Steamfresh from Birds Eye

Steamfresh from Birds Eye

Now Monkey is in full time school I am beginning to release that meal times can be a somewhat tricky affair, especially with after school activities.  Tuesday is a tough day in this household, we get home from school, quick change and then straight out the door for swimming lessons.  By the time we get home I have a ravenous child on my hands and I’m frantically trying to magic up instant, healthy food!  No more panic required, let me introduce you to Steamfresh from Birds Eye.

Steamfresh from Birds Eye

I steam vegetables all the time so I was intrigued to find out more about Steamfresh from Birds Eye.

a tasty range of vegetable side dishes that use innovative steam bag technology to lock in all the nutrients and flavour.

The Steamfresh range introduces a range of new products but also includes the existing Birds Eye Veg Fusions and Rice Fusions, Birds Eye brands.

The four categories of Steamfresh from Birds Eye are:

Natural Vegetables (all supplied in 4 single steam bags) – Hearty Farmhouse mix, Garden mix, Family Favourite mix and Super Sunshine mix

Vegetables with Herbs and Spices (supplied in Pyramid Steam bags or Multi-Service bags) – Green Medley with Garlic & Herbs, Italian Vegetables with Basil & Rosemary and Peas & Sweetcorn in Seasoned Butter

Rice with Vegetables (all supplied in Pyramid Steam bags) – Mediterranean Rice, Golden Vegetable Rice, Egg Fried Rice, Cantonese Vegetable Rice, Tender Green Vegetable Rice and Mexican Rice

Pasta with Vegetables (both supplied in mult-serve bags) – Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta, Creamy Cheese Penne Pasta with Broccoli & Peas

I’d been sent some vouchers so we could try some for ourselves, the range is available from all leading supermarkets with prices around the £1.79 mark.

Last week I decided to try out the Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta with courgette, aubergine and tomato.

Steamfresh from Birds Eye

You put the whole bag in the microwave with the vent side facing upwards.

Steamfresh from Birds Eye

I set our microwave for 3 and half minutes, then gently shaked the bag before cooking for a further 3 minutes.  I then left the bag to stand for 1 minute.

Steamfresh from Birds Eye

Then serve!  As quick as that and no extra washing up.

Steamfresh from Birds Eye

The bag does say 2-3 servings and to be honest we do like our food here.  As a side dish there wasn’t really enough for us as 2 adults and a child.  The food was lovely, tasted good and didn’t last on the plates long at all, but we all agreed that we would prefer a larger quantity.  But as a quick side dish, or for kids as a quick tea time meal – excellent, Monkey ate aubergine without even realising it!

I’ll be trying out the rest of the selection I bought over the coming weeks and you’ll be able to see pictures of the results on Instagram.

For a quick and healthy option to help feed a hungry family then Steamfresh from Birds Eye gets the thumbs up here.

disclaimer:  we were sent vouchers to buy the items shown in exchange for an honest review

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