Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad – review and giveaway

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad is a phrase I’ve had to say to Monkey on a few occasions when we’ve been at home for the day this summer holiday.  I thought it would be good fun to change the phrase from a nagging comment to a game of stealth. Let me introduce you to the newly released Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad game from Drumond Park.

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad is aimed at children aged 5 years and over and can be played by 2-4 players.  The game comes with a game board, spinner, Dad in his bed with two stickers that need to be applied before game play begins, 4 playing pieces, 16 playing cards and an instruction leaflet.  You will also need 2 x AA batteries to operate this game.

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad

Can you get to the chocolate cake before Dad wakes up and stops snoring?  That’s the aim of the game, and Dad does snore rather loudly!

To set the game up you place the bed in the centre of the game board, there are holes that it fits into. Then shuffle the playing cards and deal equal numbers to all players, any leftover cards are placed next to the board. Choose a coloured playing piece and place on the matching pair of slippers.

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad

Turn the switch on the bed to on and twist Dad so his face is on the pillow and listen to his snoring begin.

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad

You are ready to play Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad, the youngest player starts and spins the spinner.

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad

If the spinner points to a colour you move your playing piece to the first space of the same colour.  If that space has a picture on it, you check if it matches one of the cards you have. If it does, play passes on to the next player.  If it doesn’t then you have to press the alarm clock down the number of times shown on the space.  Will Dad wake up or not?  If Dad stays asleep play passes on to the next player.  If Dad wakes up you’ve been caught and have to return to your slippers to start the game again.  If any others players happen to be on either of the spaces on the bed when Dad wakes up, they also have to go back to the beginning.  If you land on a space with an arrow you don’t have to do anything and play moves on to the next player.

If the spinner lands on a + you can take one card from another player.  If the spinner lands on Slippers you move to the first available space ahead of the leader.  If you are already in the lead you spin again.

If Dad is woken up, you put him back in the sleeping position to restart the game.

If you make it to the kitchen without waking Dad, you press the alarm clock one last time. If he stays asleep you’ve got to the chocolate cake and won the game.

We’ve played Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad a few times now and really enjoyed it.  Monkey doesn’t like losing playing cards when someone spins a + but that’s all part of the learning process when growing up isn’t it.  Once you’ve finished playing, everything can be packed away neatly in the box until next time.  It’s a fun game which younger children will enjoy playing.  With an RRP of £22.99 we give this game the thumbs up.

For more information on stockists and the rest of the Drumond Park range please pop over to their website.

disclaimer:  we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review


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Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad worth £22.99

176 thoughts on “Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad – review and giveaway

  1. I’m a sucker for chocolate Raisins …… everyone’s normally asleep by 11 so I would be on my own

  2. The biggest bar of Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate ever made, and I’d be with my dog so he could watch me eat it!!

  3. This looks like the sort of game mine will enjoy, esp as I often have to say ‘don’t wake Dad’ esp on a Sunday afternoon!
    A comprehensive review, thnx Mary

  4. i would love a bag of maltesars and i’d share them with myself… only kidding id share with my son

  5. Pizza Tunapple surprise (tuna, pineapple and hot dogs ) !!!!! and with my bestie cousin kirsty 🙂

  6. Ice-cream and I’d share it with my husband,he doesn’t really like it so,all the more for me !!!

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  8. I’d have a glass of milk, banana and yogurt drink and share with the kids, as this is what they always want as a bedtime snack. But I’d add pork scratchings in too 🙂

  9. Mince pies. I love this time of year when they come back into the shops. I would only share them with Santa Claus himself!

  10. Haribo most definitely, I’m not sure I would want to share but if I had to I would share it with my other half.

  11. Galaxy chocolate melted a bit in the microwave, slightly burnt so it has that edge, and I’d have to share it with the kids as they love midnight feasts and warm burnt Galaxy haha!!

  12. I’m at an age when a glass of warm milk and a cookie would do me…too tired for anything else plus any stuff with too much sugar will just keep me from my beauty sleep 😉

  13. We had a midnight feast the other day for the first time in ages! We had veggie pakora. It was greasy, unhealthy and delicious!


  15. Midnight snack would have to be some home made almond flavoured shortbread which I’d share with my wife. I think we have a midnight snacking ghost in the house as pieces seem to disappear during the night whenever I make it 🙂

  16. My midnight treat would be cooked cold sausages and I’d share them with Mr Toz the dog as he would probably be the only other one awake and he loves his sausages too

  17. would have to be ice cream – love it. would be tough to share but at a push would let the missus maybe have some 🙂

  18. Mine would be a tub of salt & vinegar Pringles (I’m addicted to them atm!) & I would share them with my hubby xx

  19. Mine would be a sneaky (large) bar of Galaxy I would only share with any of my family if they woke and caught me

  20. I would never share, I’m always the only one up past 11, I really love nipping downstairs for crumpets or yoghurts (i’m a bit weird like that)

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