Stocking Fillers to the rescue

Stocking Fillers to the rescue

If you’ve been following the blog since the summer you will know I’ve been determined to finish a cross stitch stocking I started for Monkey when he was a baby!  Yes, I know he is now 5 – disgraceful.  Before he came along I could finish a stocking within a couple of months – oh well.  Finally the stocking is now finished – next problem, what to put in it? Never fear, I’ve had some assistance.  Stocking Fillers to the rescue!

Stocking Fillers to the rescue

Stocking Fillers are a great on-line retailer offering pre-packed stocking, stocking filler ideas and general Christmas gifts for the whole family.  When the team heard of my dilemma they gave me a budget of £30.00 to select a range of items for Monkey’s stocking.

I have to be frank, I was spoilt for choice.  There is a great selection of products for all budgets.  I wanted something a little different, and I think he’ll be pleased with my selection.

Stocking Fillers to the rescue

My first choice was the Aircraft Carrier Puzzle.  An aircraft carrier is one vehicle that Monkey doesn’t actually own, he loves puzzles and I thought this would be a great idea for him and Daddy P to make up whilst I’m cooking Christmas dinner.

Stocking Fillers to the rescue

Next up something that takes me back to my childhood – Bagatelle! Now this might not strictly just be for Monkey. Priced at £9.99 this was a must have for us.

Stocking Fillers to the rescue

This is a small table top version of the game we had at home as children.  I loved playing Bagatelle with my family and I can’t wait to introduce Monkey to this game.  It’s great fun.

We like a bit of arts and crafts here and Monkey loves his hand puppets so I thought this Sock Puppet set would be quite good fun.

Stocking Fillers to the rescue

For £5.99 you get three socket puppets to make up and I’m sure they’ll keep Monkey entertained over the holidays.

Finally I spotted something that would be a great addition to a birthday present I knew he was getting from his Godmummy!  Monkey is now the proud owner of a Hexbug Aquabot Shark Attack fish bowl.  It comes with an Angel Fish who I thought might like some company from this little Robofish.

Stocking Fillers to the rescuePriced at £4.99 this little chap is much cheaper than on other sites I’ve looked at, he also comes with spare batteries!

So for less than £30.00 I think I’ve got a nice selection of stocking fillers for Monkey and we’re going to have lots of fun making and playing with them over the holiday period.  So thank you for hearing my plea! Stocking Fillers to the rescue 🙂

disclaimer:  we were sent these items in exchange for an honest review


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