Stikbot Pirate Movie Set

StikBot Pirate Movie Set #StikBot

Do you remember when we looked at the StikBot poseable toys before?  I can’t believe that was well over a year ago now.  Since then my 7 year old son has learned about stop frame animation both at school and with me as part of a blog experience.  With a love of all thing pirate themed, I just knew he would love the chance to try out the StikBot Pirate Movie Set from Brainstorm.

Stikbot Pirate Movie Set

The StikBot Pirate Movie Set is aimed at children aged 4 years and over, and can be played with as a stand alone play set or used with the free StikBot app (available with both iTunes and Google Play) to create stop frame animated films.

The set comes with one StikBot, a sheet of stick on clothes and faces, numerous armaments and attachments as well as press out sheets to create the props and a double-sided base.

Stikbot Pirate Movie Set

The props are easy to put together and although they are made of durable foam board, I think a 4 year old would struggle with the construction.  Everything is numbered and the parts slot together, so there’s no need for glue and when movie making has been completed, you can easily take the items apart to store.

Once constructed you have a pirate ship, palm trees, rowing boats, canons, sharks, and a treasure chest along with gems and coins.

The double-sided play board has a beach scene on one side and a cliff top scene on the other.

My son was playing with the set as soon as all the pieces were constructed.  He was off on a pirate adventure.

Stikbot Pirate Movie Set

The StikBot Pirate Movie Set comes with one StikBot and you can use the white plastic attachments to fit various weapons to his sucker hands.  We both agreed that it’s a shame the set doesn’t come with two StikBots for instant battle scenarios. My son is lucky as he already has a few StikBot characters so he soon dug them out of his toy box and used the sticker sheet that comes with the set to get them into character.

The stickers are a great idea, even if a little fiddly for little figures to peel off the backing sheet.  It’s a shame that there aren’t some hats included with the props really to finish up the pirate look.  But my 7 year old was soon deep in thought as he planned out his pirate story.

The StikBots are poseable and the suction pads mean that they stick easily to surfaces, making them great fun to play with.

Stikbot Pirate Movie Set

Would he have a pirate mutiny, make someone walk the plank or go hunting for buried treasure?  The possibilities with the StikBot Pirate Movie Set are endless and my son has had so much fun since this set arrived.

As well as playing with this set as a stand alone toy, my son was eager to put together his own little animation.  By using the StikBot app, he was able to do this.  I was given the task of pressing the button to take a photo for each frame of the animation and my son created the story, put the set in place and moved the StikBots and props.  We already knew that it takes 10 photos to create 1 second of footage, so it takes a little time to make a film, but he loved every moment of the process.  I think this side of the set may frustrate younger children, but my 7 year old loved it.

His only problem was that his 49-year-old assistant kept pressing the wrong button, so we created a number of videos rather than just one long one.  I couldn’t figure out how to put them all together in the app and then push through to Youtube, so I put them together for him in Movie Maker instead and uploaded from there, rather than through the app.  I’ve now been sacked!  You can add captions and music in the app.  He picked the music that he wanted in the app and if I hadn’t messed up on the frame shots then the music would flow seamlessly through the film, but he’s still happy with it and wouldn’t let me change it.  It’s his movie after all.

I can see him having hours worth of fun with this and he’s already asked me to buy him a little tripod he can use with my iPhone so he can make his films without me in future.

Priced at £21.99 and I’ve included my amazon Affiliate link below in case you’d like to try this for yourself.  It’s a great set.

disclosure:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review



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