Stabilo help to make writing easier

Stabilo help to make writing easier

When I started school in the early 70’s being a left hander was a real disadvantage.  It still had a ridiculous stigma attached to it and there was nothing available to make life easier for a young school kid.  Writing, cutting and even certain games in PE were a minefield. But thankfully times have changed, it’s ok to be a leftie these days.  Left handed scissors are commonplace and no one has to face the nightmare that I did back then being a leftie trying to use a right-handed nib on a fountain pen. As you know Monkey is now in Reception at school and Stabilo help to make writing easier for him with their left-handed pens and pencils!  We also received some coloured markers.

Stabilo help to make writing easier

The Stabilo EASYoriginal is a rollerball pen which is available in either a left or right-handed option.  They are ergonomically designed and really do make writing that little bit easier.  In fact this is already Monkey’s pen of choice whenever we are practicing his writing.

Stabilo help to make writing easier

The EASYoriginal comes with 3 rollerball cartridges and is easy to fit together.

Stabilo help to make writing easier

The packaging says that this is for children aged 6+ but Monkey has rather large hands and he can use this pen easily, as can his mother!

Stabilo help to make writing easier

The non-slip grip makes this pen really comfortable to hold.  Our pens have blue refills, but black and red are also available.  What I like most about these pens is that they don’t blot, trust me, as a leftie this can be a nightmare. Monkey and I both have a fairly conventional grip position, but I know a lot of people with more a ‘claw’ position who end up smudging their writing as they write across a page.  That no longer needs to be the case.

We both love the Stabilo EASYoriginal and Stabilo help to make writing easier with them!  You may remember my recent post sharing Monkey’s first sentence which was written with his EASYoriginal pen.

Now, something totally new for us is the Stabilo EASYgraph pencil. I’d not heard of these ergonomically designed pencils before, again, there is an option for both left and right-handed children.

Stabilo help to make writing easier

The EASYgraph is triangular in shape and has non-slip grip points along the sides of the pencil.  This means that you can keep sharpening it, and still make full use of its ergonomic features.  I have to say, that both Monkey and I have fallen in love with these pencils.

Stabilo help to make writing easier

They are so comfortable to hold, and I just love the idea of them.  I think we will need to invest in the EASYcolour colouring pencil set too.  The EASYgraph comes in a set of two graphite pencils.

Both the EASYoriginal and EASYgraph from Stabilo help to make writing easier and Monkey will be making full use of them in the months ahead.

For a bit of fun when it comes to colouring in we also received the Stabilo BOSS Mini Heroes marker set.  Monkey loved the idea that his writing or drawings could glow in the dark.

Stabilo help to make writing easier

I’ve tended to stay away from felt tip pens and the like but when we received the Stabilo Cappi colouring pens the first thing I noticed is that they come with washable ink!

Stabilo help to make writing easierThe Cappi pens come in a set of 12, 18 or 24 colours, with cap rings and a loop for easy storage.  The pens also feature an ergonomic grip and are ‘tube shaped’ which means they don’t roll away.  The pens glide easily across the page and don’t leave any mess. Apparently they can also be left uncapped for 24 hours without drying out – we all know what kids are like!

Stabilo help to make writing easier and colouring a bit more fun.  Monkey’s certainly been enjoying himself.  As for Mummy, she’s hoping that his new pens and pencils will help his handwriting continue to improve!

Stabilo products are widely available from all the major retailers and I’ve included my Amazon affiliate links below for your information.

If your little one is starting out on their journey to writing it may also be worth popping over to the Stabilo website to look at their Early Writers section as this has a range of activity sheets as well as useful advice.

disclaimer:  we were sent these items in exchange for an honest review


4 thoughts on “Stabilo help to make writing easier

  1. I can’t write with left handed cartridge pens. My mum would buy them, but I used to do better with a 99p cartridge pen that was right handed, or my Parker one that then got stolen. Pah! Cheek of primary school. And I can’t use left handed scissors either – I’m just odd.

    N’s right handed, so won’t be needing anything lefty, but it’s interesting to see how much is now available.

  2. I’ve been wondering about getting something like this for my son. He’s not terribly keen on writing or holding a pencil and I wonder if these might help. Must take a look at them.

  3. These look like such great products – I remember how alien writing felt the first time I tried, these look like such a good helping hand x

  4. E has never been good at writing or being able to grip a pen or pencil and these really helped him when we tried them. F seems to be favouring her left hand so it is great to see there are plenty of products out there to help!

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