Spring Crafting with Baker Ross

Spring Crafting with Baker Ross

Monkey has been kept on his toes recently with lots of Spring Crafting with Baker Ross. We were sent a bumper delivery from our favourite kids arts and craft kit company and have spent spare moments over the last few weeks painting, drawing, sewing and more besides.

Spring Crafting with Baker Ross

Monkey loves wild animals and visiting Whipsnade Zoo is always a highlight.  When we’re there, his first port of call is almost always to see the Giraffes, so I knew he’d make a beeline for the Jungle Animal Plush Toys.

It’s fair to say that the little Giraffe is now a constant bedtime companion.  We’ve barely had any free time later, but I’ve promised Monkey that once we’re back from holiday we will sit down and make some card zoo animal puppets using this fab Safari Tissue Paper – don’t the sheets just look great!

Spring Crafting with Baker Ross

Carrying on with the wild animal theme, Monkey’s been busy painting.  This time he’s been using the Hobbyline Brights Porcelain Paint Pots again, to decorate an Elephant Ceramic Coin Bank.

Now whilst my son clearly goes for a splash dash approach, which sends my toes curling, he loves this activity.  We may not get neat lines and any particular pattern, but he’s always so thrilled with the results, it’s a joy to watch his masterpieces come alive.

Moving on to Unicorns as you do, I was delegated to make up the Unicorn Cushion Sewing Kit.  Although Monkey would actually have been more than capable of completing this activity himself if he’d been so inclined.

These sewing kits are great, everything you need is provided, including a plastic needle and easy to follow instructions.

We’ve made some pom poms before, and Monkey gets a little frustrated with making the pom pom himself when it gets a little trickier to thread the wool through the hole.  So this Farm Animal Pom Pom Decoration kit was a two-man collaboration.

Now I had an image in my head of what our Wooden Beach Hut Key Holder kit would look like when it was finished.  I had visions of pinks and blues and memories of strolling along the prom at Bournemouth.  But I’d forgotten one small fact, I’m a girl, Monkey isn’t.  He’s not about pretty, and dainty, he’s about something all together different.

The joy of these kits is that children can run free with their imagination.  There is no wrong or right, just fun.  He loves the finished article and that’s all that matters!

Monkey certainly loves the Rainbow Colour Clay Multi Bars and has lots of fun making all sorts of things.  When his play time has ended I’ve stored the clay away, it doesn’t dry out, and he’s used again.  Hours of creative fun.

We’ve had the Self Portrait Blanks before and this time around Monkey decided to make some Alien faces!

Spring Crafting with Baker Ross

With Fathers Day looming just after our holiday, Monkey is well prepared and he has made Daddy P a selection of key rings with the Wooden Key ring set.  Apparently he’s keeping the ‘Ferrari’ for his book bag though.

As you can see Spring Crafting with Baker Ross has certainly kept Monkey busy, and with a wide range of activities too.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

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