. Maybe I am been too imaginative but How about some pretend money that you can use to add up the items on the shopping list when put into the trolley? This way they can learn to do math too but in a fun way! – Lovely Prize

  2. What would you like to see included on a shopping list and why? . . . . . . Washing up Liquid as we are always running out of it

  3. Tomatoes. My son’s fave thing to eat we buy lots of different sizes and types and he will eat them all

  4. Grapes because they stop me getting fat! Whenever I feel like eating between meals I go to the fridge eat a couple of grapes. They can suppress my hunger pangs for an hour or so

  5. a seasonal one would be good – so for halloween you would have pumpkins and candy corn and things like that, for easter some eggs, chocolate bunnies and chicks etc

  6. The ingredients for a Sunday roast, as it’s the best time of the week and particularly wonderful at this time of year!

  7. I’d like to see slightly more unusual fruits and vegetables included such as lychees and artichokes so children understand they are just another fruit or vegetable.

  8. Books for me and my daughter – I love picking up a book on the supermarket run – do I ever get to read them? No. But they look good on my bookshelf!!

  9. I would love to see wipes and tissues on shopping lists as these are my must have items during our shopping. Even my son knows where to find them and will point to them and shout mummy until I lift them up!

  10. A bottle of wine for mummy? Would need to have cheese and bread as no matter how often I buy it my hubby and children devour quickly!

  11. On a Shopping List i would like to see a whole array of different fruit and veg to show the diversity of food that can be eaten to help show children there are options out side of apples and oranges for those who dont like traditional fruit

  12. The more ‘obscure’ vegetables, butternut squash, aubergine etc to open kids up to the idea of there being a world of vegetables out there to try!

  13. free from foods. My youngest is lactose intollerent so we always have to look everywhere for those foods

  14. I would love to see something suitable for vegetarians, such as veggie sausages, or veggie mince, or even Soya Milk so children can see that not everyone eats the same type of foods

  15. I would like to see oranges on a shopping list because they are so sweet and healthy. Full of vitamin c

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