Something different for Mothers Day

Something different for Mothers Day

I have been fascinated with maps and atlas’ for as long as I can remember.  I think it all stems back to an old atlas that my Dad had.  When I was a little girl we’d look at far off places on the maps within the atlas.  Lots of exotic sounding countries in far-flung parts of the world.  I loved that atlas, and when my parents moved to Spain, Dad asked me if I’d like to keep it.  You bet!  It’s obviously very outdated now, with so many countries changing names over the years.  But that’s another reason I love it.  Anyway, I’m digressing!  I spotted something recently and it had my name written all over it – something different for Mothers Day.

Something different for Mothers Day

Maps International is my kind of heaven – a website devoted to maps in all shapes and sizes.  For Mothers Day they have a lovely ‘Home is where Mum is’ personalised map idea and for this particular Mummy, it is a perfect present.

This personalised map is 30x30cms in size, and the artwork is based around a UK postcode of your choosing (using 1:25 000 Explorer mapping from Ordnance Survey).  The town where we live is growing rapidly, so my Mothers Day present will become a piece of local history too in the years ahead.  Which is another aspect I love.  Daddy P’s family is from this area and we have a few old aerial photographs which are unrecognisable compared to the town of today.  I like the idea that Monkey will look at my new artwork in years to come, and see just how much his home town has grown in his lifetime.

The ‘Home is where Mum is’ personalised map comes in two options; either Laminated and Board Mounted or on Canvas. I liked the idea of the canvas finish, so went for that. Then you pick your background colour option – there are four choices – I went for Teal – you just knew I would!

Delivery takes 5-7 working days for this particular product.  I was so excited when it arrived.  The packaging was more than sufficient to protect the canvas in transit and it was already fitted with a hanging mount.

This canvas is now hanging in my living room, in the heart of my home.  Monkey and I have already been working out where our house, where is school is and where Daddy’s office is.  It’s become a talking point, anything that passes on my love of maps to my son, fills me with happiness.

I am really pleased with my Mothers Day present from Maps International, the quality of the print is great and the finish of the canvas framing is very good.  If you’re looking for something different for Mothers Day this year I can thoroughly recommend this idea AND they are on special offer at the moment – £45.00 instead of £50.00.

I wish there was a version available with Spanish postcodes for Mum!

Of course, I couldn’t help but look at the rest of the site and the large range of maps available.  If I had my way I’d love to wallpaper Monkey’s bedroom with a world map but I can’t get that one past Daddy P ….. at the moment!  But I can see a compromise coming in the future as Maps International have a great Dinos children’s Map of Europe.  It’s crammed full of images to help educate children about the countries of Europe, it looks fab!

Do you and your family love maps?

disclaimer: we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

8 thoughts on “Something different for Mothers Day

  1. I absolutely love gifts like this, I’m a sucker for anything personalised and that looks great! x

  2. That’s a brilliant Mother’s Day present – something unique and personalised and I love how it will be something you can look back on as your town changes and grows.

  3. i love this, how fab. I love poring over vintage maps from years gone by #triedtested

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