Snail World from Interplay UK

Snail World from Interplay UK

Regular readers know how much Monkey and I love a good snail hunt. These little creatures fascinate us both. We look for all the different coloured shells and admire them as they slither along, I try to forgive them for eating my plants along the way. We are big fans of the My Living World range from Interplay UK, and have a few of their nature sets including the Bug Safari set. We’ve recently expanded our collection to include Snail World, an obvious addition for my nature loving Monkey son.

Snail World from Interplay UK

The Snail World set comes with a Visualarium tank and lid with stopper, pipette, tweezers, magnifying field lens and a great information booklet, and like the other sets in the range, is aimed at children aged 5 years and over.

Snail World from Interplay UK

Monkey was keen to get started, and as luck would have it we’d recently had some rain (surprise, surprise) so I hoped that our snails wouldn’t be too hard to find. We are coming to the end of the snail hunting season really, so their numbers aren’t quite what they’d be earlier in the year. But we’re seasoned explorers, Monkey got his magnifying field lens out and we started our search in the garden.

Snail World from Interplay UK

Our instructions advised us to collect some leaf mulch to line our snail habitat to make our new residents comfortable, also to not overcrowd our new neighbours.

Monkey decided on 3 snails, of differing sizes. We made them feel at home and added some water using the pipette so they wouldn’t dehydrate.

Food wise we gave them some cucumber and apple over the couple of days that we kept the snails in their Snail World. Monkey has spent ages watching them moving around their holiday home. Being clear plastic he’s been able to see them moving from their undersides which has fascinated him.

Of course being my son, there has also been an extreme interest in the bowel movements of our snails. Look Mummy more poo! Lovely Monkey.

I’d told Monkey that we needed to release our snails after a couple of days observation, and put them back where we’d found them in the garden. There were tears, he’d become rather attached to our new friends. I was only allowed to let them go on the strict understanding we’d find more snails after we’d washed the Visualarium out!

I can see the Snail World set being used a lot over the next few years and as he becomes a more experienced snail carer we can keep them in our ‘home’ for longer periods. I’m a big fan of anything that encourages children to study and care for animals, whatever their size. This set, and the range in general, is perfect for this.

Priced at £9.99 we give this set a big thumbs up and I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

Disclaimer: we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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