Space themed fun with Brainstorm

We’ve been having lots of space themed fun with Brainstorm over the last month.  You might have noticed my recent giveaway for a Space torch and Cosmic Stars set.  My son has been fascinated with space, the moon and stars for as long as I can remember and he loves his Space torch, and has had glow in the dark stars and moons up in his bedroom since he moved into his toddler bed way back when.

We were treated to some more Space themed fun with Brainstorm recently with the arrival of an Aqua Dragons Live Astro Pets Deluxe set and My Very Own Solar System.  Both sets are aimed at children aged 6 years and over.

We were first introduced to Aqua Dragons back in 2014 and my son loved them right from the start.  I have to be frank, I’m rather fascinated by them too.  In this Live Astro Pets set there an added twist, as the eggs in the set have actually been into space and they come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity of Space flight is detailing the mission name, flight date, flight time, altitude reached and a link to find the flight video online. How cool!

Space themed fun with Brainstorm

Space themed fun with Brainstorm and this Aqua Dragons set includes an asteroid shaped, glow in the dark bowl.  You will need 2 x AAA batteries which fit underneath the bowl, so make sure you insert the batteries before filling the bowl. There’s also a bubble/viewing pipette, thermometer, food and feeding spoon as well as easy to follow instructions.

You will need bottled or filter water to have space themed fun with Brainstorm and the Aqua Dragons.  Normal tap water will kill them.  Add filtered water to the asteroid bowl, add your eggs and wait for the aqua dragons to hatch.  This should take 2-3 days, but we had a few arrivals fairly instantly and then more followed in the coming days. press the switch in on the side of the bowl to illuminate the water.

The Aqua Dragons are real aquatic animals and they grow before your eyes, they come from the time of the dinosaurs.  It doesn’t matter how many times we see them, they never fail to captivate us.

Space themed fun with Brainstorm

They grow up to 2cms in length and have a 45-60 day life cycle.  If you’re really lucky, they may mate, lay eggs and the whole cycle will repeat.

Update: 16th January 2018.

We originally hatched our Aqua dragons during October half term.  Nearly three months later, we still have loads of them.  We’ve watched them breeding and seen so many new baby aqua dragons hatch.  This is the most successful set we’ve had to date.

Aqua Dragons Live Astro Pets Deluxe set

We’ve often talked about the moon and stars, and Monkey has lots of books about the solar system, but imagine his delight when we received the My Very Own Solar System set from Brainstorm.   We were going to have some more Space themed fun with Brainstorm.

Space themed fun with Brainstorm

The My Very Own Solar System, comes with an 85mm dia solar system mobile, a remote control, wires, planets and information sheet along with ceiling fixing screws.  You will need 3 x AA and 2 x AAA batteries to operate this set.

Space themed fun with Brainstorm

The set is very easy to put together, each slot is numbered to make sure you have the planets aligned in the right order.  Flick the switch and the sun illuminates and press the remote to watch the planet’s orbit the sun.

If you fix the mobile to your ceiling with the hardware provided this set would make an ideal nightlight.  We can’t do that here at the moment as my son has developed a bit of a fear of things hanging from his ceiling.  I knew he’d love the idea of this set though, so I’ve placed a bit of cardboard underneath the sun to act as a base and we’ve watched the solar system on our landing.

The eight planets orbit the sun on three independent orbits and it’s quite fascinating to watch and a great way for children to learn about our solar system.

Brainstorm have a great range of educational and fun toys for children to enjoy.  We’ve built up quite a collection both before and since I started blogging.  The sets are well made, last and provide fun for the long-term.  You can see the full range over on their website and I’ve included a few Amazon Affiliate links below in case I’ve tempted you to try them out at home yourself.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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