Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle

Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle – review and giveaway

I was recently set a challenge by Esdevium Games – could I work my around the  Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle? I was sent two of the 1 layer Smart Eggs to test my brain power!

Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle

There are 6 different 1 layer Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzles currently available, with more designs to follow shortly, along with 3, more complex 2 layer versions.  Aimed at anyone aged 6 years and over, I tried them out before handing them over to a 5 and half year old Monkey to see what he thought.

The idea behind the Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle is to work the wand through the labyrinth from the top to the bottom.

The Smart Egg itself is quite sturdy, but I could see the plastic wand being snapped by a frustrated puzzler, so I’ll be keeping my eye on Monkey as he tries working his way through the labyrinths.

Aimed at testing your spatial memory and manual dexterity I can see pre-teen children loving the Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle as problem-solving skills are tested.

I found the ‘Groovy’ Level 3 Smart Egg really easy to complete in a matter of a couple of minutes.  The ‘Techno’ Level 7 egg took slightly longer to suss out but still, didn’t take too long for me.  Friends could time themselves against each other to see who could complete the challenge first.  I’m not overally convinced by the longevity of the puzzles to be honest, but I guess once completed, if you stored the Smart Egg away for a bit then brought it out again, the fun would still be there.  I can see some collectability attraction too as they aren’t too expensive.  I haven’t tried the 2 layer options out, but they seem more complex and probably more of a challenge for adults and teenagers alike.

The Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle are available from Waterstones for £5.99, I’m taking our’s away with us this week to see how Monkey gets on with them.  I think he’ll be fine with the ‘Groovy’ Egg, but the ‘Techno’ one might be work in progress for a little while!

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review.


The team at Esdevium Games have offered me one level 4 Hive Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle to share with my readers.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win – good luck!

Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle


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Hive Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle

143 thoughts on “Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle – review and giveaway

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