Socks to suit all the family with SockShop – AD sent for review and giveaway

Socks to suit all the family with SockShop – AD sent for review and giveaway

We’ve been looking at socks to suit all the family with SockShop and their range of Bamboo socks.  Can they keep everyone happy, help us to know who’s socks belong to who and restore harmony in the home?

Socks to suit all the family with SockShop

There are a few sock issues in this house that cause issues.  Firstly, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, we have Daddy P and his feet.  He has size 14 feet which prove to be a nightmare when it comes to socks and shoes. The internet has been his saviour in recent times for shoes and we’ve only had one source for socks.  When I mentioned that we’d been approached to look at socks to suit all the family with SockShop, he looked at me and said ‘you know they won’t sell them in my size.’  Well, he would be wrong, as SockShop go up to size 12-14 in their men’s socks.  A revelation and a happy husband.

There are three of us in our household as you well know.  My son will be ten in December and he is growing up at an alarming rate.  This includes his feet, and he’s now only a size below me, which means we can wear the same size in socks.  This has already caused sock wars with my work and his school black socks.  He’s quite territorial when it comes to socks it seems! So while we still have that battle to resolve, I’m keen that we can show our own personalities where our socks are concerned so we can easily identify their owners.

Socks to suit all the family with SockShop

I think we’ve managed to cater for everyone quite nicely.  My son is known for his red coat and as soon as he saw that he could have bright red socks from the Kids Bamboo sock range, he was over the moon. For myself, I opted for the Nightshade pack of blue and purple striped socks from the Ladies Bamboo Stripe range. My husband is enjoying wearing his navy, grey and black Bamboo socks too.

Socks to suit all the family with SockShop

Socks to suit all the family with SockShop have definitely won us over.  We’ve all agreed that these socks are super soft.  I’ve been suffering from socks giving me a rash around the cuff area over the last six months, but I’ve not had that issue at all with these Sock Shop socks.  My OH works long hours and we’ve also noticed that the natural antibacterial properties of his bamboo socks have really helped to prevent odour by the time he comes home. Perfect! The socks also feature a seamless toe for extra comfort too.

Which socks would you pick for your family?  I also have a discount code for you all offering you 10% off purchases on the SockShop website – use code MumToOne10.

disclosure:  we were are being compensated for this post, but my words remain my own, honest thoughts.

I’ve teamed up with SockShop to offer one lucky reader a £50 to spend on socks on their website. Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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£50 voucher to spend on line with SockShop

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301 thoughts on “Socks to suit all the family with SockShop – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. I would choose the Bamboo socks. I have one pair and they are the softest and most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn. They wash great too.

  2. I like ducks so would pick Goosey Lucy Bamboo socks, Bamboo socks are so soft and I love fancy socks too so these fit the ‘bill’ perfectly

  3. I would like to try a ‘Pair Elite Merino Wool Cushioned Crew Socks’ as I would relish the cushioning underneath them.

  4. Dark coloured bamboo socks for me, honestly I go through socks almost weekly they seem to disintegrate and it drives my partner mad!

  5. I would love the Ladies Pantherella Sally Striped 84% Cashmere Socks. I love the pattern and would go for one of each colour. I bet they feel great on your feet.

  6. Such a fabulous choice but I do like the Wild Feet Moose socks, a bit different to what I usually wear

  7. I would get LADIES 3 PAIR GLENMUIR DOTS AND STRIPES BAMBOO SOCKS in purple. I love wearing fun socks!

  8. I wouold chhose the Ladies SockShop 4 Pair Harry Potter House Badges Cotton Trainer Socks. I love Harry potter & I live in trainers, so these are perfect for me.

  9. I’ve been hearing/reading a lot about Bamboo socks recently. Apparently they’re super soft and comfortable. Just what my trotters (nod to Danny Dyer) are looking for.

  10. Would buy the men’s character and patterned socks, they are fun a d go up to a size 14. My husband is size 12 and my boys are size 11 and 6. There isn’t much choice in stores and my husband likes fun socks under his work trousers!

  11. I would buy the men’s patterned and character socks. My husband is size 12, sons are size 11 and 6. My husband likes to wear fun socks under his work trousers!

  12. LADIES 3 PAIR SOCKSHOP GENTLE BAMBOO SOCKS WITH SMOOTH TOE SEAMS IN PLAINS AND STRIPES because they look lovely and I think they would be comfortable.

  13. i would love the Lazy Panda Bamboo Rudolph Christmas Gift Boxed Socks because they are a great gift for the stockings for all the family at chritmas

  14. SOCKSHOP STAR TREK UNIFORMS COTTON SOCKS my husband would love these as hes a closet trekkie

  15. I would buy the mens Glenmuir multi stripe Bamboo socks. Bamboo socks are my son’s favourite as they are so soft and comfy and these Glenmuir ones come in a lovely selection of colours.

  16. we love novelty socks so i would get my daughter the pusheen set and my son the sonic ones

  17. I’m in sock heaven, they have some great socks there. If I won I would choose the Ladies 2 Pair Elle Dainty and Delicate Soft Pelerine Anklets and the Ladies 3 Pair Pringle Louise Argyle Cotton Socks, because both these sets look really stylish and I love having nice socks to wear.

  18. I love novelty socks, they cheer you up when you look to the floor! I would definitely choose the Harry Potter Dobby is a Free Elf Cotton Socks and the Wild Feet Cheese Mouse Cotton Socks!

  19. My dad loves fun socks so I would have to get him the Wolverine socks, considering a company he works with are called Wolverine!

  20. I would get some boot socks for my husband to wear with his work boots and also the wellies he wears fishing and I would get my daughter some cushioned socks for work.

  21. I would choose the butterfly bamboo ones for myself and then treat the family to some socks too.

  22. I have Raynaud’s disease and my feet really feel the cold in the winter. I have found Heat Holders socks to be useful in helping me to keep my feet warm so I’d go for the Ladies Original Heat Holders Thermal Socks. I refuse to wear “boring” black socks so I’d go for the mid pink ones – the brighter the better!!

  23. I’d choose the yellow/black stripy socks and the ‘save the bees’ socks for my bee-mad daughter x

  24. I think i would get the mens 1 pair bamboo gnome socks for a gift for my best friend as he loves gnomes so these are perfect for him.

  25. i would treat the hubby to some good socks, as he works in steel toecaps all day long, the MENS 3 PAIR WORKFORCE SAFETY BOOT SOCKS look really good for him.

  26. So much choice but it would have to be the THORLO OUTDOOR FANATIC WALKING SOCKS. Not only do they look very stylish but they sound amazingly comfortable too!

  27. I would absolutely LOVE the Grinch socks. We are all big Grinch fans and are off to Orlando in December to see Dr Seussmas, so these would be ideal to wear then. I also have way too much of a fascination with patterned socks. Thanks for the great giveaway

  28. I’d choose the angora bed socks to wear around the house as I get swollen ankles and need a soft top.

  29. I’ve been wanting to try some bamboo socks, and I’d go for the knee high ones. What a gorgeous range of colours they come in!

    I prefer the fit of mens socks as I have large wide feet. These sound so comfy and my feet suffer chillblains in winter and get so painful! I really need to look after them as I’m very active with running, walking and cycling!

  31. I would choose the 3 pair Sockshop Gentle Bamboo Socks with smooth toe seams in plains and stripes because they are so comfortable, they let your feet breathe and they last and last and last…..


  33. My boys have sensory processing difficulties and we always buy the seam free bamboo socks. They’re so soft and they never complain about wearing them!

  34. Mens 5 pair of Jeff Banks Chelmsford plain bamboo socks. I think they will be extra soft and comfortable

  35. I would choose the LADIES 3 PAIR SOCKSHOP DESPICABLE ME MINIONS FACES COTTON SOCKS as my daughter loves both yellow and the minions

  36. Hello! They have so many lovely socks! If I was lucky enough to win then I would I think I would buy the ladies rose socks for my daughter. Thank you.

  37. I would buy the Filly Bamboo and Organic socks because I love horses, plus a few Minion socks for my sons because they are obsessed with the Minions.x

  38. I would choose the Ladies 3 Pair SockShop Gentle Bamboo Socks with Smooth Toe Seams in Plains and Stripes because they are gentle grip, which I need due to poor circulation – and of course they come in lots of funky colours and patterns :o)

  39. LADIES 3 PAIR DC SUPERMAN / SUPERGIRL LOGO SOCKS as I love the design and my partner can’t get confused that they are his!

  40. Babies and Kids 3 Pair SockShop Plain and Stripe Bamboo Socks with Smooth Toe Seams id choose these ones because the smooth toe seam would mean no more complaining that they dont like how the seams in the socks feel against their toes 😀

  41. I’d love to try the Goosey Lucy Bamboo socks. I’ve never had a pair of bamboo socks but have only heard positive things from other people who love. Would love to give them a go myself.

  42. It would have to be the cashmere socks they look like dripping gold for my feet so cosy. Thanks for the chance

  43. I would choose the Bamboo Filly socks as I love horses, plus the Mionion socks for each of my boys as they are obsessed with them!

  44. I love bamboo socks and they are so soft and last well. I really like your stripy ones, so I’d probably pick them!

  45. I would love the Elle Lacy Bamboo Anklet Socks. I’ve heard bamboo socks feel really soft so have always wanted to try them, and these ones are so pretty!

  46. LADIES 3 PAIR GLENMUIR BROAD STRIPE BAMBOO SOCKS i love the stripes and bamboo socks stay softer longer

  47. I’ve never worn cashmere socks before so I’d treat my self to a pair , I imagine there very soft.

  48. I would choose these 100% cashmere socks – LADIES 1 PAIR CORGI CHUNKY MIXED CABLE KNIT 100% CASHMERE SOCKS
    They are thick enough for walking and they cost £50 !
    I’ve never felt very glamorous or luxurious in my walking outfits so these socks would sort that out, and I’ve never owned a pair of socks that cost £50, so that would be a first ( and last probably)

  49. loving the seamless bamboo socks I think I would choose the Bubblegum pack as I love bright colours

  50. I would buy the bamboo filly socks because I love horses, and Minion socks for each of my 4 children as they are obsessed with them!

  51. I would choose the Mens 3 Pair Iomi Footnurse Gentle Grip Cushioned Foot Diabetic Socks for my son. He is not diabetic but has large, sturdy legs and has a lot of trouble with regular socks.

  52. corgi striped socks in Ortensia colours. I love brightly coloured socks to brkgn a bit of sun and fun to grey winter days

  53. Glenmuir mixed bamboo socks for my sons I think, I would choose. I would choose them because of the quality, coolness and softness. They are also fun socks which my sons would enjoy

  54. id choose some lovely cashmere socks, i love the feel odf cashmere they would be perfect for cold winters!

  55. I love the PRIDE RAINBOW LOVE IS LOVE SOCKS. I’d never feel down wearing such bright and cheerful socks

  56. I love the Ladies 3 Pair Glenmuir Flowers Bamboo Socks as they look and sound so comfortable for work

  57. I would choose some gentle cuff socks as I always get grooves on my legs from elastics which I notice if I go from socks to bare legs for a night out or swimming. I would get some Christmas slipper socks as stocking fillers and underwear for my partner.


  59. I’d love the LADIES 2 PAIR ELLE LACE SHOE LINER SOCKS WITH GRIP – ideal as I don’t really like bare feet in shoes, but my office is really hot; these are so pretty that I wouldn’t mind them being seen.

  60. I’d get some Shared Earth stripes fair trade bamboo socks for me because they’re more environmentally friendly and I’m partial to a stripe! And I’d get the Thought Christmas Night bamboo and organic cotton socks gift box for my sister as she gets through socks like nobody’s business!

  61. I’d choose the Novelty Bamboo Range of socks for their moisture wicking properties, helping to keep my sweaty feet drier for longer and for the great bold prints on them

  62. I love loads of their socks but if I won I would go for some really bright and colourful ones


  64. I would choose the Elle Bamboo Striped and Plain Knee High Socks, I get cold feet and legs in the winter and these would keep me warm and comfy.

  65. I’d get some more Heat Holders Slipper Socks! I love them and often get them from the Sock Shop, but I wear them so much that they wear out and need replacing every year, so a voucher would be very welcome 🙂

  66. The HotSox All Over Guinea Pigs Cotton Socks because I am a big guinea pig lover and I’d love to wear these!

  67. Sorry forgot to say why – because the family would really love the character socks and bamboo socks are so comfortable.

  68. LADIES 1 PAIR TOTES CABLE FRONT CHENILLE LINED SOCKS WITH POM POM as they are so adorable and they would keep my feet snug in the colder months.

  69. I’d get the mens wild feet golden retriever novelty cotton socks… because we’re a slightly golden-retriever obsessed household!

  70. I would choose the men’s bamboo socks and I know that they are hard-wearing and therefore very suitable for y husband’s strenuous lifestyle!

  71. I would choose the LADIES SOCKSHOP 2 PAIR HARRY POTTER DOBBY IS A FREE ELF COTTON SOCKS. I might be a grown up, but that doesn’t mean I have to be grown up!

  72. The batman socks from the film and tv range for my son who’s name is Robin! (See what I did there?!) In the entry form up there I put ‘claire sen’ as that’s my name but I just realised i come up as ‘therealmagik’ here, sorry about that, hope it doesn’t ruin my entry!

  73. I love the DC comics Wonder Woman cape socks, particularly as I always call my daughter wonder woman and I would love to present her with some socks to suit her pet name

  74. I’ve just fallen in love with the LuLu Guinness Doll Face bamboo socks, they are just fab! I could see my daughter stealing them very quickly though!

  75. My husband recently bought himself a few pairs of the bamboo sock and said they are the comfiest socks hes ever had!

  76. I’d choose the Ladies 3 Pair Thought Rainy Day Bamboo and Organic Cotton Socks because they are colourful and fun and make you smile on those rainy days when you feel downhearted about going out.

  77. I would buy the Thought Bamboo Allotment Organic socks because these are sustainable and i love the garden theme of these lovely socks. I would buy my husband and son some socks too

  78. The Lazy Panda Bamboo Alpaca My Bags Gift Boxed Socks – because people always say I’m a ‘spitting’ image of a Llama! 😉

  79. I like the Sockshop Wild Feet Fox Cotton Socks.The design is so lovely and to put a new pair of socks on is just lovely

  80. I’d go for the ladies bamboo socks in nightshade. I bought some bamboo socks a few months ago and love them but the colours are boring, I love these ones though

  81. Id choose the super soft cashmere socks, iv recently broken my ankle and had to have surgery, my ankle is super sensitive now so a little bit of luxury would be lovely

  82. I’d choose bamboo socks as I keep hearing how soft and comfortable they are but have never had any. French Poodle and Aplaca My Bags novelty socks would be on top of my wish list.

  83. Thought Autumn Leaves Bamboo and Organic Cotton Gift Boxed Socks would be my choice because I love Autumn colours

  84. I bought my husband some Falke home wool socks and he wears them all the time when at home. Success. I saw the mult-coloured happy socks and plan to go back and get some.

  85. I would choose the Ladies 3 Pair SockShop Gentle Bamboo Socks with Smooth Toe Seams in Plains and Stripes – I always need new socks – I wear two pairs in the cold winter months and I wear them to bed lol

  86. I would love to try the bamboo socks and it would have to be French Poodle design as I would be walking my Standard Poodle Ollie while wearing them.

  87. My son and I love character socks as it means we can show a little bit of our own personal style even under work and school uniforms so I’d treat us to some Harry Potter and Halloween socks, also some grip socks to keep our tootsies warm without sliding round the house.

  88. I would love a pair of Catspads slipper socks for my son who is just getting to grips with standing and these would be fab.

  89. I like GENTLE BAMBOO SOCKS WITH SMOOTH TOE SEAMS IN PLAINS AND STRIPES , it is a style i buy already and bamboo is excellent