Sticky Brick Tape

Sticky Brick Tape – review and giveaway

We’ve been surrounded my Lego lately.  It’s no secret that we are big fans of the brick and all it can make.  We’ve seen some wonderful animal sculptures at Marwell Zoo recently and we got to see a steaming Flying Scotsman at the Bucks County Museum on Monday. They’ve inspired some great creations here too.  We’ve also discovered Sticky Brick Tape which is compatible with Lego and other construction bricks including K’Nex.

Sticky Brick Tape

The Sticky Brick Tape is made of flexible plastic, one side has nodules which will fit with Lego blocks and other bricks, whilst the other side has a self adhesive strip.  So you can fit the tape to pretty much anything, it goes around corners, around curves and can be cut to shape.

Available in four different colours; blue, red, green and grey, the Sticky Brick Tape is available in 1m lengths, either in single rolls or in packs of four rolls.

My 7 year old son decided that his first Sticky Brick Tape project would be to rejuvenate a photo frame for his bedroom.  The tape was easy for him to cut in a straight line using scissors but I think diagonal cuts would probably be more accurate if I used a craft knife to cut it.

But for his first project he was more than happy to put an easy design together.

The Sticky Brick Tape sticks easily and my son was soon able to have fun fitting Lego to his newly revamped picture frame.

The Lego bricks fit well to the Sticky Brick Tape and can be easily moved.  My son is really pleased with his photo frame and is thinking of ideas for his new bookcase which is being delivered soon.  He just loves the idea of having the mini figures walking upside down and vertically, so I’m sure this idea will feature heavily in his next design.

Priced at £6.99 for a 1m roll or £19.99 for a pack of four x 1m rolls the Sticky Brick Tape has gone down well here and I like the idea that my son can create all sorts of fun with them.  It’s also worth noting that delivery is free worldwide.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’m pleased to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a voucher for £19.99 to spend on Sticky Brick Tape. You could win a pack of four 1m rolls in any of the four colours mentioned or choose the multi pack option, giving you a 1m roll of each colour.  The choice will be yours. Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win. Good luck.

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The giveaway will close on 1st October 2017 at midnight.

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Sticky Brick Tape

£19.99 voucher to spend online with Sticky Brick Tape

134 thoughts on “Sticky Brick Tape – review and giveaway

  1. I would like red as it’s my son’s favourite colour. He would love to put it everywhere to extend his Lego masterpieces.

  2. Would love the green for my daughter – she would have an absolutely fantastic time with this, decorating around her bed I reckon!! Thanks very much for the giveaway and review!

  3. Blue would do it for us ans the youngest’s bedroom is mainly blue. We would use the tape on his drawing and colouring pads.

  4. I would like to get green, blue, read and yellow – I would let my kids to be as creative with them as they like…

  5. The red would be lovely. Great for decorating pen pots and making picture “frames” with, lots of craft projects.

  6. I’d love red, and I’d use it on the edge of shelves in the toy room for my boys to store their mini-figures on.

  7. Red as its my step sons favourite colour, he would probably make a star wars battleground around his room and the red would be the lava 🙂

  8. I would pick green, its my little boys fav colour. I would like to make a little border on the wall around the area he plays lego….might actually keep the lego in one place!

  9. I think we would like red and my niece would like to stick it in her play house, where she keeps all her lego!

  10. Which colour Sticky Brick Tape would you like and what would you do with it? . . .. blue and l’ll let my grandsons answer the question if l am lucky enough to win

  11. I would love Green and I would use it to make a chores and rewards chart! Use the little mini figures to represent who has done what etc soo cute!

  12. The grey would be great, I like the idea of sticking some to the wall in the hallway for them to build outwards with, Lego from a new angle!

  13. Red would be the colour that my granddaughter would want, not sure what she would do with it, maybe to use with her other Lego and make something

  14. blue as we are doing a space themed bedroom and we could stick various rockets to this around the room

  15. Any colour would be Great, my son saw this brick tape advertised and he was amazed by It! He told me about all the different areas he could have around his room like floating spaceships attached to the ceiling and Lego spiders on the walls – I’m not so keen on that idea!

  16. I would pick grey and stick it onto an old little set of shelves. I would make a figure display cabinet for my son to install all his figures and stop me breaking my neck every time I go into his bedroom.

  17. I would like the grey and I would put it on my sons desk so he can have all his little figures around him 🙂

  18. My daughter chose blue to decorate jars and pots and fill them with coloured sand as gifts for her grandparents she said!

  19. I would love the red for my daughters bedroom and would place it round her built in storage unit, I think this is a genius idea, keeps it safe and off the floor 🙂

  20. blue to use on the cabinet in james’s room – he can stick his models to it and store his lego men so they don’t get lost (or worse, stood on).

  21. I’d like to have the red one! My bf would love this, he has a lot of lego displays and it would look great placed around the edges of the shelves holding the lego!

  22. I’d like to stick the blue tape to my daughter’s headboard so that she can create while sitting on her bed.

  23. I would like the blue tape to stick to our playroom wall , our kids would create all kinds of 3d worlds

  24. Red – I’d use it along the edges of the shelves in the kids rooms to display their minifigures…and maybe on the edge of the shelf in my room too!

  25. I would love any colour – I would keep it for my 8 year old for Christmas – she has asked for this multiple times but I had no clue what it was :O

  26. i would like the red one so i could use it on the top of my computer monitor to pop all my little lego men on there so they could sit and watch me

  27. I’d love the red tape and I’d pop it all around my son’s shelves or around the door frame

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