Spaced themed reading

Space themed reading

As you know we love reading here.  We normally read quite randomly with regards to the subject matter, but I decided to have a bit of a themed week.  We’d been reviewing a couple of Space themed items – Who’s In Space? and Discovery Spaceship and Lift Off Rocket, so I decided to carry this on with some space-themed reading.

Space themed reading

I went through my son’s books and found all the books with a space theme.

Spaced themed reading

These books are all well-loved and we can recommend them to any space-loving bookworm out there in hyperspace.

Wanda and the Alien by Sue Hendra and published by Random House.

spaced themed reading

Wanda and the Alien is a lovely tale about Wanda the Rabbit and an alien she befriends.  Through the story we learn to accept people for who they are, differences are great but don’t matter for true friends.  Wanda and her alien friend share lots of wonderful experiences together and finally Wanda’s other friends except the alien and want to be friends too.

Jacks Mega Machines: The Rocket Racing Car by Alison Richie illustrations by Mike Byrne, and published by Simon and Schuster

Space Themed Play

Jacks Mega Machines: The Rocket Racing Car is a firm favourite in this house, you may remember that Monkey has a Rocket Racing Car mobile in his bedroom!  Jack is a wonderful young mechanic and in this adventure the racing car he is mending takes him and his dog Riley into space and has transformed into a Rocket Racing Car. Jack enters the Intergalactic Space Race, but eager to show the reader that it’s not about winning, it’s about taking part – Jack helps other racers in trouble, puts others first before his need to win the race.    But there’s a photo finish at the finish line – will Jack and his good deeds win out in the end?

Welcome to Alien School by Caryl Hart illustrations by Ed Eaves, and published by Simon and Schuster.

space themed reading

Welcome to Alien School  – we meet Albie, a space mad little boy when Mummy tells him it’s time for school he isn’t best pleased.  But then, guess where his Mummy drops him off?  They take off into space and he ends up at Alien School and makes friends Nogel – a rather large, purple furry monster with green spots.  Albie and Nogel have lots of fun at school, learning Alien words and maths, eating Space-ghetti (it glows – eek) and having lots of fun.  The illustrations in this book are wonderfully vibrant and my son loves the story.  Lots of fun.

Elephant Joe is a Spaceman by David Wojtowycz and published by Scholastic Children’s Books.

space themed reading

Elephant Joe is a Spaceman is a lovely pop up book with lots of pull tabs.  We join Elephant joe and his friend Zebra as they rocket into space.  My son loves this book, it’s very simple, but the rocket zooms into space, Elephant Joe lands on the moon, chases an alien and all before the end of bathtime!

Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton illustrated by Ant Parker, published by Kingfisher.

space themed reading

Roaring Rockets is part of the Amazing Machines series of books – we have lots of them.  not only does this book have great illustrations but there are lots of facts for any young Space Cadet to learn.  We follow Rabbit, Bird and Mouse as they become Astronauts, fly into Space, visit the Moon and come back down to Earth.  This is a great first learning book, and much loved in this house.

As you can see we’ve had a busy Space Themed Reading week, the books mentioned are ones I’ve bought for my little boy, we have not been asked to review any of them.

15 thoughts on “Space themed reading

  1. i have been meaning to do some themed book posts too, it is good to do a little theme or topic especially if they have an interest in a certain area. i love space – its a great theme!

  2. Now my children are older I miss getting lost in wonderful picture books. I’ve still got a few of them though, so that time might come around again!

  3. what a great set of books, and I know my boy loves space books. One of his favourites to read to himself is “The Way Back Home” by Oliver Jeffers. Thanks for popping by and linking up 🙂

  4. This looks like a lovely set of books, will certainly look out for a few of these. One of our favourite space themed books is Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. I remember having and loving it as a child so bought a copy for my son and it certainly passes the test of time. It’s all about a bear who goes to space in a cardboard box before bath time.

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