Slither and Crawl

Slither and Crawl – book review and giveaway

We love animals as you know and I’m always on the look out for new books to engage Monkey.  I’ve found a couple that I really like that I’ll be sharing with you this week.  The first is Slither and Crawl by Jim Arnosky, a Sterling Books paperback available through GMC Distribution.

Slither and Crawl

Slither and Crawl is a 32 page book full of information and illustrations concerning reptiles, from lizards and snakes through to one of Monkeys favourites – the sea turtle.

Slither and Crawl

The illustrations are beautiful and work so well with the text to inform and educate young readers.  We learn about habitats, where and how babies hatch and  there are fold-out pages to give some idea of scale too.

Slither and Crawl

It’s the kind of book that prompts discussions about which animals we might have seen in the zoo or at Crocodiles of the World and Monkey has been enthralled.  We’ve become big fans of this authors work and I can really recommend this edition.

Priced at £5.99, I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your information.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review


I’m pleased to be able to offer 3 lucky readers a copy of this book – Slither and Crawl.  Just complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win – good luck!


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Slither and Crawl book

119 thoughts on “Slither and Crawl – book review and giveaway

  1. I love tortoises! We had one when I was little – my parents found him one day in the local park and claimed him. We named him Totty! I just think they are cute and the thought of them carrying their homes on their backs fascinates me!

  2. The big sea turtles because I love watching them when they lay their eggs and then when they hatch all making their way down to the sea it’s an Amazing sight

  3. I like chameleons best because of how they can change colour according to their surroundings. Wish I could do that sometimes!

  4. Chameleon, they look so full of fun, like they about to burst out into song and dance or perhaps tell a joke.

  5. Adders – they are beautiful, we would see one quite often basking in the sun in a clearing in Northumberland. Okay, so I wouldn’t want to get too close, but what beautiful creatures.

  6. I love Turtles, they look so cute, and it’s a miracle they still survive when their journey straight out of the egg is so fraught with danger!

  7. I like lizards because they are delightful creatures and it is lovely to watch them darting about.

  8. My son is reptile mad. He currently has a Gecko called Spiky, she is his world. I see the joy that she brings him which makes Geckos my favourite reptile.

  9. erm…I dont like any, they all give me the creeps especially slithery ones and ones with flicking tongues

  10. Mine is an iguana, because when I was a child I used to volunteer at the RSPCA and there was a long stay iguana there called Victor who I absolutely fell in love with – I used to care for him every time I was up there, and I’d have happily taken him home were it not for the parents!

  11. I love snakes – I currently have 2 corn snakes called Emi and Morfa 🙂 They are super easy pets to look after and a really good first snake pet for anyone as they are captive bred they dont have such a big strike instinct as some other snakes and they are pretty laid back and dont mind being handled.

    I would really like a python but I already have 4 cats and a dog and 2 beardies as well as the 2 cornsnakes so there isnt much room for one right now

  12. We actually have a bearded dragon and she is lovely and friendly, loves to sit on your shoulder, taps on the glass when she wants feeding

  13. i love frogs and toads. We used to have a pond in our old garden and i loved the noise they would make at night. It was really soothing

  14. Favourite reptile…. Two words that shouldn’t fit in the same sentence 🙂 Actually its the Leopard Gecko a cute little lizard. Thanks for the chance of winning this!

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